GunOta 30

Chapter 030 – Birthday Planning

“Well then, Ojou-sama. Shall we go out?”


I called out to the Ojou-sama clinging onto my left arm.

While trembling like a small animal in her outdoor outfit, she nodded nervously.

Because of bullying, Chrisse-ojou-sama became a hikikomori.

Afraid of the outside, for approximately 2 years, she never left her room.

However today at last, little by little, she’s trying to go outside her room.

[If it is with Lute-oniichan, I think I will be able to get out of my room] is what Ojou-sama had said.

Grasping my hand tightly like Ojou-sama declared, getting out of the room together with me, we walked slowly down the corridor.

Our destination is the courtyard.

The place where I usually train at.

In the courtyard; Master, Madam, Gigi-san, and the maid Mercè-san, were waiting.

Noticing us, Master and Madam nonchalantly called out to us.

“Welcome. Today’s snack is biscuits. We have seconds, so eat to your heart’s content.”

“Hahahahaha! If you don’t exercise after you eat, you’ll become fat!”

“Dear, even if she is your daughter, telling a girl that she’ll grow fat is bad. Besides, Chrisse is too thin, I’d rather she have some meat on her.”

Master had already shed his coat, warming up his body with something like shadow boxing.

Madam is sitting under the parasol while drinking the scented tea that Mercè-san had made.

Today’s teacakes are biscuits

Malcolm-san’s handmade custard cream is put inside a small jar.

It seems like, they like to spread the custard cream on their biscuits before eating it.

The teacakes look like they would give you heartburn.

Gigi-san seized his eyes with a hand, casting his head down.

Even though her parents’ and Mercè-san’s attitudes were no different than usual, the sight of them being moved by their only daughter coming out of her room was a scary one to see.

As I set Ojou-sama down on a separate seat from Madam, she slowly let go of my hand.

“Well then, I’ll be letting you go now Ojou-sama. Everyone who is watching, your cooperation will be much appreciated.”

[I’ll do my best. Please take care of yourself too, Lute-oniichan.]

“Thank you very much.”

While turning my shoulder, I stood before Master.

Like usual (today as well), I have combat training in the afternoon.

I somehow cleared the challenge of lasting 20 seconds against Master in a mock battle.

The next task from Gigi-san is to “even if it’s a little to injure master or to push him back”, it’s something like this…

In short it is from complete defence training to defence including attack training.

However, this is harder than I thought.

First, even if I get a hit on Master it won’t even leave a millimeter sized scratch on his skin, and even if I try to attack him he will just dodge me with his footwork.

and no matter how I attack him, it doesn’t daunt him at all, let alone make him stumble.

Ojou-sama also felt that there was a limit to observing and looking for weaknesses through a window from a distance, so the the reason for her going down to the courtyard was to see the mock battle better.

Gigi-san intended to use the strategy: to recover ojou-sama’s confidence by clearing different objectives for a single purpose.

Till now it had great results, finally, after 2 years, ojou-sama was able to go outside.

However, it’s not over yet.

For the plan to succeed, and for Ojou-sama’s determination, today I will leave a wound or force Master to stumble a step.


I slap my cheeks with a yell to bring up my spirit.

“Hahahahahhahahaha! Today’s Lute has more fighting spirits than before!”

“Of course!” Today I will show you that I can follow your footwork!”

“Umu! Try as much as you want! If it’s the truth, I myself must do my best! Hahahahahahaha!”

You won’t be able to take on that composed attitude for much longer.

Together with Ojou-sama, I came up with a secret plan last night.

I turn my gaze towards ojou-sama who was sitting on a chair.


We nodded to each other in affirmation.

“W, Well then, let’s carry out the mock battle between Master and Lute.”

Gigi-san places his eyes on ojou-sama, then turns back to madam and raises his arm.

…… no more, recover from being deeply moved, already.

“Dear, please don’t be too fired up.”

[Lute-oniichan, give your best!]

There were cheers from the girls’ camp.

While holding his eyes Gigi-san swings down his arm.

That’s why, I wish he would stop crying already. With a scary face isn’t he crying a bit too much.


As the signal was raised, I raised the abilities of my eyes and feet with body strengthening arts.

I leap to the left side.

However, Master matched up with me just like a mirror—But this is all going just as planned!

