World Teacher 2-01 (08)


Volume 2 — Encounters


Towards a New World

The start of the second section.


Two years later.

Since then, I continued to train my body with everyone’s cooperation, and I—who also had gotten taller—had turned five years old.
I’m being watched over by Erina, doing a study of magic with Noel, and having Dee teach me the basics of adventuring. I also invented a few spells that weren’t in the books, and by and large, I’m able to mature as planned.

I’ve also been having mock battles with Dee. As might be expected from a former adventurer: he was strong; however, he was self taught and consequently had many openings, and I ended up winning. I felt bad, but the sight of a disappointed Dee being comforted by Noel was greatly refreshing.
Surprisingly, he had gotten rid of those openings the next day, and because of that, my educator spirit throbbed at Dee’s good sense. He’d probably become much more stronger if he trained, but I think it’s a pity: given that he has been saying that he wants to become a cook. He’s actually good at cooking, and he was extremely delighted when I taught him cooking recipes of my previous life. I would like nothing better than to get him to pursue his dreams.

The preparations for attending school are also proceeding steadily.
We’ve been selling and making money off of the unusual raw materials found in the mountains, and the medicines compounded from the collected medicinal plants. If we continue at this pace, we’ll probably have no issues with saving up money for the school entrance fee.
There’s three years left; it’s okay if we go forward unhurriedly, yet steadily.

It was on one such day that I received my menkyo-kaiden from Dee. He said: ‘There is already nothing left for me to teach. If anything, I’m the one being taught’. I was a five-year-old child, but it doesn’t matter even if I walk around by myself, therefore—also partly as training—I had run around the hills and fields.

And today, in order to rush out towards a new world……I was running in the sky.

To explain the current state of affairs, I ought to talk about two spells.

The first is [Boost].
Its effect is the enhancement of physical abilities, and the body is strengthened by distributing maryoku in the body. Putting in maryoku so that one can move several times faster or break rocks with one’s fist: it’s a magic that surpasses the limits of human abilities. Naturally, the body wouldn’t last if one were to do such a thing, but covering the body with maryoku safeguards it. It conspicuously reveals one’s own aptitude, and the maryoku consumption is fierce; consequently, there are few users of the spell. Given that it has no attribute, it falls into the no-attribute magic category.
……up to this point is the [Boost] written in the book.

After I investigated it by experimenting…this is just simply covering the body with maryoku. You could think of it as wearing a powered exoskeleton called maryoku, but to be frank, there’s a lot of wastage. In my case, because I have medical science knowledge and understand the structure of the human body, I eliminated that wastage. From the flow of blood, to the contraction and relaxation of muscles, and the motions of the skeletal system, I know which parts I should selectively protect depending on what the situation is.
As a result, I succeed with long-sustained maintenance. I had acquired the speed to reach the lake where I gathered the Water Demon grass within a few minutes, and the power to send goblins flying with my fist.
It’s a ‘I’ve stopped being a human’ feeling.

The other one is an original spell: [Air Step].
Like the name implies, it’s a magic where I gather my maryoku and create a temporary foothold in the air, but because it promptly disperses, it disappears without even lasting two seconds. It might seem like a defective spell, but it’s duration isn’t an issue: if you just use the foothold to spring forward, then—as long as you have one second—it’s enough. I first thought about incurring a maryoku shockwave on myself to fly forward, but adjusting the speed was difficult, and on top of that, my body got sore, so I gave up on that. With this method of moving my feet, it’s also possible to use in an emergency; so I settled on this.

By using these two spells, I can run through the sky at the speed of an average car. I’m completely exposed to the wind pressure, but there I use [Boost]’s body strengthening and it’s tolerable enough.
Going as far as running through the sky, the direction I’m heading is towards the neighbouring continent that is separated by the sea.

