GunOta 08

Chapter 008  Start of Battle

Lute, age 7.

When they turn 7, the quick kids leave the orphanage and began their apprenticeships as merchant apprentices, apprentice workers, or apprentice maids.

The kids that don’t leave the orphanage earn money by doing simple work in town.
Per the rules, one part of their earned money goes to the orphanage, while the rest goes into their savings.

Those savings are intended to become their starting funds for when they leave the orphanage at 10 years old.
The savings are managed by the person themselves, to speed up the growth of their sense of independence and self-management.

When I turned 7, I also intended to work in town for the orphanage and my future, but I was stopped by Elle-sensei.

I had already contributed lots of money from reversi and other toys.
If on top of that I were to work it’s possible that the other kids will lose motivation, thinking “wouldn’t it be fine if we don’t work and earn money as well”.

Regarding my starting funds for when I leave the orphanage, Elle-sensei had been putting one part of the fees for the rights transfer of reversi and other toys to the orphanage as per the rules, and putting the rest into my savings.

It seems that since I had too much money for a 5 year old, Elle-sensei made an exception and looked after my funds.
When I turned 7, she handed it over to me so I could manage it myself.

At first I declined because I was embarrassed to receive back what I’d given away, but sensei forced it onto me, saying “because it’s the rules”.

If you ask what I really think, it’s actually a godsend.
Recently, I had been wanting to have a box for storing cartridges and also a gun belt.

I bowed my head, said my thanks, and gratefully received the money.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


In this reincarnation world, there are about 360 days in 1 year, 30 days in a month.
12 months make 1 year. There are plusses or minuses depending on year, but that’s basically it.
Furthermore, in the Fairy Human Continent I live in, there are four seasons cycling spring, summer, fall, and winter.
There are some points of difference but I don’t handle heat well, so I’m thankful that it didn’t have a tropical climate.


The hot summer had passed, it’s the beginning of fall.
My schedule recently is: throughout the mornings helping with Elle-sensei’s lessons as usual, and in the afternoon practicing with the revolver and making ammunition.

Snow has talent in magic so in the mornings she works part-time, and in the afternoon she joins magician’s basic training.


On my way to the test firing range through the backyard, she waved at me with a smiling face.
The happiest thing that happened to me since I reincarnated is that I got such a cute childhood friend.

Snow unpleasantly stared at the revolver hanging from the gun belt wrapped around my waist

“Lute-kun is going to experiment on magic devices again today?”
“Experiments are mostly finished back in summer. Now it’s mostly practice”

After the misfire incident, she seemed to want me to stop with the magic device development.
She seems to want me to stop doing dangerous things.
But ever since that misfire incident I had been taking proper safety measures so there was never any problem again.
Yet Snow doesn’t agree and cutely pouted her lips.

I halfheartedly evaded her remarks.

“If you like, I can let you touch it. If you try shooting it you will definitely appreciate this magic device’s awesomeness.”
“It’s fine. I don’t want to touch such a dangerous toy. Lute-kun also, stop carelessly making strange toys”
“It’s okay already, that blunder won’t happen again. I’ve made it nice and safe, see.”

Snow put her hands on her hips and heaved a long sigh.

“Anyway, be careful okay. I’m fine since I have sensei next to me, but Lute-kun doesn’t. Don’t do anything reckless.”
“Yeah yeah, I get it. Well then, Snow too, do your best in class”

When she turned 7, Snow started calling herself “me” when others are around.
But when it’s just the two of us, she went back to calling herself by name. …… but it’s cute so it’s fine.

Then Elle-sensei showed up. Looks like it’s time.

“Well then everyone, let’s begin magician’s basic lessons”
“See you later, Lute-kun. Take care.”
“See you later.”

My cute childhood friend saw me off.

Putting on a lustful look, I headed off to the test firing range alone.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


I walked from the orphanage backyard for 10 minutes and reached the riverside.

On the opposite side of the river there was the entrance to the forests.
Basically, children aren’t allowed to enter the forests alone.
Because monsters will come out.

Monsters like to eat children’s soft meat and internal organs.
But they rarely come outside the forests.
Around here there are almost no fierce monsters that come out of the forests and attack people.

I walked along the river without crossing over it.
Continuing 100 meters, I was at the test firing range.

