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Chapter 91 – PEACEMAKER

Amongst the Colt Company’s many single action revolvers used in the Old West of America, which had a variety of barrel lengths, calibers, and names, the most famous was probably the [Colt Peacemaker].

The [Colt Peacemaker] was too famous, and it created many misunderstandings.

It was generally thought that the origin of the word [Peacemaker] came from the ninth verse of the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament: “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”.
However, that was a misunderstanding.

The man who created the Colt company, Samuel Colt, had a wife named Elizabeth, and she was deeply religious, so it was misunderstood that the name [Peacemaker] was taken from the bible and given to the gun.
In fact, the person who settled disputes in a bar, the mediator, was called a peacemaker, so the reason it was named Peacemaker was not because it was “the thing that brings about peace to the West”, but more of “the tool to bring an end to conflict”.

When I named the legion PEACEMAKER, I wished that we could be peacemakers, like it was written in the bible. However, of course, at the same time, I didn’t forget that it also had the meaning of “the one who settles dispute”.

With that, the legion name was decided.
What was left were the design for the legion’s flag and the coat of arms, as well as the family name as an Honour Knight.

I had discussed those with Snow and everyone in the guest room in Woodcastle that was provided for us.
In the room were Snow, Chrisse, Meiya, Shia, Lyss, Luna and me.
Shia devoted herself to serving tea in a maid uniform.

The one who lead the discussion was obviously me.

“Well then, first off is the family name, got any ideas?”
“A safe suggestion would be our birthplace, Hoard. How about it?”

Snow answered first.

Lute Hoard, huh?
Doesn’t sound bad.

“But isn’t Hoard the territory of other people? Arbitrarily using their land’s name for our name is not wise, I think.”
“You’re right. Then Hoard is a no-go.”

Upon Lyss pointing that out, I promptly dismissed the “Hoard” suggestion.

[Then how about using my family’s name?]

Chrisse’ family name is “Vlad”.
Lute Vlad, huh?
Doesn’t sound bad either, but that means I’m marrying into her family?

It’s not bad! It’s not bad, but let’s put it aside for now.

Next, raising her hand with great vigour…or rather, she had already stood up, Meiya gave a suggestion while breathing roughly.

“Then, Lute-sama, how about my family name, ‘Dragoon’?”
“Lute Dragoon, huh? Not bad, but that’s……”

Meiya’s face turned red at my gaze.

“No, it’s not like there’s any special meaning or anything. It’s just! It’s just a suggestion! For your information, since it’s the Dragon Kingdom that rules over the dragon continent, we took something that sounds close to that for our name. In short! It’s a family name with respected honour. Even if the super genius magic tool inventor Lute-sama takes it for his name, it’s still worth bragging for!”
“G, got it. I’ll add it to the candidate list for now.

While breathing roughly, Meiya said it all at once.
Overwhelmed, I unconsciously nodded.

There were suggestions from Luna too, with names of the heroes from picture book and whatnot, but I guess there’s no way I can use those, so I rejected. Chrisse was proactive about Luna’s suggestions, but it was kind of embarrassing for me. 

We could no longer think of any more names after that, so we decided to put the topic on hold for the time being.
Next on the agenda list was the victory party.

“Though I am grateful for being invited to the victory party, I don’t know how to dance. How about the rest of you?”
“I’ve never danced either.”
[I took lessons from my parents when I was still small, though that was a very long time ago, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to dance well.]

As Snow and Chrisse said this, Meiya and Lyss, who were sitting on the opposite side, spoke.

“As a lady, I have experience in it.”
“As we sisters often attend formal gatherings, we have no problems with it.”

In short, Snow and I had no experience, and Chrisse hadn’t practiced for a long time.
Since Shia volunteered as a servant that day, this matter didn’t concern her.

“Then, Luna should teach Chrisse-chan! Let’s dance together on that day, okay?”
[Yes. Please treat me well.]

Luna and Chrisse held each other’s hands with smiles on their faces.
It was a very heartwarming sight.

“Princess, would you like to teach young master and Madame Snow?

Lyss raised her voice at Shia’s proposal with a red face.
Meiya then boldly raised her hand.

“I also want to volunteer! As his first disciple, his right arm, and his trusted retainer, I will do my best to tutor Lute-sama!”
“Certainly, it would be difficult for the princess to teach two at the same time, so it would be greatly appreciated if Meiya-sama would come to help.”
“I agree. Well then, Lyss, Meiya, we’ll be under your care from now on.”
“I’ll do my best to learn.”

Snow and I requested to the two.
Though Meiya was energetic as usual, Lyss was staring at Shia reproachfully, with a red face.
The person in question, Shia, was calm and composed, so I thought there was no problem, but……
Loss in thoughts, I looked at Lyss.

And Lyss, noticing my stare,


Blushed and averted her eyes from me.

Lyss’ face when red to the ears was really cute.


Author’s Notes

Today is Feb 14th! As you know, yes! It’s umai bou day!

The umai bou flavors I like are corn potage and mentaiko. Both are tasty, and they’re sold a lot at the convenience store, so you can buy them easily. What is your favorite flavor, everyone?


( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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  2. uugh, there is nothing happening in this chapter!
    can be resumed in three lines:

    -gun history
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    • sorry man, even I’d like to translate more and release faster too so you readers won’t have to feel like this, but ever since I’ve been transfered to Japan my life is so hectic (move in, make room, gas, water, eletric, internet… contracts , register to the local government office, post office, then one month later change room, have to make changes to all those contracts again, then 3 months later my roommate moved out, had to adjust all those contracts again…and it’s only been 5 months since I came to Japan, also there’s the work ethics I can’t get off of work soon, 2 hours commuting a day, …) my time for anime, manga, novels got reduced to, uh… maybe 10 or 20% compared to before I moved to Japan.

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      • don’t worry man, i wasn’t raging on the translation, i was complaining about the author making an useless chapter 😉

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  3. I’ve been reading this novel novel non-stop, and now I’ve reached a good place to stop and put on hold… finally lol now I understand why this novel is over 4.5/5 on novelupdates. To fan-translators who will read this comment: Thanks for fan-translating this novel and introducing us to this work! I will be sure to buy this novel soon, and if it ever gets picked up for commercial translation and release as well!


  4. Thanks for the food!

    Now.. as for the family name, I’m half surprised he doesn’t just adopt his family name from his previous life…

    Mind you, if any of those bullies reincarnated they might assume it’s him reincarnated… or his childhood friend who might become his arc nemesis…


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