GunOta 84

Chapter 084 – Effective range and maximum range

Going back in time.


The second day after we started searching for Luna with the help of Lexy the saberwolf.
We discovered a house where she seemed to be being held.

The house was on the outskirts of town.
The smell cut off here, it seemed.

We decided to gather info to see if Luna was being held in the basement or a different room of the house.
However, the next day, past noon―a suspicious caravan showed up at the house, loaded a person who looked like Luna onto a wagon with an iron cage, and started moving.

The road they taken was definitely the route to exit High elf kingdom Enol.

“Looks like the bad premonition has become true……”

After I looked at the state of the house, I whispered with a volume low enough that only Snow, Chrisse, Lexy the saberwolf could hear.
They understood my words and silently nodded.

It looked like the criminal group knew that the one they had kidnapped was the third princess of High elf kingdom Enol, Luna Enol Meméa.

The High elf’s lifespan was 10000 years.
Therefore, as the race that governed longevity and marital love, they received tremendous support from the human race. Furthermore, the kidnapped one was a High elf princess.
To dilettantes, there was nothing better. They’d even take a risk to get one.

If she obeyed the kidnappers, Luna would probably live a life where she would never see the sun again.

I was really glad that we had decided to act.

All that was left was figuring out how to save her.

The enemies had a steel wagon, pulled by two horned horses that were a size larger than normal. The wheels were covered with metal. And there were also 20 guys riding horned horses surrounding the wagon. There were probably some magicians mixed in too.
Rather than a caravan, it was more like a VIP escort.

Furthermore the road they were taking was the roundabout way to the next town, through an open field. There was no place to hide in the prairie because of the great view. After about 1 km ahead of here, there would be a lot of places to monitor them. If we got any closer than this, they would notice us and run away.

If we let them get away here, it would probably be harder to get ahold of Luna’s whereabouts next time.

“Lute-kun, what do we do?”

Snow asked me.

“First, we need to somehow stop them, especially the wagon in the middle that Luna is on.”

If we could stop the wagon, we would be able to assault and recover the hostage.
The problem was how we would stop the wagon.

The panzerfaust type 60’s power was too high, that would kill the hostage.
The distance was too far to use grenade to destroy the wagon’s wheel.
I couldn’t just make mines right now either, there was no time to test it. There were too many uncertain factors.

The fire of fighting instinct lit up in Chrisse’ eyes, she thrust out the mini blackboard.

[Oniichan, please somehow get me into the effective firing range. I can definitely stop the wagon!]

I was thankful for Chrisse’ enthusiasm, but her M700P’s max firing range was only 900m. Max firing range meant ‘the distance from when it was fired to when it touched the ground’.

It was the same with shot put and baseball. In other words, the distance from when the bullet left the M700P’s barrel until it touched the ground was 900m.

However, a gun wasn’t just about the flying distance.
It had to destroy or wound objects.

For the bullet to destroy or wound an object, it had to be inside the range where it still had enough energy―that range was called effective range.

That effective range varied depended on the gun’s type.
For example―

A handgun’s effective range was about 50m.
It’s max range was 1.8km~.

An assault rifle’s effective range was about 200~350m.
The max range was ~2.8km.

A rifle’s effective range was 500m~1.5km.
The max range was ~4km.

A machine gun (12.7x99mm)’s effective range was 1.5~2km.
It’s max range was ~6.8km.

Of course, the number changed depending on the bullet and gunpowder used, air resistance, and the barrel’s length.

After taking all of the above into consideration, the effective range at which the M700P could cause a casualty was probably only 500m. In other words, to grant Chrisse’ wish, we would have to get her within 500m range of the caravan.


I folded my arms and brainstormed.
Snow, Chrisse, Lexy the saberwolf kept silent and watched.

An anti-material rifle for example, had enough power to split a human 1.5km away into two, but I couldn’t make it right now.

Then, how would I reduce the distance without them noticing……

“―if we do this maybe we can get into the effective range without them noticing.”

Chrisse made a smile full of hope.
As I thought, my wife is cuter with a bright face.

“Aah, leave it to me! I have a secret plan!”

I faced my wives and gave a vigorous thumb up.
To carry out the strategy, we went back to where Meiya was waiting with the airship.



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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    As with all ballistic weapons, effective range can increase when you are located higher than the target.


  3. Thank you… finally caught up desu.

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  4. What the fuck is this author going on about with range? Not only is he talking out of his ass, but HE EVEN CONTRADICTS HIS OWN FIGURES IN MERE SENTENCES. Not only that, but anyone that was interested in this would likely do more than 5 seconds of research and find long distance confirmed kills by snipers (in the real world, mind you) using 7.62×51 rifles (like the U.S. Army’s M24 SWS – which is basically an accurized and standardized M700) and see people that have gotten confirmed KILLS in excess of 1,000 yards (Staff Sergeant Jim Gilliland, for instance, has a confirmed kill at 1,250 yards with an M24/M700). Even if his indigenous made M700 isn’t as accurate or well-made as the ones in this reality, it still doesn’t matter since he harped on and on about her being a god damn eagle-eyed murder machine with her rifle (multiple. times.) that can compensate and make her rounds hit where she wants (with iron sights no less due to her eyes/capabilities). Basically, prior events suggest that as long as she’s not violating gravity and can see her target, she can hit it. The shot he’s stressing over should be a walk in the fucking park. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND, AUTHOR!


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