Our house is on the [Merifest] continent, but perhaps because it’s on the edge of the continent, once you cross over one mountain there’s a sea that stretches outwards.
Partly for magic practice, I continued towards the ocean, and a shore appeared on the other side of the horizon. I returned home, and when I asked about it, I was informed that it was a different continent called [Adroad]. It appears that it has it’s own unique culture, but on the whole, it’s not that different to Merifest.
It is said that at the port of the urban center, trade takes place frequently and a round trip takes two days. In other words, a one-way trip takes one day, but—although it’s just an estimate—from here the distance appears to be one that could be covered in an hour.
However this area of ocean is rough: a demonic area of sea where if one were to send out a ship or the like, it’d sink after a few minutes. To make matters worse, there are cliffs adjoining that continent over there and disembarking, etc. also doesn’t seem to be possible. To go across, there’s no choice but to ride on the surface mail ship of the stable urban center’s area of sea.
However……that’s if you travel by ship; it has nothing to do with me, who runs in the sky.

Tomaa, I’m letting my curiosity reign free, and am springing towards the new continent.
After springing in the sky for several minutes without any particular problems, I finally safely arrived at the neighbouring continent. I even have half of my maryoku left; with this, it seems that I can come back here without reserve. I’m standing on the cliff where the Merifest continent is visible behind me, but an extensive forest stretched outwards in front of me.
It would’ve been troublesome if it came to my father’s attention on the other continent, so I didn’t continue towards a town; I thought that it wouldn’t be a problem over here and had some expectations……but there’s absolutely no signs of humans. It can’t be helped, shall I let my maryoku recover and then try and look for people from the sky?
I close my eyes while remaining vigilant of my surroundings, and I count three seconds……recovery complete.
It might seem like a joke, but once I attune with the maryoku in the surroundings, my maryoku recovers in the blink of an eye. Not even written in the book, it’s a technique that was impossible for Noel. The reason is still unknown. I’m leaving it as it is because: there are no problems with my body, it’s my ryugi to utilize things that can be utilized, and I think it’ll eventually become clear why.

And now I run in the sky again.
I don’t particularly have a destination in mind, I’m springing forward as if running along the tops of the trees wherever the wind takes me. At a slow speed, I search for a settlement while feeling a comfortable breeze, but I couldn’t find anything resembling one. Just how extensive is this forest? It looks like a person not familiar with the forest would undoubtedly get lost if they entered it.

I go on for a while and a forest clearing finally came into sight, but as there was a conspicuously tall large tree nearby, I decided to sit on one of its branches and take a breather.

I take out the water from the bag on my back and drink a mouthful. While keeping a minimum level of vigilance, I absent-mindedly gazed at the elevated scenery.

(———— -)

Just now, I felt that something was off.
It’s not hostility. It’s like some mysterious thing is whirling around, that kind of feeling. The wind has become strong, and at the very least, it doesn’t seem to be something good. For the time being, let’s try and check it out, shall we?

I direct my senses in a general geographical direction, and activate the [Search] spell.

It’s the so-called ‘sonar’ sort of thing. You could think of the theory of sonar as having a function similar to observing the reverberation of waves that result from throwing a stone into a water’s surface.
In the case of the spell, my own maryoku is shot out like a wave, and I sense other parties with that reverberation. It’s one of the probing magic spells, but because it’s emitting maryoku over a vast range, it has a flaw where other parties can tell you activated it. However, in my case, there’s almost no difference with the maryoku in the surroundings and so according to Noel, it’s at the level of ‘if you focus your senses, then you’re vaguely aware of it’.
It’s because scouting for enemies is important. Even if I’m to be referred to as an ‘incompetent’, this advantage is enormous.

The reflected maryoku waves are depicted in my mind.
This time’s search for the enemy is performed with the mental image of detecting maryoku, but perhaps because it’s a forest, there are a countless number of demon, animal, etc. responses. Within those responses, as if almost indistinguishably mixed in, are five human-type maryokus……no, six. I don’t know the cause of my sense of discomfort, but I had finally detected some humans. I put away the water, and rushed out towards the position where the humans are.

