GunOta 78

Chapter 078 – The Third Princess

It was now a few months after the extermination of the Giant scorpions.
The X day – the day on which the barrier stone of high elf kingdom was predicted to be destroyed – was approaching with only a few days left.
Today too, Meiya and I were doing nothing but making weapons in the mansion that was given to us outside of the lake.
Thanks to that we had completed the general purpose machine gun PKM and the 7.62x54mmR cartridge safely.
The insurance for the operational test that I made just in case was also completed.

I struggled to make the 7.62x54mmR, but thanks to the technical experience I had accumulated up until now, I was able to complete it quickly. After I made the finished product, I left the mass production to Meiya for a few nights.

Meiya and I continue to make other stuff too, like [concussion grenade] for offense, [fragmentation grenade] for defense, panzerfaust type 60s, and wire entanglements.

Someone knocked on the room’s door.
Snow’s face popped through the doorway.

“The snacks are done so why don’t you two take a break ?”
“Thanks, right when I wanted something sweet. Meiya, let’s take a break.”
“Yes, let’s.”

Meiya and I got out of the room with tired faces, due to working since morning.
When we entered the living room where Snow’s handmade snacks were prepared―

“Ne ne Chrisse-chan, feed me~”
[Geez Luna-chan you’re such a baby.]

As she was asked, Chrisse scooped the pudding and fed Luna.

“Uun, delicious. It’s more delicious when Chrisse-chan feeds me! Next Luna will feed you. Chrisse-chan, aaah.”

Chrisse opened her small mouth, and chomped Luna’s wooden spoon.

[It’s delicious when Luna-chan feeds me.]
“Geez Chrisse-chan you’re so cute! Chrisse-chan, become Luna’s wife!”
“You’re eating someone’s snack, and then seducing his precious wife ?”
“Booo, the nuisance has appeared…”

Luna pouting her lips with an unsatisfied face.

She was wearing a rough, plain skirt with her usually straight blond hair tied in twintails. Somehow, her ears were short and her pupils aren’t green.
However, there was no doubt that she was Luna Enol Meméa, the third princess of the High elf kingdom Enol.

According to her, the pendant hanging from her neck had been imbued with magic that could make her ears shrink and change the color of her irises. It was the human version of the magic tool pendant that could change you into a High elf.

After we exterminated the Giant scorpions and started making weapons in the mansion outside the lake, Luna snuck out of the castle and came here to play.

Immediately, the picture book and hero story loving Luna found a kindred spirit in Chrisse.
They got along to the point of feeding each other snacks starting with pudding, then mille crepe, and then potato chips.
She snuck out of the castle and came here everyday.

Chrisse and Luna really got along well.
Luna looked like a human, same height as Chrisse, and had blond hair. If you didn’t know the circumstances when looking at them, you would only be able to think of them as sisters who got along really well.
They got along that well.

She was the princess of a country, and since she got along with Chrisse, I let my guard down. However, recently she has been trying to tear Chrisse away from me, so I really can’t let my guard down at all.

“Hey Chrisse-chan, break up with that guy and become Luna’s wife.”

Luna hugged Chrisse and asked while pressing her cheek against Chrisse’s.

[No can do. Since I am oniichan’s wife.]
“Eeeh isn’t it fine? I will treasure you and treat you way more gently than Luton.”
[Oniichan and Snow-oneechan are being kind enough to me already. Furthermore, oniichan isn’t just gentle, at night he also makes me feel good……I can’t be separate from him anymore, both in mind and in body.]

Oi oi, Chrisse-san, what are you telling a kid (in appearance) with such a happy face?
Also, please stop with that weird name ‘Luton’.

“Feel good at night…… ? You get massaged at night or something?”

Luckily, Luna didn’t understand the meaning and asked while tilting her head.
In a certain sense, massage fit the description.
Just last night, together with Snow and Chrisse, I massaged and got massaged though!

“Anyway, stop seducing someone else’s wife. Kids should just shut up and eat their pudding.”
“Boo! Even though I look like this, I’m way older than Luton!”
“Then why don’t you act more like it.”

Luna and I had a stare off that caused sparks.

“Okay, okay, I understand that you two get along well, so stop playing. I made pudding, so eat it while it’s still cool.”
“Sorry, Snow.”
“If Snow-oneechan says so.”

Luna also called Snow ‘oneechan’, just like Chrisse did.
We sat down and ate the pudding made by Snow.

“I’m not Luna-sama but, I don’t get tired of eating this everyday. This snack called pudding that Lute-sama developed a recipe for.”

Meiya too, like a normal girl who loved sweets, enjoyed eating pudding and mille crepe.

“But that feeding-each-other just now looked good. Hey Lute-kun, I want to you feed me too.”

Of course, if my precious wife Snow asked me, then I couldn’t say no.
Or rather, I’d be more than happy to!

“Of course, with pleasure! Here, Snow, ‘aaah’.”

Snow opened her mouth like a baby bird waiting for food from its parent.
When I fed her the handmade pudding, she wagged her tail happily.

“Hauu~n, Lute-kun’s taste made it three times more delicious.”

Three time more delicious…… did my wooden spoon have an umami component in it or something?
Chrisse, too, raised the mini blackboard while blushing.

[Oniichan, I also want you to feed me.]
“Of course!”
[Please properly put the spoon in your mouth once, then feed me.]

