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Chapter 93 – Lyss’ Thoughts 2

After deciding the name of the household and the coat of arms, we started the dance lesson for the victory party immediately.
The training area was a large vacant room.
Though it was a must to wear extravagant clothes in a ball, I had told everyone to be in their usual attires—which I, the Second Princess of the High Elf Kingdom Enol, Lyss Enol Meméa, regretted at this point.

(Aaah, why am I so fired up for? At this rate, I’ll become a girl who can’t read the atmosphere!)

Even though Lute-san and the others came in their everyday clothes when we went on a trip back then, I was currently wearing my formal dress for business use inside of the castle.

(If I change my clothes with the ones suited for traveling……B-but for a princess of a country to wear travel clothes inside the castle is……)

“Then, so that we don’t waste any time, shall we begin the dance practice?”

Breaking the ice, Lute-san, who didn’t notice my turmoil, started doing a light warm-up exercise.

“Well then, Chrisse-chan! Let’s practice with Luna over there!”
[Please take it easy on me.]

The two people whose heights were not very different from each other joined hands and secured their own training grounds.
Luna is so cheerful and lively, completely the opposite of me. I’m so jealous of her……

(It would be nice to be able to say “I like you” to the person whom I love dearly, but…… Wait! Didn’t I decide to cut off any lingering regrets last night! I must stop hesitating and dragging it on any longer!)

I shook my head left and right, along with the strange ideas in my mind.

“Are you okay, Lyss? You’re shaking your head. Do you have a headache?”
“N-no, it’s nothing! I’m okay! Please don’t worry about it!”

Aaah, he’s worried about me! Right after I was going to forget about it, my chest throbs madly just from him calling out to me!
I felt my cheeks blushing.
I tried to hold back with all my might to prevent my mouth from breaking out into a grin.

“Well then, the basics of the dance lessons will be taught by this me! Lute-sama’s number one disciple, right hand, and trusted retainer, Meiya Dragoon will be your companion!”
“……then I’ll be the one to teach the basics to Snow-san.”

On the inside, my grin crumbled with sadness, but I still tried to maintain my casual smile on the outside, and when I turned to face Snow-san…

“Meiya-chan teaching Lute-kun is no good.”
“Wh-why is that!?”
“Because somehow, it’s unpleasant. Lyss-chan, can you please teach Lute-kun how to dance? Lute-kun, that’s okay with you, right?”
“Aaah, I don’t really mind.”
“Yes, then it’s decided. Meiya-chan will teach me, okay?”
“No waaay~”

Snow-san dragged Meiya-san away.
Snow-san looked back and sent me a meaningful glance ―― had she, by any chance, noticed my feelings!?
But, if it’s Snow-san, then it might be possible……
She had a strangely sharp intuition, after all.
However, her trying to stick me and Lute-san together meant…


Upon being called by Lute-san, I let out a strange shriek on reflex.
Auuuuu…… He will definitely think I’m a weird girl!

“S-sorry. I seem to have surprised you.”
“N-n-not at all, I should be the one apologizing for letting out a strange cry. S-so, shall we begin the dance practice?”
“Yes. So, what should I do?”
“Uhmm, then first we should――”

We took each other’s hands and began the dance practice.
Just knowing that our fingers were touching made me feel hot and my heart throb.

Though it was only for a short time, I was able to dance hand-in-hand with Lute-san.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


The day of the victory party.
In the party, only the High Elves were present in the great hall.
Everybody greeted and expressed their gratitude to Lute-san, who saved the country, one after another.

When the greetings were over, the dance started immediately.
Lute-san and Snow-san took each other’s hands first and danced to the music, followed by Chrisse-san.
The three people were able to finish the dance without flaws, thanks to the result of the practice.

They looked dazzling as I stared at them.
So dazzling that I could never reach them anymore.
I was absorbed by a gloomy feeling, just like the one I felt when I had an inferiority complex towards my older sister, before I met Lute-san and everyone.


Lute-san, who had just returned from dancing, was surprised.