Now then, it’s my first encounter with people other than my attendants, but abruptly greeting them with a konnichiwa is a bad move. There’s the possibility that the other party are bad people, not to mention that I am a five-year-old child. There’s an extremely high chance that it’ll turn into something troublesome.
It’s better if I first observe the other party, and reveal myself if they’re people with no issues, personality-wise. According to Search, there are six people in total, but only one is at a position distanced from the others, so I head in that direction. I think it’s harder for an individual to put me on guard then it is for a group.
At worst, if a fight breaks out, then I’ll probably manage if I run away with all my strength. I don’t think they’ll go as far as chasing me in the sky.
I descend at a point slightly separated from the location of the response, and I quietly draw nearer in a way so that I’m not discerned by the other party. A sneaking mission, it reminds me of the past… But this time it’s easy because the trees are being made astir by the strong winds, and so the sounds are lost among that noise.

I ultimately proceeded by creeping flat on the ground, and finally caught sight of the target from a gap in the trees.
I was thinking ‘because they’re in this sort of place, what kind of person is it’, but unexpectedly, it wasn’t someone of the human race but someone of the peoples who exist together with the forest: the race called the ‘Elves’. Moreover, it was a female with long, horizontally pointed ears, and emerald-green shining long hair that flowed down her back. The combination of: emerald coloured pupils dwelling in almond eyes, and a chiseled nose and mouth, is—in one wordunmistakably that of a ‘beauty’. Her womanly balanced proportions are mystical yet overflowing with sex appeal; it was an enthralling woman who I definitely wanted to become acquainted with.
That’s what she’s like, but no matter how you look at it, she wasn’t in a normal state.
Her breathing is abnormally heavy, and she clings to a tree while heavily perspiring, desperately enduring as to not fall down. The mantle she is wearing is in tatters, and the clothes that she is wearing underneath it are completely visible. At the seemingly light chest protector that is probably made out of leather, her navel is exposed and she has a bright green skirt with a slit in it. The hem of the skirt reach her knees; it was probably equipment that placed an emphasis on easy movement. There’s a lot of bare skin; it’s also extremely goo eye candy.
If I look closely, there’s a small wound on her right arm, and even though blood is flowing out from it, there’s no indication that she’s going to treat it. Fumu, it doesn’t appear to be that severe of a wound, but was it dosed with some kind of poison?

“I know that you’re there, come out!”

While I was in the middle of thinking, the elf girl had shouted out to intimidate. It wasn’t targeted at me, but probably at the remaining five people who were pushing their way through the trees without reservation and coming towards her.
As she is scowling in that direction, a glittering object flew out towards her from within the trees, so she repelled it with a knife from her breast pocket. The flying object landed near me, so I collected it without being noticed.
As I feared, it’s a knife, and there’s something smeared on the blade. While I was examining the blade, the responses of five people showed up in front of Elf-san. These ones were all males of the human race, and they were men who truly had the looks of robbers or bandits. From their appearance of wearing high-grade iron breastplates, and—while there are cuts on it—sturdy looking leather armor, it looks like they—in their own way—are competent.
The leader-esque man—standing one step in front—has an eyepatch over his left eye, but the point all of them had in common was that they were all expressing a vulgar smile. I don’t want to become acquainted with these guys. No matter how you look at it, they don’t appear to be elf-san’s comrades; aren’t these current circumstances that of a scene just before a crime? Let’s wait and see for a little longer.

Oo, that’s amazin’. Repelling my knife even after getting hit with that poison?”
Isn’t that natural? Seeing as your knife appeared to be frozen in mid-air.”
“Heh, you can stop putting on a brave front. No matter how you look at it, aren’t you just barely standing up?”
“That’s right, that’s right! Your body is also shaking; if you’re cold, then shall we warm you up? Juuust kidding, haha!”
“No, no, might it unexpectedly be exactly that? Even though she went to so much trouble and escaped us, she deliberately called out to us and waited, y’know?”
“That’s true. It’s the virgins that sell for more, but if that’s what you want, then we’ll keep you company.”

Uun, they were bad people that were so easy to understand; to the extent of being praiseworthy. For your ‘convenient’ delusions to have continued to that extent…you’ll end up impressing me, you know. I’ve found out that they were enemies, so it’d be okay even if I were to rush in, but looking at elf-san’s face, there are signs that she is going to do something.