On the side opposite the river.
I faced the steep cliffs about 30 meters in front and practiced my firing.
The ground is soft, to the extent that if you put your feet on the cliffs, dry earth will come crumbling down, so there’s no danger from ricocheting bullets.

As target, I drew human shapes using a stick of wood I found.
Even if it’s destroyed by rain or wind I can just draw it again.
When the water is not high, the river is not so deep, If I strengthened my body using body strengthening arts and picked a shallow spot, I can quickly go to the opposite side and back.
I don’t need to make sandbags thanks to the cliffs, with that I saved some labor.

I put my luggage in a corner.

I took out my “S&W M10” revolver from my custom-made gun belt wrapped around my waist.
As a safety measure, it was not loaded with any cartridges.

I reached out to a metal case I put in the corner.
This case is also made from the magic liquid metal.

The inside of the case was tightly packed with wooden boxes.
Opening the lid, there are 36 rounds of .38 Special9×29.5mmR bullets with the primers underneath, laid down in a grid of 6×6.

I took 6 rounds from a box and quickly loaded the M10’s cylinder.out 6 bullets from a box, and quickly put them inside the cylinder.
I took out another 12 and put them in my left pocket.

I held the revolver and pointed the muzzle at a human-shaped target 30 meters away.
Thumbing back the hammerRaising the hammer, I took a stand up shooting pose, aimed at the head, and shot just one bullet.


As I thought, the recoil jump of the smokeless gunpowder reproduced by magic power is fit for a 7 year old’s body.

I took out magic power, faintly covered the necessary parts for the firing—legs, hands, shoulders, back, and used the help of body strengthening arts.


I fired again and again, manually re-cocking the hammerraising the hammer after each shot.

I spent all the bullets remaining in the cylinder shooting at the target’s head.
There was hardly any shock compared to before.
Also thanks to the body strengthening, I could suppress the recoil, and increase my accuracy.

I pushed out the empty cartridges out of the cylinder with the ejector rod, and quickly loaded the next set of bullets.

The aim is once again the target’s head.
Next, without cocking the hammer for each shotraising the hammer separately each time, I pulled the trigger.
Sounds of firing was heard in succession.

Of course, compared to the first time around, the shot grouping was worsethe bullets were more scattered.

Once again, I quickly loaded the bullets.
Thanks to repeatedly practicing body strengthening arts, I became able to quickly reload the bullets.

I released body strengthening arts for a moment.

The next practice item was quick draw.

I returned the revolver to the gun belt, eased up my body and returned to a natural stance.


I instantly applied body strengthening while exhaling at the same time! This time I also poured magic power into my eyes.

My eyesight, reflex speed, and kinetic vision was strengthened.

I aimed at the human shape’s head on the cliffside and fired.
Aiming true, the bullet pierced as if it were sucked in.

I released my body strengthening.
I returned the revolver to the gun belt.

Again, I continued practicing my quick draw until the bullets in the cylinder ran out.

Now that the bullets I brought had run out, I made ammunition.

I gathered the fallen empty cartridges.
Holding the empty cartridges, I soaked them in the magic liquid metal I brought.

The parts that compose the cartridge—size is 9×29.5mmR. I put magic inside the case part.
Magic power for the powder was released with the image of detonating, burning, exploding smokeless gunpowder, then it was compressed and solidified.

In addition, I made a bullet core as the cap.
As for the metal properties, I imagined lead.
I covered the faux-lead with a thin jacket.
I put in a primer at the bottom part with magic power to induce a small explosion, and finally I covered everything and the bullet is finished.

If the magic liquid metal runs out, there is still the remaining payment for reversi and other toys, so I can ask Malton the merchant to send me some more.
But because it is a rare item, I should scrimp and save where I could.
This is why I’m reusing the spent cartridges.

Making ammunition like this is surprisingly laborious and requires sensitivity.

If I do not build the image clearly, it would not make good cartridges.
The amount of magic power needed is not much but I can’t put too much or too little.
If I don’t picture the combustion image perfectly it won’t have satisfactory power.

Troublesome as it is, but if I don’t make it now, I can’t make it at night in the orphanage later.

I certainly can’t make cartridges around small kids.
If the worst case happens, it would be too late.

After finished making the last round, I ended by tidying up.

