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Chapter 95 – Studying Abroad

The day of departure.
I was checking the last of the baggage we had packed in the airship we parked behind Wood Castle.

The baggage contained our personal belongings, gifts for saving the High Elf Kingdom, foodstuffs, etc.

I opened the list of the barrel and confirmed what was inside.
The contents were liquors normally used for gift.
During the Giant Scorpion subjugation, Luna Enol Meméam, the third princess of Enol, had hid herself inside a barrel. I didn’t think that she would do it again, but I still double-checked the barrel, just to be sure.

“Good, seems like there’s no problem.”

After I had finished checking them one-by-one, I muttered in relief.
It seemed that there would be no problems with our departure.


I heard a familiar sneeze.
When I turning my head in the direction of the sound, I saw a raiment case that Luna had sent to Chrisse. The case should have only contained clothes and underwear that Luna had recommended for Chrisse.

I opened the cover, only to find clothing folded and jam-packed to the base. There shouldn’t have been any space to hide a person……

“Don’t tell me…”

I immediately took out all of the clothes, and reached for the bottom of the case. When I pulled on it with a little bit of strength, it came off easier than I expected.

Luna, the Third Princess, was hiding underneath the second compartment.
What are you, a ninja!?

I brought Luna outside of the airship like a kitten, and her elder sister, Lyss, scolded her with her beautiful eyebrows raised.

“Luna! What are you doing! Don’t cause trouble for Lute-san and the others!”
“But Luna wants to go too!”

Luna puffed her cheeks like a hamster, sulking.

“Why is it that onee-chan and Shia are okay, but I’m not? It’s unfair!”

Lyss and I made eye contact, and both of us blushed.
I tried to free Shia from being my slave, but the person herself refused and said that she was fine as she was.
In Lyss’ case, she was to “accompany us for the sake of gathering knowledge of the outside world”, but actually――the reason was that she had become my third wife.

The night after the victory party several days ago, Lyss suddenly came over confessed “I love Lute-san. Please make me your wife!”.

I was astonished at the sudden confession, but Snow and Chrisse weren’t surprised. They seemed to know about it already, and welcomed her with open arms instead.
As for myself……

(Lyss is an important comrade, and a charming girl to boot. If I had to say whether I like her or not, of course I like her, no, I love her! Her clumsiness is a minus point, but that’s exactly what makes me want to protect her. She’s also honest, and cute, and her chest too……)

There was no reason for me to refuse, and my two wives also welcomed it.
The only one who objected was Meiya, once she found out that I had accepted Lyss as a third wife.

She said―― “Why is Lyss-san, who has been with Lute-sama shorter than I have, becoming his wife! I definitely won’t allow it! If that’s the case then I, too……”

Meiya threw favourable glances at me.
Anyone could understand what she wanted to say, with that open attitude of hers.

If I was asked “Do you love or hate her?” about Meiya, “I don’t hate her” would be my answer. I understood that her eyes were filled with nothing but goodwill towards me……but it was so much that I found it scary.

A clear stream was avoided by fish――not to that extent, but taking it too far wasn’t good.

Snow interjected with Meiya.

“Meiya-san can’t become Lute-san’s wife.”

“B-but why!? Do you still hold a grudge against me from back then in the magic school!?”

“You’re wrong. A person who isn’t resolved like Lyss-chan is, is not fit to be Lute-kun’s wife.”


Mieya turned pale at her words.

“Snow-san, d-do you by any chance know……”

“No, it’s merely an intuition.”

Snow shook her head before Meiya’s question ended.

“If you have the resolve, I’ll recognize you as Lute-kun’s wife.”

“……Understood! I, Meiya Dragoon, shall show my resolve and aim to become Lute-sama’s wife!”

The two of them ignored me, the concerned person, and advanced the talk without my say.
Still, just what was that “resolve” they were talking about?

With that, I obtained permission to marry Lyss from her father, the king.
She seemed to have talked with him beforehand, as the talk with the king advanced smoothly.

