GunOta 86

Chapter 086 – Knife fight

A few years ago, after I finished registering as an adventurer in the marine city Grey.
In the middle of the doing my first quest ‘Exterminate one or more Garugaru’, I met them.

A handsome man of the beast race, Nekomimi clan, Alcedo.
A woman of the demon race, demon clan, Miisha.
And the quiet man from the human race, team leader, Eikent.

After that they asked me to join their team temporarily to hunt Orcs…… but they were fake adventurers who drugged me, and by the time I came too, I was already tied up.
They then took my revolver and AK47, and sold me as a slave.
They even took my engagement bracelet that matched Snow’s and destroyed it.

Even now, remembering that made my blood boil.

One of the guys who made me habour all that pent up resentment was now standing right in front of me.


(This is that Alcedo? No way! It’s true that he looked similar, but just now he used body strengthening and at the same time created defense barrier in mid-air……strong enough to defense against AK47. One who is not a magician using magic recklessly like that will get all their magic drained in an instant and faint!)

I had already experienced fainting due to using magic recklessly.

They were fake adventurers that preyed on newbie adventurers, not magicians. That I knew for sure.
However, he had used magic like that and still had not fainted, so he must have the capacity of at least a B minus magician or above.

If one wasn’t born with magic talent, they would never get any higher than B minus rank, there has never been anyone in history who has done so.
My respected Eru-sensei had taught me that.
That’s why it was definitely impossible.

Yet, this fellow in front of me who looked like Alcedo talked to me with the same attitude and voice in my memory of long ago.

“Heee~, from the looks of it, you seem to have been freed from being a slave. To think that you survived and returned from the Demon continent with all your limbs attached.”

……Looks like it’s Alcedo himself, no doubt about it.
He knows that I was sold to Demon continent as a slave.

“Fortunately, I met good masters. I may even have to thank you lot for that. I don’t plan to forgive you though.”
“Interfering with my work as revenge…… You want to make her your own?”
“As if! I didn’t even know that you were here.”
“Right. I just suddenly got this work recently too. Yahahaha! This encounter must be the work of the gods, right!”

Alcedo laughed comically from the bottom of his heart.

“If that’s the case, so as to not meet again, I will slice your windpipe for you!”

He stepped in sharply.
He flashed the knife on his hand in an experienced motion.
I immediately strengthened my body. Then I took out my knife to repel his.

I somehow managed to defend against his first attack, but as time passed and he poured in more magic into body enhancing, I couldn’t keep up with his speed.


Snow and Chrisse looked over here with worried faces.
They wanted to cover me, but Alcedo stuck to me like a snake and wouldn’t let me distance myself from him.

Our knives clashed.

“After I’m done with you, Lute, I will be taking those two girls with me! And just like you long ago, I will sell them as slaves, to compensate for the loss this time, perhaps!”

Alcedo just kept provoking me.
He poured in more magic, like he was about to crash into me.
Even though I was about to run out of magic―!

As if he knew that too, the smile of certain victory appeared on his face.

“Especially that beast race girl! She’s got awesome boobs. Before selling her, I’ll taste test her first! Yahahaha! Maybe tonight, even!”
“As if anyone would give trash like you their precious wives……Or rather, you shut your mouth, it smells like garbage!”

While our knives were still clashing, I pressed the switch on the knife.


Alcedo let go if his knife and covered one of his eyes.
The defense barrier prevented his face from being stabbed too deeply it seemed, but his eye was stabbed by the knife’s tip.

The knife I was using was the Spetsnaz knife used by Russia’s special forces, I had planned to give it to Shia.
It was a special knife that could shoot the blade by using spring power.

The penetrating power was unexpectedly high too, in the previous world, I saw a video that demonstrated the knife piercing a phone book with ease.

Now that the knife blade was gone, I threw the handle away, and rolled him over by kicking him.
Without a moment of delay, I picked up the AK47 I had dropped and shot.


His scream reverberated again.

Just in case, I distanced myself from him and, without dropping my guard, kept the gun barrel pointed at him.
To let Snow and Chrisse know that I was okay, I sent them a glance.

“Y, you son of a biatch. Using sach an undahanded method.”
LOL, being called unfair by you guys is like sex to my ears.”

I spat out my hatred onto Alcedo, who was crying while dripping snot and drooling on the ground, and then shrugged.

“Well then, from taking the humane viewpoint into consideration, I didn’t shoot you in the legs. The other two, Miisha and Eikent, where are they? I need to pay them a visit too.”
“As, as if I know……. I broke off with those guys many years ago already.”

‘Besides’, Alcedo endured the pain and laughed maniacally.

“Lute! You won’t be able to settle your score with them! Why? Because I’ve already killed them!”

He took out a syringe.
The inside of which was full of green liquid.

―Wait! Syringe!? Wait a minute! Why does this world have syringes! This is the first time I’ve seen it!?

As I was captivated by the syringe, I couldn’t stop Alcedo’s action in time.
He stuck the needle into his neck and pumped the liquid inside in one shot.

“How dare you oppose me! How dare you bare your fang at our organization! You shitheads rebelled against our master―the man in black!”

I can see it even from here, Alcedo’s wound got healed in an instant due to the expanding magic power.
He looked almost like a real beast, his hands were touching the ground, he bared his fangs and then howled.

“I’ll fucking kill you all!”




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  2. Wow… he even killed his accomplishes from back in the day? I’m hoping his death will be more satisfying than Gaston’s from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.


    • No it could be the guy who kill the main character in the first place because that guy seen like he was a drug addict or the friend he didn’t help in the first place, so this time he may have to kill him which his own hand if he trun out to be the Big Bad.


      • Also I want to know the cost of using this drug that causes one Magic Power to become higher. There no way there isn’t a cost, it could be human lifes or it turn you into a monster.


  3. Thanks 4 the chap.
    And next time, you really need to headshot him with the Magnum or the AK. And with that kind of Stim pack booster, you really need to use 50′ cal to finish him off.

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  4. The Man In Black made me cringe so bad. And if i were him. I’d shoot him dead once he took out the syringe. Especially the SYRINGE with suspicious looking drug. Come on!


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