GunOta 74

Chapter 074- Panzerfaust type 60 and Wire entanglements

At about noon on the sixth day of the travel.

“Five trolls, they have noticed us and are approaching!”

Shia stopped the wagon, then shouted out the name and number of the approaching monsters.
Lyss calmly plugged the AK47’s banana magazine in, flipped the safety switch, and pulled the cocking handle, consequently loaded a cartridge into the chamber.

Lyss hung a few magazine pouches with spare ALICE clips. She didn’t mind the mud stain on her cheeks, held the AK47 in her hands and jumped off of the wagon, just like a veteran guerilla soldier.

“Then I’m leaving it to you two.”
“Leave it to me, Lute-kun!”
“I will do my best to meet Lute-san’s expectation!”

Snow and Lyss were the ones who would meet the trolls.
The two of them went around the front of the wagon with AK47s in hand.
Meanwhile, to support those two, Chrisse was standing on the coachman seat with the M700P in her hands.

So that they would not startle the horses, Snow and Lyss moved them a short distance away from the wagon.
They pointed the AK47s forward while in a standing position.

The trolls didn’t know the might of the AK47 and just kept running straight toward us.
When they were no more than 50 meters away, the two of them started shooting in semi-automatic mode.

They enhanced their physical ability with a body enhancing technique to suppress the recoil, and they fired in bursts of two shots. The bullets blew away the trolls’ heads without straying from their aim. In a blink of the eye, Snow and Lyss had each taken down two trolls already.

The last one turned around and ran away in a panic, but it was already too late.
It was already in the killzone of the ‘vampire’.


A hole appeared on the head of the running troll at the same time as the firing sound of the 7.62x51mm NATO round rang out.
Chrisse naturally pulled the bolt back to release an empty case.

It probably hadn’t even been three minutes in total since we started fighting.

Snow burned the trolls after she finished collecting the materials.
Lyss, who was taught how to use a gun, flipped the AK47’s safety switch back on.
Her cheeks were a little flushed.

“Thank you for lending me the AK. As I thought, this recoil is nice.”
“Lyss has completely got used to handling the AK47, huh.”
“This too, is thanks to Lute-san teaching me.”

In these six days, even Lyss had gotten used to travelling.
She didn’t get car sick anymore, she could gather firewood, and she did night watch without a problem, too.

So just in case, I taught her how to handle and use the AK47 for self-defense. At first, I was worried that she might get frightened by the firing sound and the impact of the recoil. But contrary to my expectation, she liked it.
She especially liked the full auto mode. After shooting practice was done, somehow her cheeks were dyed red, and she was drunk on the lingering numbness of her hands and body.

According to her — ‘Hafuu~, this recoil feels pleasant.’
What is this trigger happy condition……

She had found a preference that even she herself didn’t know.
At first I thought ‘Could it be that she doesn’t like it?’, but just like this time’s troll extermination, if there was a chance to shoot, she would want to shoot. So there was no problem.


At night, after we finished dinner, I talked to everyone while drinking scented tea.
The content of the talk was about the Giant scorpion, the extermination target in Green Howden, where we would arrive tomorrow.

I asked Lyss to take out two items for me.

Recoilless high-explosive anti-tank warhead launcher — Panzerfaust type 60, and wire entanglements.

I had her put the Panzerfaust type 60 on the table, and the wire entanglements were attached to the ground with metal stakes.

The first thing that the girls took interest in was the latter, the wire entanglements on the ground.

[It’s like a bush made of iron.]
“Though it’s not iron but magic liquid metal.”
“What exactly do you use this for?”

Snow tilted her head and asked.

“This is called wire entanglements, it’s used to obstruct enemy’s invasion.”

Wire entanglements were barricades made from combining barbed wire and logs.

Barbed wire was like bushes of metal wire with thorns on them. Because of that shape, it was called wire rose, or barbwire.

This time I made a type of barbed wire called ‘razor wire’.

Normal barbed wire was just metal thorns twined around the wire at intervals, while ‘razor wire’ was metal wire with blades attached directly to it. In the case of ‘razor wire’, you could make it by cutting a metal sheet directly.

Why did I choose ‘razor wire’? It was because compared to making normal barbed wire, it was faster and easier to make the blade together with the wire with magic liquid metal.

With this ‘razor wire’ and metal stakes made from magic liquid metal, I made a wire entanglement fence.
It looked thin but because Meiya made it by reducing her magic output to the optimal level, it was so durable that it couldn’t be cut.

With these special quality wire entanglements, we could stop the Giant scorpion’s advance, then draw its attention with strafing fire from the AK47’s, and while it was distracted, finish it off with the panzerfaust from the side.
It was a pretty simple strategy, but I thought that it had the best chance of success.

“Young master, I understand the outline of the strategy, but can this ‘Panzerfaust’ really finish off the Giant scorpion? The Giant scorpion’s shell is so tough that it can’t be pierced by swords, you know.”

I had heard the details on the Giant scorpion while we were discussing our plan in the guest room at Woodcastle.
It’s length was ten meters at max.
Its shell was as hard as steel, and couldn’t be pierced by sword, spear, or bow.
Magic didn’t have much effect, either.
It could shoot poison needles with its three tails, with an effective range of about 50~70 meters.

It was a monster similar to a tank or armoured vehicle that could shoot poison needles.
Certainly, normal adventurers couldn’t even touch it.
I could understand why it was a level 5 quest.

But, based on all that info, I made a declaration.

“For the time being, I’ve tried firing a prototype, and it has enough power to blow away the twin dragon we’ve fought before with ease. That’s why, it’s enough to finish off the Giant scorpion.”

Shia, who was tapping the head of the Panzerfaust type 60 on the table, retracted her hand in a panic. Snow, Chrisse, and Lyss also distanced themselves from the table.
I made a bittersweet smile, and calmed everyone down.

“It’s okay, it won’t go off with just this much. If you don’t fire it with the proper procedure, it won’t explode.”

Conversely, if you didn’t follow through the proper procedures, it wouldn’t show its full effect.

“Of course I will be the one to use the Panzerfaust, but just in case, I want everyone to remember how to use it too. Because who knows, tomorrow, there may be a case where someone aside from me has to use it.”

Everyone agreed with me.
I started explaining how to use the Panzerfaust type 60 that was in my hands.

When it was time for night watch, everyone had mastered the way to use it.




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13 responses to “GunOta 74

  1. Compare to AT4, Panzerfaust is less effective in term of distance and damage inflict, and compare to LAM in GATE, lose on term of accuracy and penertration power, and to RPG, lose on term Easy-To-Use. But Panzerfaust still remain a balance and easy to produce compare to the rest of those Anti-Tank launcher i listed above.
    Maybe next time you will thinking more about Anti Material Rifle, such as AS50 or Barrett M107. Looking forward to it.


    • I’d tend to agree on the Panzerfaust and AMR. If one were to pick a shoulder-fired weapon with relative ease of use and decent standoff distance a Carl Gustav is probably the best option with the multi-purpose rounds designed for it. I’ve read this from Ch 1 and my only complaint is this one thing: more please.


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