I believed in the fact that Master would definitely adhere to his super reaction-time, as soon as my feet hit the ground — I leapt to the right.

Master’s center of gravity fell forward to throw a right-handed strike; but he was one beat too late for me who had immediately moved to dodge.

In that short instant, I went around and cut in from the right side.


With his left hand, Master throws a backhand chop.

I crouch to avoid it.

I go lower and lower to the ground in order to go around to his back.

Master couldn’t hold it in and turned around without considering his defence.

Like planned―― my opponent has confident in his toughness. So his consideration to defence is low.

I will take that as my advantage!

As discussed in advance concentrate my magic in both legs.

At the same time as master turns around, I jump with my whole body at him with my right fist clenched so hard it hurt.

It’s my only chance.


In ojou-sama’s past meeting I was to grasp master chin with my right fist!

Of course I collected magic in my right hand and a small resistance formation was formed to protect my fist.

Because master is tall he can’t look back to find me who has lowered himself and find me immediately. Furthermore because his wariness was weakened I was able to hit his chin with my fist.

Since master has a head too, if I punch his chin his brain will sway and he will go down.

That is inevitable for living things.

The problem is―― that master may be tougher than imagined.


My fist struck a blow as clean as could be. In spite of that, there was no effect other than a few blood vessels on Master’s neck tensing. His chin didn’t even budge a millimetre.



Master swings his arm like to dust off a small insect in a flash.

I blew away to the opposite side of where Madam and Ojou-sama sat; crashed into a wall – destroying it, and finally stopped.

Of course, my consciousness left me then.

Today too, I have suffered a crushing defeat by master.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

”Master is too strong, it’s impossible to accomplish this special training? I came to think that recently.”

[I have the same opinion. Though it’s my father it’s far too abnormal.]

The reflection on today is done during the afternoon tea party.

Lately Ojou-sama wishes that I only serve as a waiter.

As one would expect, Merce-san dresses her in the mornings.

“Ojou-sama looked from close up  and noticed something?”

[Yes, a little. The first thing I gathered, is that father’s offense is unusually weak.]


The words on the mini blackboard are erased and written anew.

[Because there is a height difference to Lute-oniichan, he needed to stoop in his attack. At that time you should force yourself as much as possible. His center of gravity slants ahead too much. If you strike at that moment ――]

Indeed, if I were to attack with a shoulder throw at that moment, striking the ground may be able to at least disrupt his breathing.


Ojou-sama and I both fell silent and imagined it.

Dammit. No matter what, I can’t envision a scenario where it happens.

Ojou-sama seems to have the same thought and we give each other a bitter smile.

Our side’s attacks have no effect. Yet, the opponent holds enough power that a single strike leaves us helpless. This puzzle is getting tougher by the minute — even a stalemate would be good.

“If I had an AK47 or something of the sort, I think I could put a scratch on him if I shoot all bullets at point blank at him.”


Dammit my thoughts slipt out.

Ojou-sama tilted her head lovely and showed me her mini blackboard.

When I think about it a little, there is no particular problem to speaking about it.

“An AK-47 is a magic tool that shoots little pieces of metal a long distance using explosion magic against opponents to kill and wound them.”

[It’s the first time I hear of such a magic tool. It’s a quite interesting magic tool. I want to see one sometime.]

“Does ojou-sama have an interest in magic tools?”

Ojou-sama looked down uncomfortably.

[Given that I don’t have talent as a magician, there was a time when I studied various things in order to get a job that was related to magic, even if just a little bit…]

Therefore her interest surged when she heard about the AK-47 which is a type of magic tool she’s never heard of, and she informed me as such with tiny characters at the end.

The atmosphere in the room darkens.

Just then Ojou-sama drank the last of her scented tea.

“…..Barnie-sama and Muir-sama will come tomorrow. This shall be it for this meeting, it would be better to get to sleep already.”

[That’s right. I have important things to tell them tomorrow, so I’ll go to sleep now.]

The atmosphere around Ojou-sama brightens and smile is on her face as she showed her mini-blackboard.

I have to exchange words in a tone as bright as possible with her.

I help prepare Ojou-sama to sleep

She goes into the bed and extinguishes the lamp.

“Then, good night, Ojou-sama.”

The room goes dark and I can’t see the mini-blackboard anymore.

Instead Ojou-sama waves with her small hand.