I soaked a towel in water, wrung it out, then wiped my sweat with it.
As I wiped my sweat clean from start to finish, I went on my way back, holding down my hungry stomach, while bathed in the light of the setting sun.

“Should I soon try using it in actual combat instead of just targets? I wanted to confirm how much power and effectiveness it has.”

In order to do that it is necessary to ask Elle-sensei for permission to go inside the forest.
Because there are monsters in the forest.
They are suitable opponents for experiments.

However, I’m spinning my head over how to get sensei’s permission.
Because of the misfire incident, Elle-sensei didn’t really think kindly of my magic device development.

But combat practice dropped in in an unexpected form.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


A few days later—in the afternoon, close to nighttime.

As usual after revolver practice by the river, I finished making cartridges.

After making sure that there are no cartridges left inside the cylinder as a safety measure, I returned the gun to the gun belt.

I inserted the filled up wooden box into the metal ammo case snugly, and reached for the lid.


I look back to greet snow who came smilingly while waving her hands and going the river up.
I Think she came to inform me that dinner is done.

During that time the children of the town were playing in the riverbed behind Snow.

I also waved back.
I will finish tidying up before she arrives.


My hands that were tidying up were stopped by multiple screams.

I looked confused back to the children playing 100m upstream, screamed turned my back to the forest and started running.

Goblins are pouring out like an avalanche from the entrance of the forest.
15 of them.

They looked like hairless chimpanzees with big heads, wearing rags, and had faces 10 times more evil.
They are holding bows and arrows, axes, swords,spears, knives, shields in their hands.
Though they are 3 heads tall they are unexpectedly fast.

3 of them have already set foot in the river.

Monsters favorite food are childrens soft  flesh. I think the excitement makes the speed of the goblins faster.
At this rate several children will be caught by them and will be victims before arriving at the orphanage.


I immediately support myself with the body strengthening technique.

I throw the lid of the wooden box up and load the cylinder with six shots.
I pour the rest in my pockets.

Preparations are finished and i strengthen my legs and start running.

A 3 or 4 year old girl falls down while escaping and hit her head.
The whole strength left her body in an instant.
Damn it, it seems she fainted.

Snow ran to the child and hid her behind her back.
It is possible for Snow to carry the fainted girl with the body strengthening technique and escape.
But, the goblins will catch up before the kids are starting to run.

She shielded the child with her hands, not budging an inch against the flood of goblins.

“Dance in my hands, sword of ice! Ice Sword!”

Together with her incantation two 1m long ice swords are born in each hand and fired.

Aiming true, the sword pierced two goblins in front of her. But just when she thrusted her sword, one goblin fired an arrow so as to not get hit by the Ice Sword.

A small chance after the incantation.

The arrow flies straight to her chest.

It will hit the child behind her if she evades.
There is still no technique to expand the resistance technique by reflex.

Through my strengthened vision i saw Snows despaired face.

For a moment it overlapped with the expression of my friend in my previous existence.
I shake that dark feeling off in order to shout.


Sink or swim, I held the revolver.
Shooting position.

Distance 15m.

I aim at the flying arrow.

I strengthen my kinetic vision, I practiced until now, the distance is shorter than usual— i will do it, i persuaded myself with it.

I predict the future position of the arrow and held my breath to restrain the shaking.
I raised the hammer, put my finger on the trigger, and quietly pressed.


A firing sound what is unfamiliar in this different world.

I made no mistake in the bullets aim and break the arrow.


The acrobatic shooting that i’m not able to do again was successful and i raised involuntary a shout.
It goes without saying that was good luck.

The goblins legs stop at the appearance of my firing sound and are staying vigilant.
In the meantime, i strengthen my legs again to catch up to Snow and hide her behind my back.

“Lu, Lute-kun, t, tha—”
“Never mind the thanks, Snow you hold her close and absolutely don’t move from here!”
“O, okay!”

A wild animal will instinctively pursue the prey which turns on’s back and tries to escape.
I want to avoid exciting the goblins a second time and assaulted by the goblins again.

I stop the conversation and point the muzzle at the goblins which legs had stopped.

I aim at the nearest goblin and fired.

Although it is a demon it is a living thing — But ,in order to protect Snow and the other girl I don’t waver and pull the trigger.

The bullet pierces the head of the goblin.
The blood sprays not showy like in a movie or drama.
It only falls down like the threads of a doll were cut.

