Volume 2 – Encounters

Volume 1 – Chapters 00-07 (00-07)

Volume 2 – Chapters 01-06 (08-13)

Chapter 1 (8) – Towards a New World

Chapter 2 (9) – Reservations

Chapter 3 (10) –

Chapter 4 (11) –

Chapter 5 (12) –

Chapter 6 (13) –


6 responses to “Volume 2 – Encounters

    • As I’ve started a new degree at university, I haven’t had much time to do any translation at all. Hence the translation of this series is currently on hiatus until I can find (/make) some time. Defiring also has translated some chapters at their website if you haven’t already found them, you may want to check it out.


    • Hello Obsidian please use novelupdates.com for new updates of novels that you are reading or looking for new novel to read. Last year around March while Defiring was still translating world teacher that he had been translating for 2 years and it’s was on chapter 27, and the guy said he won’t be back for four months so many readers got impatience so someone else started translating it but that guy was a complete nooby, but he kept asking questions then 6 months later he got his own team of editors and today 68 chapter of world teacher have been translated, that guy was called Bayabusco. When we say world teacher, we think of Bayabusco Translation.( if he didn’t step in then we would have been on chapter 42 instead of chapter 68)
      advice novelupdates let you know when each chapter of a novel is release so you won’t have to waste your time reading a novel that is on hiatus or one that haven’t been release.



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