The instructions were detailed!
Of course, I had no intention of disobeying, so just like she requested, I put the spoon in my mouth once, then fed her the pudding.

[It’s as oneechan said, oniichan’s taste made it three times more delicious.]
“You seem more happy than when una fed you! Chrisse-chan, you’re cruel! They say that friendship between women can be broken by a man, so it’s true!”

Fu ha ha ha! Fool! Do you understand who Chrisse loves the most now, little girl?!

“L, Lute-sama! Is it ok to have you feed me too?!”

This time it was Meiya who vigorously raised her hand while breathing roughly.

“If, if you can, hah , Lu, Lute-sama, with t-t-t-t-t-t-that spoon. Once, hoh ! I want you to, p-p-put it in your mouth, then f-f-f-feed me.”
“Uh.. no, that is kinda impossible, I think.”

Meiya’s eyes became bloodshot, her breathing got wild, and she approached me while requesting to be fed.
To be honest, it was scary.
After I refused, she made an expression like the world had ended, with streams of tears flowing down.

“Wh, why is it?! Is, is there anything wrong with me?! If there is then please say it! I will fix it even if I have to throw away my life!”
“No, there isn’t anything wrong with Meiya. It’s just that my pudding is gone.”
“Su, such …..a blind spot.”

Meiya, too, had already finished her pudding, so she couldn’t give hers to me.

“Snow, there is still some pudding in the fridge, right?”
“Un, there are, but you can’t eat that. Those are―”

As if to interrupt Snow’s words, a knock was heard from the entryway.
She said ‘wait a minute’ and went to the hallway to open the door.

Before long, two familiar faces appeared in the living room.

“Luna! As I thought, you’re here!”
“I’m sorry, young master and everyone, for suddenly intruding on you.”

Lyss stared at her sister while frowning, and Shia apologized.

“Luna, how did you sneak out of your room?! I have had the door watched, even the outside of the windows!”
“Tsk tsk tsk, Lyss-oneechan is naive as usual. You seriously think only that much can stop Luna-chan ? It was even easier than opening a safe without a lock. If you really want to stop Luna, you need to put a magic prevention collar on Luna, bind her arms and legs with chains, put her in an iron box, and have at least ten soldiers monitoring her.”

Again, what was she, Lup◯n the third?

The same scene occurred every time, Luna snuck out of the castle, Lyss and Shia came to get her. That was why Snow even made their portion of snack – pudding, and cooled it for them in the fridge.

“Sorry as always, Lute-san, everyone. I will take my sister back immediately.”
“No! I’m staying here! Isn’t it okay if big sister returns alone? Furthermore, I’ve already done my homework today. You have no reason to complain!”
“You’re the princess! Being outside the lake is the problem!”
“Then big sister is also here, isn’t that bad?”
“I, I am the one who takes responsibility for the incident this time, so it’s okay!”

Lyss used a body enhancing technique to support her physical ability. She tried to catch her sister, but…


She saw through that, and slipped around her big sister’s back.
With both hands, she targeted the overly big breasts of her sister with eagle claws!

“He, hey, what are you doing, stop…… yaa~n!”
“Uwaa~ soft. Your height isn’t very different from Luna’s, yet your breasts are this big and sensitive too, this is foul play, isn’t it? Aa-ah, Luna  wants to have like half of big sister’s.”
“Nn, an! I, in front of Lute-san, like this…nn, immodest, no……enough, stop, I said! Fua…!”
“Fu ha ha ha! If you want me to stop then give me permission to stay here!”
“I got it, I will let you stay today, so stooop.”

Lyss gave up before long, then Luna released her hands.

“Hime-sama, keep composed!”

As expected not even Shia could thrust away Luna, who was royalty, so she could only watch over.
She ran up to Lyss, who was sitting on the floor and holding her breasts after Luna separated from her.

Like this, Lyss usually came to this mansion and got defeated by Luna, it was already a routine. Lyss’ reflexes weren’t bad, but her sensitive breasts, the nape of her neck, her ears… seemed to be the causes of defeat.

I lent a hand to Lyss, who was still sitting down.

“You okay, Lyss? For the time being, there are snacks for you two, so eat it. You can return to the castle after you relax here for a bit.”
“Bu, but I will become a nuisance to Lute-san, you’re preparing for the X Day.”
“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

Afterwards, I helped her stand up.
I had the feeling that, the moment Lyss separated from me, she put a little bit of strength into her fingers.
Somehow her cheeks were more flushed than before.

Maybe her body was hot from moving around?

“……Is it really okay for me to be here?”
“Of course! If it’s Lyss and Shia, then it’s very welcome. Aren’t we friends, as well as comrades?”
“Th, thank you.”
“Oneechan, good for you ne~”

With a face that wasn’t reflecting at all, Luna smiled and said so to Lyss.
Lyss’ face became redder, and she scolded her sister.

“Wh, what’s so funny?! Stop smiling like that”
“Jeez, it’s because oneechan isn’t honest at all. Maybe I have to make you a little bit more honest with yourself here.”
“Kya! Sto, stop approaching me with that hand motion of yours!”

Luna opened both of her hands and wriggled her fingers, and Lyss backed off while hiding her breasts.
Their offense and defense continued until Snow brought the puddings.

The room filled with laughter.
That was truly a happy scene, just like in a play.
However, the X Day when the High elf kingdom Enol might get destroyed was certainly still approaching.




Edward Jo
Haniwa Yuu

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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