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Hi guys, here’s volume 6! Thanks to William Carson for supporting us! And for everyone else as well!

Chapter 97 – Marriage Report

Lute, 14 years old.
Equipment: +S&W M10 4-inch (revolver)
                 +AK47 (assault rifle)

Snow, 14 years old.
A-minus class magician.
Equipment: +S&W M10 2-inch (revolver)
                 +AK47 (assault rifle)

Chris, 13 years old.
Equipment: M700P (sniper rifle)

Lyss, 180 years old High Elf.
B class magician.
Spirit’s blessing: Infinite storage
Equipment: +General-purpose machinegun



The airship pushed its way through the clouds and arrived at Hoard of Algio territory.
We stepped out firmly on the fresh, unmarred snow.

The town was just a stone’s throw away from here.
We treaded over the snow and headed for the orphanage where Eru-sensei waiting for us at the front door. She seemed to hear our voices. As expected of her bunny ears.


Snow and I ran to her being careful not to slip on the snow.
For me it was a reunion after four years apart.

Eru-sensei’s appearance hadn’t changed at all.
She was in her early twenties, her height impressive for a woman and breasts that could be classified as big.
She was also beautiful. Her gentle expression and droopy eyes made people she met feel relieved.
A pair of bunny ears sprouted from within light-pink hair.

Snow used the momentum of her run to jump into Eru-sensei’s embrace.
Obviously, I couldn’t do that so I stopped just before her.

“Ehehehe, Eru-sensei’s smell is also a good smell~”
“Oh my, Snow-chan is a spoiled child, aren’t you.”

Snow, the fugofugo-ist, buried her face in Eru-sensei’s chest and took in her smell. Sensei didn’t mind and gave her a friendly smile instead. I was so jealous! I also wanted to burry my face in Eru-sensei’s chest!
Obviously, I couldn’t do that, though!

I grabbed the nape of Snow’s neck and pulled her away from sensei.

“Come on, stop it. Don’t cause trouble for Eru-sensei.”
“Oh Lute-kun, are you jealous? Don’t worry. No matter how much relief Eru-sensei’s smell gives, it can’t rival Lute-kun’s. I like Lute-kun’s smell the best.”
“Is, is that so? I like Snow’s smell too.”
“Ehehehe, we’re the same.”

Snow and I smiled at each other.

“Fufufu, you two are as close as ever.”

Eru-sensei gazed at the two of us with a happy smile on her face.
Not good, not good, we created a zone for only the two of us and forgot about Eru-sensei.
I offered greetings to Eru-sensei again.

“I haven’t stayed in touch for a long time, Eru-sensei. Not only did I make you worry so much, I’m even late telling you about our marriage, I’m sorry.”
“I was only slightly anxious, you know. I believed that if it’s Lute-kun, things will be all right.”

I felt a pang in my chest when I saw her smile.
When I was captured by the fake adventurers, I brought it upon myself by being careless.
Making her worried because of that caused me to feel stabs of guilt.

To forget about those feelings, I decided to introduce Eru-sensei to the other girls who had finally caught up to us and were standing behind.

“This is Eru-sensei who raised Snow and me, she’s something like a mother to us.”
“Nice to meet you all, I’m Eru from the Rabbit tribe. I’ve been taking care of Lute-kun and Snow-chan”

Eru-sensei greeted Chris, Lyss, Meiya, Shia, Luna with a bright smile.
I coughed once and started to fulfill the promise I made when I left the town.

“Eru-sensei, as promised when I left the town, please let me tell you about our marriage.”

That was about four years ago, early in the morning.
The day I left the town I made a promise with Eru-sensei that came to send me off.
The pledge was “after I marry Snow I will definitely come back once to tell you about it”.

Fulfilling that was delayed due to circumstances, but I could finally make it happen.

“Actually, aside from Snow, I also married two other girls……..”

I introduced Chris and Lyss to Eru-sensei.

“Nice, to meet, you I, am, Chris. I am onii-chan’s…… bride”

Chris tried hard to work her voice, sealed in the past due to trauma, and greeted Eru-sensei.
Then it was Lyss’ turn. She placed her right hand on her chest, while pinching her skirt with her left a slightly, and gave a curtsy.

“I am glad to make your acquaintance. I am called Lyss, previously the second princess of the High Elf kingdom of Enol. Right now I mask my eye color and appearance with this pendant to avoid the public eye….Being linked by fate, I have tied the knot with Lute-san alongside Snow-san and Chris-san. To be able to meet Eru-san, the parent who raised him, is truly an honor for me.”

Before we arrived at the orphanage, I had told Luna about our marriage.
She was surprised, but she didn’t object.

Eru-sensei looked somehow unsettled after Hearing Chris’ and Lyss’ greetings.
Was she that surprised hearing I married others aside from Snow?
For some reason, her face became pale.

“Eru-sensei, what happened? You look somewhat unwell……”
“Uh, nuh-uh, I’m ok. It’s just a little cold out here. But still, I’m surprised, to think that Lute-kun married others aside from Snow-chan too”
“Haha, many things happened…….”

I’ve finished introducing my wives, but the greetings continued.

Shia, Luna, Meiya greeted Eru-sensei one after another.
Shia and Luna are safe to an extent, but Meiya―

“Nice to meet you, dear mother-in-law! To the genius magic tool inventor, the god, Lute-sama, I am his first disciple, his right hand, and his trusted confidant called Meiya Dragoon! I am the next wife candidate for him so I will be in your care for many years to come!”

Oi, what next wife candidate…….
Or rather, the “mother” part, didn’t the pronunciation feel kinda wrong?

“Lute-kun, you plan to marry Meiya-chan too?”

As expected, Eru-sensei was confused and asked tilting her head.
I couldn’t say “It’s just self-proclaimed so please don’t mind” in front of the person involved.
So I just laughed to dodge the question.

Eru-sensei might have guessed it so she changed the topic herself.

“But I’m really glad Lute-kun and everyone came to see me. Actually there’s something I want to consult with you.”
“Actually……. I, was asked for my hand in marriage……”

Hah? Marriage? Carriage? Ferriage? No no, that was weird. Wait, eh? Huh?

Marriage? Eru-sensei is? Hah?

Hm, in short, it’s that huh…….

It, it-it-it-it’s, it was time for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!


There may be a need to change Lyss’ age in the future so please bear with me


( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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