GunOta 85

Chapter 085 – Luna Rescue Operation

Running through roughly  the middle of the large plain, was a highway.
Thick forests grew at about 1 km to either side, but attacks from there were impossible by normal methods.

If we used magic, we would be noticed.
If we used arrows, they wouldn’t reach.
If we used siege weapons, they couldn’t be aimed accurately.

Which is why the men guarding the wagon Luna was on calmly proceeded along the highway, even while being vigilant of their surroundings.



There was a gunshot sound.
The two horned horses pulling the barred metal wagon died instantly, with one shot.
The moment the horses’ heads lined up from the side, a [7.62×51mm NATO round] went through both heads.

If we had aimed to injure their legs, they could have been healed with restoration magic.
Which is why there was no other option but instant death.

Thanks to that, the horned horses pulling the wagon collapsed and their feet stopped.

“A surprise attack!? Are you kidding me! Where did it come from!”
“A bow!? No, magic!?”
“No way! I didn’t feel the slightest bit of magic at all!?”
“The strange sound came from over there!”

“Calm down! Hurry and replace the horses! Everyone else watch out all around, defend the wagon!”

The men were shaken at first, but with a roar from the Leader-looking person, they quickly took action.
The men remained vigilant towards the direction the gunshot was heard from, but bullets came flying at them, as if making fun of them.


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The tightly shut wagon door was blown away by the bullet, along with the bar supporting it, the bolt clamp, and the lock.

The men were shocked.

“Y, you have got to be kidding me! Where did the attack come from! They even blew away the lock even without magic!? T, that’s cheating!”

One of the men raised his voice with a red face.
What’s cheating?
You’re one to talk, being a bastard who kidnaps little girls and takes them away to god knows where.

The horned horses were shot dead and collapsed, which caused the wagon to slant forward.
Since the bolt that was locking the door was blown away, the door was pulled open.

“W, what was that sound … wait, is the door unlocked!?”

From inside the wagon, the figure of Luna in civvies that I had seen several days ago appeared.

Unlike before, she had a magic prevention collar on her neck, and handcuffs on her hands and feet. She was back in her high elf form, maybe because her human transformation pendant had been seized.

Once we had confirmed Luna, Chrisse stood up.

On the plains about 500 meters ahead, a person appeared.
At first, the men couldn’t understand the situation right away.

From their point of view, a girl suddenly appeared on the grassy plains. One would need to be nuts to be able to understand right away.
However, this was our chance.
With Chrisse’s standing up as a signal, Snow and I supported our bodies with body strengthening! We assaulted with the AK-47s in hand.

Chrisse readied her M700P and shot!


The chains binding Luna’s feet were broken off right in the middle.
An outrageously accurate shot!

“Luna! Run over here!”

Once the chains between her legs had been cut and she could run, I shouted at her.

Luna turned and ran towards us with a snap.

“Like hell I’m letting you run! Gyaaa!?”

One of the men came to his senses and raised his hand towards Luna, but Chrisse didn’t allow him.
She shot his shoulder with a [7.62×51mm NATO round], smashing it.

However, this was the fifth shot.
Her magazine was empty.
Chrisse reloaded the bullets with practiced hands, but it still took time.

Meanwhile, the men raised their hands towards Luna.
She was a magician, but she was sealed by the magic prevention collar. This meant that she was running from the men with only the strength of a little girl.

Furthermore, there were mages among the men, and they chanted magic to capture Luna.


Chrisse still hasn’t finished reloading.
In exchange, it’s my turn to shoot this time.
The distance was about 150 m.

Among assault rifles, the AK-47 was not the most accurate, it had a deviation of 20 cm at 100 meters.
I fired suppressive fire, taking care to not hit Luna.
Snow and I were enough to buy time until Chrisse finished reloading.

A few of the men collapsed from the suppressive fire, and once Chrisse was finished reloading her magazine, she took one target after another down in direct hits.
When they saw the weapon that they had never seen nor heard of before, the men were agitated and unable to calm their unruly horses down well.
In that case, it would be mostly fatigue duty after this.

“Luna-chan retrieved!”
“Snow, take Luna and fall back! I’ll hold the rear! Chrisse, you continue the cover fire!”

Hearing Snow, I gave out instructions.
Luna’s cheeks, hair, and clothes were stained from not being washed properly, but she seemed uninjured.
I sighed in relief after seeing that she wasn’t treated too badly.

Snow hugged Luna close and returned the way we came.
In order to support the two, I continued firing suppressive fire, but …

“Damn you!”

The one remaining guard seemed to know of the AK-47 and lowered himself. He shortened the distance by running in a zigzag pattern. Since he was wearing an overcoat that completely concealed his face, I wasn’t able to judge.
I threw away the empty magazine and attached a new one.
I barraged him with full automatic fire to prevent him from getting close, but due to him pouring out plenty of mana into body strengthening and defense formations, it was repelled.

The man was holding knives in both hands but threw the one in his right.


I twisted my body to evade right away, but due to that attack he was able to close the distance. He swung the knife in his left, but I dodged this too, barely. However, I was of course unable to defend myself against the roundhouse kick that followed and took the blow.

The AK-47 fell from my hands and I collapsed onto the ground.


When he heard Snow’s anxious shout, the man stopped moving.
I rolled on the ground on purpose to take my distance with the man.

“….. Lute, AK-47 … could you be that Lute ? Hee, so you’re alive.”

The surprise surpassed the pain of being kicked.
I opened my eyes so wide that it hurt.

Due to that roundhouse kick just now, the overcoat covering his face had rolled down.
Thanks to that, I was able to confirm the face of my opponent.

Cat ears peeked out from his blonde hair, and he had a face that could be called handsome.

One of the men who caught me in a trap and sold me as a slave several years ago! The beastman Alcedo!

Right now, the trauma of my past flashed before my eyes.



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  2. Thanks for the chapter, I check every day for updates lol. So what we have people taking credit for your work now is that why there are long periods in between updates?


    • No it’s just that I moved to Japan for work so I got less time for translating now (for now, still adapting to life here).


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  3. Why take any of these people alive? Its extremely obvious they are ruthless kidnappers based on the slave being transported is a child AND a high elf (ones that supposedly don’t leave the island).

    Using lethal aim would be best to protect your team and the VIP you are trying to rescue and escort back.

    This MC …


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