“Say whatever you want. I called out to you guys right?……”

Elf-san shut her eyes and is concentrating. This is magic……or not? Without even an aria, the sense of discomfort I felt a little while ago is being emitted from elf-san.

“To send them all flying! Wind, mow them down!”

With that proclamation and a wave of her hand, wind was created; the kind that would make one question whether they were directly hit by a windstorm. Even I—currently lying face down—felt like my body was going to float, and fire [String] to a nearby tree to anchor my body.
It’ll probably also send those men flying, or so I thought, but the wind promptly subsides, and subsequently the only effect was stirred up leaves fluttering down.
At the unexpected outcome, elf-san made an agonized expression.

Ku-……my maryouku is…”
S-, scaring us like that… Boss, what happened?”
Ou, that poison doesn’t only paralyze the body, but it also inhibits maryoku convergence. Even though an ordinary man wouldn’t even be able to activate a spell, what a remarkable elf-sama.”
“So it means she’s that much of a high quality good? With her, it seems like we can spend our time enjoying ourselves for a while.”
“Aa, yabee. You rarely get the chance to sleep with one of those scarce elves.”
You idiot! Naturally I’m first. You guys are later, later!”
“Aww, thas already decided, eh? Her price will drop if you damage her, so take care nots to overdo it.”

The men made ugly smiles and are approaching elf-san, but she didn’t remain silent. With a face that had prepared for the worst, she drew her knife near to her own throat.

“If you come any closer, I’ll kill myself. If I’m going to be done by sleazebags like you guys, then I’d rather die.”
“Oi oi, is it alright for you to die? You said it, didn’t you? That you’ll show your parents your healthy face.”
“That was……”

Perhaps having her reasons for having said that, elf-san is agitated and averted her eyes.
At that moment, the male leading figure had swung both of his arms.

“Shi-!? Ku!
Hahaha! No matter how strong you are, it’s over once you show an opening.”

Hou, what you’re doing is the worst, but you’re certainly skilled. It seems like he has the ability to press the opening that elf-san showed for a moment, and the ability to simultaneously throw several knives.
Nevertheless, elf-san also isn’t defeated yet. Regaining her balance, she repels two of the knives, and she twists her body and dodges the remaining four knives, and they lodge into the tree behind her. But one of the knives that she dodged grazed her flank in passing. To have been able to get through—to such a degree—having multiple knives thrown at her simultaneously, her abilities are magnificent.
However, those knives aren’t ordinary ones. As evidence of that, elf-san had collapsed to the ground and it looks like she can’t even get up.

“Taking effect, isn’t it? It’s somewhat slow-acting but its efficacy is exceptional. The poison from some time ago has finished circulating, it seems that you won’t be moving anymore.”
“Hey Boss, what’ll we do if she dies?”
“It’s all right. As strong as it is, it’s made to not kill. But it’s also that much more expensive.”
“Then we must properly recover the cost of it, huh?”
“So that’s how it is. If you like, shall I stab her another two, three times? It’d be troublesome if she struggled.”
“That’s true. Oi, we’ll make you feel good if you behave yourself.”
“You might feel too good and go to heaven, hahaha!”

Iya, I died but it wasn’t heaven.

“Who is i-? Gua!”

A knife pierces the hand of the leading figure, and I rush out in front of elf-san from between the trees. I added several tricks on the way there, and stood in the front of the men, blocking their way.

“Boss! You! Who on earth are y—……an?
“……what? Isn’t it just a brat? Where the heck did he come from?”

They were shaken by my abrupt appearance, but they directed a look of contempt towards me as soon as they established that I was a child. I don’t mind being made light of, but it’d be a problem if I’m ignored and elf-san is targeted. Should I provoke them a little?

“That way, maybe? Ah, by the way, I was the one who threw that, sleazebag-sans.“
“A shitty brat did…how dare you go and do that!”
“A brat is making a fool of us…I’ll fuckin’ kill you! ”
“It’s u-, useless! Please run away, bouya!”

They were already harassing me, so there was no need to go as far as provoking them, was there? Looking behind me, elf-san—who was desperately trying to get up—is shouting in my direction. I understand that those eyes—frantically begging me to run—are genuinely worried for me. Good grief, even though she knows that she’ll be attacked if I ran away…what a good person she is.
Those feelings make me happy, but wait a bit, okay?