I cannot defeat the goblins with one shoot when i don’t fire at the head with the power of the present revolver.

I slaughtered four goblins with the remaining bullets.

8 remained.

Regarding the goblins, it means that in an instant 5 of their comrades were killed.
Frenzied, they kicked up a splash and attacked once again.


A roar with killing intent strikes my skin.

I frantically stopped my shaking body and moved my hands in a daze.
I ejected the empty cartridges from the cylinder using the ejector rod and quickly loaded the next set of bullets.
In order of priority, I aimed at the nearer goblins and the goblins with bows and arrows capable of long range attack.

First, I fired at the nearest goblin, who was holding a worn-out sword and a wooden shield.

The goblin promptly hid behind its shield, but it was no use.

Against a force that could pierce through car doors, a wooden shield is no obstacle.

The bullet easily pierced the shield, and shot the goblin in the head.

Their comrade defeated, the goblins instantly stopped moving. Capturing that scene, I pointed the muzzle at the next target.


I took a small breath.

Next is the one aiming our way with a bow and arrow.

Thanks to my strengthened kinetic vision, the goblin’s movement looked like it was in slow motion.
But my own heart was beating quickly like mayflies buzzing in my ear.

Exhaling my breath and calming myself down, I fired the gun as practiced.

Before the goblin could shoot an arrow, I shot it between the eyebrows, it fell face-first into the water.

Like a precision machine, I proceeded to empty all my rounds on the goblins’ heads.

I shot all 6 rounds.
2 goblins remaining.

Becoming aware of their own numerical inferiority, the two turned their backs and scurried back into the forest.

I reloaded the cylinder with cartridges, just in case.

Only 2 rounds remain in my left pocket.

If there had been more than 8 goblins coming……

Examining the situation for a while, there are no signs of them returning with reinforcements.

I released my body strengthening arts, and heaved a deep sigh.

Though it should have been only 3 minutes since the battle started, my forehead was already covered in beads of sweat.
I felt tired, and not only because I used up more than half my magic power.
There was also mental fatigue from experiencing my first battle.

I lowered the hammer, and turned around to check up on the state of Snow, who I had been covering for.

“Snow, are you injured? Does it hurt anywhere!”
“Lute-kun I’m scared! Lute-kun……!”

Snow clung to me while calling my name.

Because our heights are not that different, her head was buried on the back of my neck, it felt ticklish.

Despite being named Snow, her body was entirely soaked in warmth.

Seeing her safe, I felt more relieved than I’d imagine.

I lovingly caressed Snow’s head over and over again.

“Snow is admirable. Even when you’re scared, you stayed behind so everyone can get away…… you’re really great.”

In a life-threatening situation, she was able to do what I couldn’t do, and at 7 years old, at that.

I praised Snow from the bottom of my heart.
But while buried in my chest she shook her head, and holding back her tears she clearly said to me.

“Lute-kun too, thank you, you protected Snow and the kids. Thanks……”

Snow’s words of gratitude.


No matter how much I help her out, it doesn’t change what I did in my previous life, that sin will not disappear.
But hearing those words…… I felt the weight in the bottom of my heart lighten just a little bit.

“Me too…… thank you Snow.”

I embraced Snow tightly.
She’s warm.
She’s alive.
Having those feelings, she grasped my fingers. Her tears fell down my cheeks.


Afterwards, the kids that fled earlier sought Elle-sensei’s help, and she rushed over.

Until then, Snow and I kept on hugging, as if confirming each other’s warmth.



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  1. I still can’t get over this guy shooting without earpro. Hearing damage is both cumulative and permanent; always, always wear hearing protection, even for “earsafe” loadings/configurations if you really want to protect it.


    • You’re absolutely correct, but the pragmatist in me just wants to think “Eh, fuck it, magical healing can cure tinnitus or deafness in a second.”

      I think the fact that the author is Japanese and has therefore likely never even fired a firearm before, he has no idea how loud it truly is. I don’t even forgo ear pro when firing .22LRs, nor with suppressed handguns (even with subsonic ammo and running a can wet, it’s still a little uncomfortable depending on the caliber and the amount of rounds you fire). General rule is ear ringing after noise = some form of hearing damage (not always true, but it’s not a good indicator).

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