GunOta 83


Chapter 083 – General-Purpose Machine Gun 2

“Shia, cover me until the preparation is done!”
“Roger that!”

Following Lyss’ order, Shia prepared the AK47 and shot at the dragoons that had recovered from the shock and started coming again.

Meanwhile, Lyss was nimbly changing the barrel and box magazine.

The gun barrel needed to be exchanged after firing 200-300 shots, but that number also depended on the gun size and caliber.

Lyss gripped the handle attached to the barrel – the carrying handle, and exchanged it for a new one.
One doesn’t throw away the steaming barrels after exchanging them.
After several exchanges, the first heated barrel would have cooled and could be used again.

However, in Lyss’ case, she could throw them away in the worst case scenario.
The reason was, because of her [Spirit Blessing] – [Infinite Storage], it was possible to prepare several barrels and put them there.

“Preparation complete! Shia, fall back!”

After exchanging the barrel and box magazine, Lyss once again switched places with Shia.

She pointed the muzzle at the incoming dragoons and squeezed the trigger!


Once again, 7.62×54mmR rounds were discharged like a storm, mowing down the flocking dragoons.


As if it was a repeat of the earlier scene, the dragoons collapsed and the knights cheered from behind.
However, on this second PKM — General-purpose Machine Gun firing, Lyss’ feelings turned from suspicion into conviction.

( At this rate, we will lose to the dragoons in an attrition contest and be broken through…. )

The machine gun was a very powerful weapon.
It was written in a book in Lute’s previous life, that ‘three soldiers with one machine gun can hold back a battalion (about 1000 men) of warriors’.

However, no matter how powerful a weapon the machine gun was, it was meaningless if it couldn’t be used in a way that exhibited its abilities.

Right now she was mowing down the attacking dragoons from the front with the machine gun, but that didn’t mean that every enemy was hit by a bullet.
There would be a few that slipped in between and survived.

To defeat them, she would have to fire more bullets, but that would be bad for efficiency.

Normally, when defending an encamped position like this, one wouldn’t fire the machine gun straight from the front, but from slightly to the side – lining up the enemy and shooting at them from the side.
The machine gun positioned to shoot the enemies from the side was called ‘side fire extinguisher’.

Well then, how did you line them up and shoot from the side, you ask?

Just set up barbed wired in front of the allies’ position beforehand.
In this case, you wouldn’t place the barbed wired in a straight line, but in a zigzag like a saw’s blade.
Once the enemies charged, in they would be positioned like the V letter along the barbed wire.

By placing the machine gun right on the flank of the lined up enemies and shooting away, you could take down the enemies with great efficiency.

The dragoons were stupid and only charged in a straight line, so it was fine for now.
However, no matter how stupid they were, once they realized the situation, they would use their kin’s corpses as a shield and go around the barbwire fence.

Lyss gave panicked orders.

“Let the soldiers deal with the dragoons that go around the fence! And absolutely do not stand in front of me! Also know that there are powerless, innocent people sleeping behind your back that you need to protect!”

The elf commander did as she instructed and ordered the subordinates to face the dragoons that went around the fence.

Even as she shouted, Lyss’ hands didn’t stop preparing the gun to fire for the third time.
Shia, who had finished the diversion, went toward Lyss.
Like Lyss, she also realized the danger of the situation.

“Thanks to hime-sama, the soldiers have stopped panicking, and we’ve prepared enough for the fight. I will take care of the PKM now, so hime-sama, please prepare to escape.”
“I can’t do that.”
“If I retreat now, the recovered soldiers will fall into confusion again. If that happens, the low moral and difference in strength will cause the front line to crumble easily.”

Shia couldn’t say anything in response.
Just as Lyss said, for the soldiers, seeing the sight of the second princess – who they should be protecting – being in the front line mowing down the dragoons with the machine gun that had overwhelming fire power, there was probably no one who wouldn’t get their moral up.

That was exactly how they managed to barely hold out, despite the overwhelming power difference.
It was the same as pulling out the main pillar of a house; it wouldn’t take anything else for the house to collapse.

Lyss lowered her beautiful eye brows and apologized to her most trusted guard maid.

“I’m sorry, Shia. For dragging you into this awful battle……”
“No, I am your exclusive guard maid. This much is natural, so please pay it no mind. Also, I’m sure young master will come and help us soon.”
“You’re right. Lute-san promised us. That he will save Luna as well as us.”

To her, who was always failing and being talked about behind her back as the ‘disaster princess’, she was told that she was a precious comrade by the only existence who could protect the future that her elder sister predicted. That Lute would definitely come and save us, she said. That was elder sister’s prediction―And then there was the promise Lute himself made, too.

Lyss and Shia brought their feelings and consciousness back to the battlefield.
She squeezed the PKM’s trigger.

In the end, a few managed to evade the PKM’s bullets and were approaching.
Immediately, Shia wedged herself in and set the AK47 to full auto.

[Gagya, gyagyaaaa!]

However, there was still one left and it closed the distance. The AK47’s magazine was already emptied. Shia jumped, using the AK as a shield to receive one attack from the enemy’s club.