“Oooi, faaather! Over here, there are bad people here, so beat them up!”

Wildly waving my hands, I shout towards an area behind the men. By all rights, you wouldn’t think that a child would come to such a forest alone. For the most part, people would be under the impression that a guardian is nearby.
If that child were to shout ‘father is there‘ at a position behind were they themselves are, then it would be natural to watch out for a surprise attack and turn around. And behold, in front of me were men full of openings, standing in a line.
At that moment, I activate [Boost] on nothing but my arm. Just like that, if I throw my hands two times at high speed…

“ “Gyaa!” ”
“ “Ga!” ”

A knife pierced into a foot of each of the men. Of course, these knives were those that the leading figure possessed: poison-coated knives. I had secretly collected them in advance with [String]: the knife that elf-san repelled, and the ones lodged into the tree.

“That was a lie. Oya? You’re facing the other way, what’s the matter? You were full of openings, you know?”
“T-, this brat…!”
“By the way, is it okay to be troubling yourselves over something like me? They were all knives that you guys had carried. Are you going to be ok with the poison and stuff?”
“B-, boss. Medicine, give us the antidote!”
“Shut up, I’m first, then—……Aaa!”

I hook a [String] on the leather bag that the leader figure took out from his breast pocket and collect it…there. Those guys are stunned; I give them a glance before disregarding them and instead verify the contents of the leather bag; there were two glass-like containers. One had a poisonous colour to it, and the other one had ‘antidote’ written on it. It’s just like it’s written, ain’t it?
However, this antidote-looking thing…no matter how you look at it, there’s only one person’s worth of it.

Fuun, there’s only your own share here. Things like your comrades aren’t worth worrying about eh?”
“Wha-!? W-, what’s going on Boss!”
“Y-, you’ve got it wrong! There just wasn’t enough.”
“Oh, I see… if you made use of this, then you could monopolise the pay, right? If you were to just put it into their drinks or something, and after……”
You! Don’t tell me, with those intentions, you……”
“I’m telling you to hold up! The whole thing is the brat’s bullshit.”
“To begin with, there’s something strange with you being the leader!”

Arara, I was going to stir them up a bit more, but they fell into pieces faster than I had anticipated. This kind of occasion is one when their everyday dissatisfactions would erupt. Even though he has skills, it seems like he doesn’t have any charisma.
I distance myself from those guys who are swearing at each other, and walked up to where elf-san is.

“Are you alright?”
Ee……leaving that aside bouya, what exactly are you?”
“We’ll talk about that later. First of all, I’ll examine your wound.”

As one would expect, elf-san has her doubts, but perhaps because she couldn’t move well, she remains how she is. The injury on her flank is all right, but the one on her arm is probably deep: the blood has yet to staunch. I can’t leisurely treat the wound while those guys are around, so for the time being, I wrap the wound with the towel that I had on me and gave her first-aid treatment in advance.

“Oi! That brat is near the elf!”
“That shit, let’s kill the brat first!”

Otto, I guess I was noticed?
While I’m stuffing the medicine I collected from the man into the bag, elf-san’s hand came and touched my cheek.

“You mustn’t take any further dangerous actions. I’ll be okay, so hurry and run away.”
“……I understand.”
“Thank you, you’re a good kid.”

Having such a smiling face pointed at me from a beautiful onee-san…it’s an extraordinary destructive power. While a little bit shaken, I slip my arms underneath her body…….

Jyaa, let’s escape together!”

I activate [Boost] and lifted her up. Naturally, in a princess carry.
The length of my arms are a little short to lift up the body of an adult female, but I forcibly supported her body using [String].

And then, carrying elf-san in my arms, I ran away.


<Author’s Notes>

Elf appears. And then, a five-year-old child who suddenly became stronger.
For those who had hoped for a gradual increase in strength, I’m sorry.
In his case, he originally liked training, so he has fun becoming markedly stronger and before he realizes it……there’s that sort of feeling to it.


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