In order to avoid criticism for the time being, Lyss’ official stance was to “accompany us to broaden her knowledge,” or something like that. Usually, it was customary for High Elves who were studying abroad to wear a pendant that changed the color of their eyes, to avoid needless confusion in the surroundings.

Although she wasn’t wearing it to avoid the prying eyes of the public right now, I handed her a wedding bracelet made from Magical Liquid Metal, similar to what Snow and Chrisse had.
Of course, the article was made by yours truly.

Although the bracelet had no magic stones embedded in it, Lyss held the bracelet dearly while shedding tears.
If the person I gave it to was happy, then I was happy too.

However, the problem lied with her little sister, Luna.
I hadn’t told her that Lyss and I were married yet.
She still believed the notion of her elder sister studying abroad to broaden her view.

So that she would not have to separate from Chrisse, who she had gotten along well with, she started insisting on studying abroad too.

Lyss clears her throat and persuades her younger sister, her face still red.

“I have said many times before, in order to expand my knowledge, and because Shia is Lute-san’s slave, we have to go together. Meaning we are not going out to play.”
“In that case, then Luna will also become Luton’s slave!”
“Luna! Don’t say such a stupid thing!”

Lyss scolded her like an older sister but that didn’t stop Luna from sulking.
After hearing their voices, Snow and Chrisse appeared.

The two had been carrying baggage to their private rooms on the airship and should finished up just now. Coming here probably meant that they were done with their work.
Chris was holding a picture book to her chest, for some reason.

“Lute-kun, are you already done with the preparations for departure?”
“Yes. I’m already done, but……”

I turned my gaze to Luna.
She noticed Chris, then ran and clung to her.

“Chrisse-chan, please say something too! Chrisse-chan also wants to be with Luna, right?”

Chrisse smiled wryly at Luna’s question.
Luna realized how she would answer and frowned in vexation while letting go of Chris.

And Chrisse; to her――

“We, cannot, go together, but…… we’ll be, friends, forever”

Chrisse, who usually communicated using the mini-blackboard magic tool, tried her hardest to say it to her, word by word. Of course, this made Luna round-eyed in surprised.
Then Chrisse presented the picture book she had in her hands.

“My treasured, picture book. I, want you, to have, this, Luna”

That picture book was the first picture book her parents had bought for her, and she had brought it with her when we got married. She had come to like the genre because of this book, “The Hero and the Princess”.

Since it was her most treasured picture book, she wanted Luna to receive it.

Luna stared at Chrisse while enduring the tears that were about to spill from her eyes.

“I don’t need something like a picture book! Stupid Chrisse-chan!”

Lyss became angry at the words of her younger sister.
However, Luna turned around and ran back to the castle with tears in her eyes.
Lyss apologized right away.

“I’m sorry. Luna didn’t mean what she had said”
[It’s not your fault, Lyss-oneechan.]

Chrisse raised her mini-blackboard with a smile so that we would not to worry.
It was a weak one though, and you could immediately tell that she was putting up a front.


TL Note: Funny, this chapter was released on February 19th.


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  2. was’nt Meiya still “kinda” betrothed to a noble of the dragon race or something? that’s probably the thing she must settle to show her resolve


    • I just finished translating ch99 so here’s a little spoiler for you

      The talk came to a pause, the reception girl stared at Lyss who was sitting next to me.
      She wore the business smile while taking a stab at us.

      “I’ve been curious, but… this person here is?”
      “Yes, I’m the third wife!”
      “……In other words, you created your dream legion, became noble, received a third wife who is cute with big boobs?”
      “That’s right. That’s how it is.”
      “Is that so, I see! Ahahahhahhahaha…………Please watch your back when you walk the street at night”

      I was in tears


  3. Nice, I read this on the 19th Feb…. right on time~!

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    • Author-san is making this as realistic as possible.. The events and the new chapter release.. It took a month to reach the elf continent from dragon continent so from elf continent maybe Lute and co. probably half way so maybe we will expect the next release in 2 weeks maybe


  5. Her Resolve is related to the Dragon Continent Prince’s request of marriage.

    She haven’t fully turned down the offer, remember when a letter was send to her but she just ignored it.


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