The gun barrel was squashed with just one attack.

The dragoon thought that it could just continue to thrust Shia like that, but she didn’t resist it and let go of the AK47. The dragoon suddenly lost its balance.
Shia rotated her whole body and swung her arm at the same time.
From the hem of her maid skirt, the ‘wasp knife’ popped out like an assassination weapon, and she grasped it with her right hand.

“I won’t let you touch hime-sama!”

She rotated once again and looked over her shoulder before stabbing the dragoon in the eye with the ‘wasp knife’. She pressed the switch, and the compressed gas shot out, she made a smoothie out of the dragoon’s brain.
Blood spurted out from the inside of its head; the dragoon was completely dead.


However, even though the dragoon was killed, it wasn’t over yet. The moment the dragoon died, Shia got hit on the back of her head by the club and was knocked away.

After being hit by the dragoon with a strength that didn’t lose to that of an Orc or an Ogre, blood flowed from the back of Shia’s head and she was down on the ground.
Lyss ran to her in a panic and casted recovery magic.

“Be lit in my hands, Healing Light.”

Shia bathed in the warm healing light while Lyss casted it again.

“Hi, hime-sama……I’m okay, so please run away……”
“Shia, don’t talk. I’ll heal the wound right now!”

Shia’s wound completely healed, but she had already lost consciousness due to the impact.
The timing couldn’t have been any worse―

“Oi, look! Two more basilisks came out from the barrier stone!”

Just like the soldiers had pointed out, two basilisks showed up from under the destroyed barrier stone.
One of them didn’t pay the battlefield below any mind and headed straight to the town outside of the lake.
More dragoons also crawled out from the barrier stone.

As expected, the soldiers’ morale would drop after seeing that.

However, there was still one person who hadn’t abandoned hope.
It was Lyss.

She stared at the approaching dragoons while still holding the unconscious Shia in her arms.

“Lute-san and everyone will definitely…… my comrades will definitely come to help me. Even though I’m clumsy, unskillful, always pulling everyone down―but even so, I am still High Elf Kingdom Enol’s second princess, Lyss Enol Meméa, and I will defend this place to my last breath!”

At the same time as she shouted, the head of the basilisk dancing in the sky exploded from the inside!


The basilisk lost its strength and was pulled down to the ground by gravity.
Everyone there still didn’t understand what had happened, and there was only shock.


A shout came from the sky.
When everyone turned to look at the source of the voice, they saw an approaching airship that had appeared out of nowhere.
The owner of that voice was the one who should have been kidnapped, the third princess of High Elf Kingdom Enol, Luna Enol Meméa. She was waving her hand energetically.

Luna wasn’t the only one on the ship; Chrisse, Snow, Meiya, saberwolf Lexy, and Lute were present.

Lyss was so relieved that her tears started rolling naturally.
While wiping the tears on her cheeks, she unconsciously murmured in a lovely voice.

“I believed in you — my hero.



Author’s Notes :

The soldiers that got killed in chapter 81 weren’t high elves, just elves, dark elves, and magicians from other races. Sorry for the hard to understand wording. In the first place, high elves don’t work, they’re like nobles.
Well then, mata ashita yoroshiku onegaishimasu.



Editors/Proofreaders/TLcs :

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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  2. Thanks for the chap & Great work as always TLs & EDs. I see a new waifu approaching. Her name is Lyss!


  3. I just rush to read this novel in 1 day, can wait for the next chapter, so please, translator-sama, give all your best for both your work and your translations. THANK YOU ^_^

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  4. This has to be one of my favorite series so far. It’s got a good pace and has enough to set it off from some of those other “summoned/ born into magic world” LNs. A lot of the weapon decriptions are interesting too even though some of them go on a good tangent. (Actually googled some of these) This chapter 83 cliffhanger is killing me, but I’m fine with waiting as long as you guys feel like. Thanks TLs/Proofreaders/Editors and TLcs. Meiya is best girl btw


    • IKR, now that reminds me, I wonder what the hell happened with the Meiya “what if” side story (What if the one who bought Lute was Meiya), gotta urge rei to release it soon


      • I didn’t know something like that existed, but I’ll definitely look forward to it if someone feels like translating it!


      • Oh I already translated it, and it is edited, but Rei wants to release it in order, which means after story 1 and 2 (meiya’s is 3), which I havent translated lol


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    Unfortunately this story is about current world weapons arsenal, if futurelistic, problably the HAR( Heavy Assault Rifle, using .50 cal as standard ammunition and has over 200 round with 386 RPM) and Gauss cannon( High energy beam launcher which can pierce even tank hull) will be the favorite one( i’m sorry because i picked those from DOOM 2016 game, and if put in practical use, production if even possible, they will be much more efficient than those current weapon in this story so far).
    Anyway, i still love the air calvary part. Keep it up!


  6. BTW it’s morale not moral that she needs to keep up in the soldiers.

    The price of this little job just tripled. Adventurers do the job and get paid. Lute and co. ain’t no charity.


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