Volume 6

Volume 5: Chapters 068-096

Volume 6: Chapters 097-107

Chapter 097 – Marriage Report

Chapter 098 -Reunion, Recollection

Chapter 099 – Return to the Dragon Continent

Chapter 100 – Lyss’ First Housework – First Part (Side Story)

Chapter 101 –  Lyss’ First Housework – Last Part (Side Story)

Chapter 102 –

Chapter 103 –

Chapter 104 –

Chapter 105 –


Volume 7: Chapters 108-133

This is a re-Host from re:Translations.

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All translations (derivative work) are the properties of the respective translator(s), for fan, not for sale or rent, and no permission will be given to any sites like Wattpad, fictionpress and more to posted on their site(s) (Except OmegaHarem Blog, Tensaiz’s Blog and, Falconbane’s Blog)

/// WARNING ///


-Project Head-

Mexican – MIA
yt ty – MIA
tintin – MIA
Laverdy Pramula
Endo – MIA
lilscarra – MIA
Asanidar – MIA
Nichts (MIA)
Vidar (Hiding)
Milanin (Vacation)
Khh Mart (MIA)
Rainie Dai – MIA
Nekooo – MIA
Estelion (HIDING)
alex24can (MIA)
watisit (Mia)
Loliquent (MIA)

Earl [MIA]
Ishman [Quit]
Bugarim [MIA]
Ronald Wangdra [Hospital]
CluelessPanda [Sometimes]
RenegadeScribe [MIA]
Volly (Guest from One-Time Scans)
Aravyre (Guest from One-Time Scans)
Meteor (Guest from IDWF)
Naero (Guest Editor)
Cyn (Guest Editor from Xant Bros)
Durrendal (MIA)

Currently looking for Translators AND Editors for this project. Translators first though. If you’re interested in Guns versus Magic and Harem… poke rei_hunter on iRC


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