“Y-you’re crying. Are you hurt somewhere?”
“Eh, crying…? Uu, please, excuse me. It’s probably just dirt entering my eyes. I’m sorry that I made you worry.”

I only noticed after it was pointed out.
I covered my eyes with my handkerchief in a hurry.

“I have to fix my make-up, excuse me for a moment.”

Even though it was not good for a host to be absent, I made up a reason and left.
Tears started to flow, one after another, making the handkerchief moist.

(Even though I cried until I was satisfied that night……)

Holding the handkerchief to my eyes, I tripped while walking along the way.
I was down on all fours in the dark, cold corridor.
I really hated this clumsiness of mine.

The friendly chattering from the hall, the calm music ―― here I was, outside of that circle of happiness, groveling on the floor, all alone.
It was as if I was alone in this world.

“Fufufu, this really suits an incompetent disaster princess like me……”

While drowning in misery, I ridiculed myself.

“Oh, Lyss, did you trip again? Clumsy as usual, aren’t you?”
“–!? L-Lute-san? W-Why!?”

‘Am I hallucinating?’, I thought that at first, but when I look up, I saw Lute-san, whom I should have parted with a while ago, standing on the side. He gave me a bitter smile, and then stretched out his hand.

“Come on, how long are you going to sit there? The dress that took you a lot of effort to wear will get dirty, you know?”
“Th-thank you very mush……”

Auuuuuu! I’m such an idiot! Why do I have to bite my tongue at the very last moment!?
Lute-san, who gave an even more bitter smile, grabbed my hand and, with force, helped me get up.
However, there was too much power, which made me cling to his chest reflexively.

Lute-san’s hand held my shoulder in check.
His body temperature spread over my whole body. His scent, his muscles.
I grasped his clothes tightly, without realizing it.

Aah, my hero-sama――

(I wish for this moment to continue forever.)

Or that time itself would just stop like this for me.
However, I could be in his, a married man’s embrace forever.

I released my body from Lute-san, and stood firmly on my own feet.

“……Thank you very much. But, why did you come for me?”
“Well, Lyss is my precious comrade, so isn’t it a given that I’m worried, when you left with such a face?”

He said, with a ‘why are you saying something so obvious?’ kind of face.
The sense of isolation that was there a while ago disappeared without a trace, being overruled by the feelings of joy.
My love, my love, my love……!

Even though I cried, telling myself to forget it until my pillow was wet, I still couldn’t abandon that passion in my chest.
When I tried to throw everything away and plunge myself into his arms, at that moment――someone appeared, stopping my movements.

“……What are you two doing in this place?”

My father――the High Elf King of Enol, accompanied by his imperial guards, stood there.
Father seemed to have noticed me leave the large room, and was chasing after me.

“I felt a little ill, so Lute-san accompanied me. I’m okay now.”

As if cold water had been dumped on my head, I regained my composure and told him a suitable excuse. Lute-san, who had sensed that, said nothing and stayed silent.
Since we had gone on a journey and saved the country from its national crisis together, we could now understand each other with just a glance.

After looking back and forth between us several times, father seemed to understand and didn’t pursue it any further.

“Then, come back to the hall. It’s rude, as one of the hosts, to leave halfway. I apologize for my daughter troubling you.”
“No, it wasn’t a problem at all.”

Lute-san answered politely.
Understanding the situation and being tactful, he returned to the banquet hall first.
I could only look at his back with eyes of regret.

“How do you do, father?”

While following Lute-san with my eyes, I noticed a strong gaze from the side.
I completely forgot that father was standing right next to me.
Belatedly, I fixed my attitude.

“……Lyss. As soon as the party ends, come to my room.”

While carrying an expression like he had realized something, father returned to the party hall.

(To father’s private room?)

I was perplexed by this rare situation.
Could it be that, from just now, he realized my feelings for Lute-san and was going to give me a warning?

(……Even though I have already given up.)

Feeling upset, I followed after my father.



Lyss’ story will be ending with the next chapter.

I would be happy if you could accompany me to the end.



( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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