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EDIT : This is the new revised Gun-Ota WN, updated to the raws as of 9-20-2016 (Probably to meet with LN’s Raws) This will affect this chapter and onwards. They’re minor edits, but affects previous chapters as well, but we wont be making changes for them at this time.


Chapter 90 – Legion Name

By daybreak, the frenzy of hell had finally quieted down.
There were still dragoons coming out from the destroyed barrier stone, but it was just one or two at a time.
Just the elves and dark elves soldiers were enough to deal with them.

There seemed to be something under the barrier stone that spawns dragoons and basilisks indefinitely.
Maybe it’s the entrance to a dungeon.

For now, so that they would not gush out all at once like last night, they would solicit help from soldiers and adventurers to attack the barrier stone dungeon periodically.

They would request the guild before long.


A few days after the barrier stone’s destruction, we were summoned to the throne room.
It was an audience with the king of High Elf Kingdom, Enol.

“First of all, as thanks for saving this country and my daughter, Luna―”

Together with the king’s words of gratitude, a single knife was carefully brought over and given to me.
It was a simple knife with the symbol of the High Elf Kingdom carved on the scabbard.

A knife that was made from the rare metal, orichalcum, with the already lost technique. It was an item that didn’t even have a price on the normal market.

If I wasn’t wrong, the rapier that Lyss brought on the giant scorpion extermination was also made from orichalcum.
I remember she tried to use that rare sword to chop a tree into firewood.

I smirked as I remembered that, while the king continued on with his speech.

“To give praise to Lute, who did a meritorious service of saving my country, I confer you the title of [Honour Knight].”

Ooooh! Upstart!

I won’t get annuity, land, and responsibility, but in exchange, I can have a position like that of the High Elf Clan, to some extent, while being of human race.
In other words, I could now freely enter and exit Woodcastle.

There had been no human given patronage by a High Elf noble before in history, except the human hero.
I was the second one, it seemed.
Now this was a pretty spectacular feat.

For the nobles and wealthy merchants that wanted to get close to the High Elf Clan, they would probably want this title so bad that their uvula would turn into a hand to grab it.

Also, by making me a noble, they probably wanted to make up for the attempt to kidnap Chrisse, hoping that I wouldn’t turn it into a big fuss, since the criminals were high elves.
Of course, the high elf youngsters who orchestrated the kidnapping and the human involved would be punished, or so the king promised me. From the look of his face, the punishment seemed like it would be severe. Well, his beloved daughter almost got sold off, so that much is obvious.

They also investigated the organization that transported Luna, but they couldn’t get any details.

Furthermore, due to the incident this time, the king was moving to make the guild let me become level 5 adventurer.
Keeping an adventurer that defeated giant scorpions, dragoons, basilisks one after another at level 3 or below was unthinkable.
When I had the time, go to the guild and finish the procedure, he said.

In addition to that, all the expenses for this time would be Enol’s responsible, and the same amount would be put out as my reward. The money I used to buy Shia as a slave would also be included, but for releasing Shia from slavery or not, they left it up for me to decide.

“If you have any trouble, our country will lend you our full power as repayment. We definitely won’t forget this debt of gratitude.”

The king gave thanks as if revealing his true feeling.

Again, he told me that since I was an honour knight now, he wanted me to decide on a family name and coat of arms in a few days.

Family name and coat of arms huh…… it was probably better to discuss it with Snow and everyone.

Furthermore, during the upcoming few days, a victory party will be held so please participate, he said. There was no reason to refuse it, so I accepted.

We bowed and left the throne room.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


Next, the place Snow, Chrisse, Shia and I were facing was the Adventurers Guild outside of the lake.
We came for the procedure to level up to level 5.

We were led to a different room of the Adventurers Guild, a private room, and were currently being explain to about legion again by the little sister of the receptionist who always took care of me in the Dragon Continent.

“You’ve heard about the requirements to create a legion, right?”
“Yes, I’ve heard it from your sister.”
“Well then, I will explained about the next step.”

The receptionist girl started explaining.

“First, upon creating a legion, please decide on the legion’s name and insignia. For the insignia, if the founder is a noble, their family coat of arms can be used. Of course, there’s no problem if you want to create a new one.”

In that case, let’s use the coat of arms that I will use as the noble coat of arms for the legion flag as well.

“There are many adventurers who don’t belong to a legion and don’t know this, but there is also legion’s rank.”

I didn’t know that legion also had a rank like adventurers.

“It’s not ranked in number, but copper, silver, gold, mithril and orichalcum. The Adventurers Guild’s quests that are issued will be based on this legion’s ranking system.

Copper is newbie.
Silver is veteran.
Gold is professional.
Mithil is first class.
Orichalcum is top class.

“Just like the adventurer’s tag, a legion’s rank will be decided by the Adventurers Guild. The evaluation criteria will be fair, no discrimination based on one’s race or anything. We swear on the name of the five races’ heroes.”

The legion’s way of doing things didn’t concern the Adventurers Guild.
However, if they became too malignant, then the Guild would interverne.

“Unlike a normal adventurer, a legion has common practice, principle, and power. There were also cases where an adventurer reached level 5, created a legion, then lost their life due to that. Even so, do you still want to create one?”
“Of course. However, if that is so, then why do you let them do as they please?”
“The guild wishes for stronger organizations, human resources, developments…… Since they may cross sword with powerful enemies like dragons, giants, or the most evil demon king in the future.”

Demon king huh…… the Adventurers Guild thinks of some dangerous stuff.
Though actually, the monsters are getting more fiendish by the years, and there are not enough hands to deal with them.

The adventurers can only deal with them once in a while, and their levels are also all over the place, not uniformed, so it’s hard to mobilize them as an organization.

(Putting it nicely would be ‘polish yourself, get stronger’ huh? Putting it frankly would be ‘Strength is everything, the Adventurers Guild won’t intervene’, huh? If you think like that, then the world views of legion and adventurer are pretty different…….)

Adventurer basically only needed to think for themselves, and in some cases, their comrades or teammates too. However, a legion operated as an organization.

Like a company versus a one-man business.

“The more detailed main points are written here, so please definitely look over them once.”

In the stack of paper that was handed to me, there was legion affiliate numbers, rough annual activities reports, bases’ locations, request counter, tax calculation form, new personnel admission procedures and so on. Quite a lot of detailed important points and essential items were written down.

To look over all of these and understand them, looks like it’s gonna take a while.

The receptionist girl understood my pain and showed a smile.

“Well then, in the next few days, please prepare three things: the legion’s name, flag’s design, and registration fee.”
“Um, is it fine to let you know of the name first?”
“Yes, of course, no problem.”

She nodded with a smile, so I told her the legion name that I had already decided on long ago, that I had been keeping in my heart.

“The legion’s name is: PEACEMAKER.”


At that moment, the name of the legion that would become legend was decided.


It has finally got to the legion’s name announcement!
Next is the family name and coat of arms design in the making.
I want to press on without a break!



( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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