I bow with a smile on my face and leave her room behind.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

On the next day, a tea party was held in Ojou-sama’s room.

In the room her two childhood friends, Barnie Bloomfield of the three eyed race and Muir Head of the Lamia race, were sitting

Besides me there was also Merce-san, in charge of serving.

On todays meeting the Centaur Karen Bishop wasn’t at the gathering, but that doesn’t particularly mean that the friend was left out.

The Lamia Muir puts her cup of scented tea down and begins talking.

“Well then, we better get started preparing Karen’s birthday party.”

The demon race has the custom to celebrate one’s birthday until 15, like in Japan in my previous life

So today’s gathering was to arrange for Karen’s surprise birthday party.

Hence, except for her those two gathered at ojou-sama’s room.

The three-eyed Barnie counts on her fingers.

“So we’ll be deciding the birthday presents, the venue for the party, the food, and the decorations, right?”

“Well, I think that’s probably it. I wanted to use this room for the venue, is it alright?”

Muir asked that question to Chrisse-ojousama and she shows the mini blackboard powerfully.

[Then let’s use our house’s banquet hall. My side can do all the preparations for the food and the decorations]

“B, But the banquet hall is….”

Three-eyed Barnie’s expression became gloomy.

Ojou-sama had a slight wry smile while apologizing.

[I’m sorry to worry you for so long. I’ve come to be able to go out of the room so I’ll be alright]

“I, Is that so! What a relief! That’s great Chrisse-chan!”

Ojou-sama and Bunny, who seem to be on the same wavelength, clasped their hands together in joy

On the other hand, the mature Muir looks at me while flickering her red tongue.

She smiled as if having understood something.

“I see … as I expected there’s only one reason for a girl to change.”

I understand the meaning of those words somehow, but it is entirely wrong.

That’s an extreme misunderstanding.

For Ojou-sama’s honor too I want to clear this misunderstanding, but it’s not the place for a servant to speak out as they please without permission

Muir put on a coy smile as if to say “I can see everything”.

I said it’s a misunderstanding already!

“Well then, I’ll take up Chrisse-san’s offer to use her house’s banquet hall, my side will be preparing the food. I don’t feel it’s right to impose everything on you.”

“Yup yup! If there’s anything the two of us can bring from our homes let’s bring it out quickly!”

[Then let’s bring together stuff from our three houses. That way everything can be finished with only a third of the work]

Ojousama took everyone’s opinion into account and thought up a plan

The other 2 people raised their voice in approval immediately.

“Now then, the presents. Let’s give an outline of what we’ll probably be getting her so we don’t accidentally give her the same thing on the day. Anyway, I’ve prepared some cute clothes that would suit Karen”

“Mou Muir-chan is a meany. Karen-chan’s face will be absolutely flustered. She will say “Such frilly clothes will not look good on me! Are you bullying me!” like that.”

[She’ll definitely say that]

Ojousama wryly smiled at Barnie’s imitation of Karen

“I intend to get a saving box. And you Chrisse-chan?”

[I haven’t decided yet…]

“Her birthday is next week so there is still time left, so take your time and decide on a good one.”

“That’s right, you don’t need to worry about getting the same present so long as you look for something other than clothes or a money box”

The lamia Muir gives me a fleeting wink.

“If you can go out of your room now, how about going out to the town to search for a  birthday present? I think you find something better by going around and see various things than to think alone in a room.”

[In town?]

She had only left her room once

I think going to town so soon would be overdoing it

But ojou-sama clenches her fist with a “gyu”.

[That’s right. For Karen-chan’s sake I will try going out to town and look for one]

“Uh-huh, that would be good”

“Hang in there Chrisse-chan”

Encouraged by 2 people, ojou-sama becomes determined.

If Gigi-san gets to know that Ojou-sama is leaving to go shopping in the town, he will at least hold his face for 3 hours.

While I was thinking that, ojousama looks at me with an upward glance.

Nervous and embarrassed, she held out her mini blackboard

[That being the case I want Lute-oniisan to accompany me to town… is that OK?]

“Of course, ojousama. If it’s alright with you please let me carry the packages.”

Seeing our exchange, Barnie was in pure delight seeing her friend’s recovery. Muir, on the other hand, looked at me suggestively

“I said what you’re thinking is not happening already!”, I replied with my gaze

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


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