GunOta 15

Chapter 15 Adventurers’ Guild

Lute, age 10

Equipment : S&W M10 (Revolver)

: AK-47 (Assault Rifle)


2 months after I left the Hod orphanage in the Algio region.
I arrived at the maritime town Grey, where Elle-sensei’s younger sister Alle-san lives.
This town’s main business is in maritime trade, and is incomparably larger than the town where the orphanage was.
Smack in the middle of town there is the elite residential area, the center of which is the place where the nobles that rule the city live, in the east is the harbor, south is the shops, north is the commoners’ residential area, and west is where the things related to adventurers are.

I arrived in town in the evening, I also had lots of luggage.
Looking for Alle-san in this state is certainly troublesome.
I rented a room for 5 copper coins at an inn at the adventurers’ quarter in the west of town.
When I get up tomorrow, I’ll go to Alle-san’s place.

The room I rented was a simple room, it had louver windows, a lock on the door, a bed, a desk, and a chair. It was something like a business hotel in my previous life.
There are cheaper inns, but because I had magic liquid metal (pricey stuff), I chose a place where I can tightly secure the doors.

After I finished eating at the bar next to the inn, I quickly returned to the room to sleep.
I put the self-defense revolver underneath the pillow and lied down.

“……………..As I thought, underneath the pillow is no good.”

I was a coward by nature so I thought uselessly―what if it accidentally fires. Even though I was tired there were no signs of me falling asleep.
I gave up and took the revolver from underneath the pillow and laid it down on the table.
Thanks to that I was able to fall asleep.
In the end, I slept until almost noon the next day because of fatigue from the journey.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


“Alle? Ah, that good-for-nothing beast girl? She used to live in this place. If it’s her, she was sold as a slave as collateral. Because her destination is the demon continent, she’s not going to come back alive.”

I asked about Alle-san at the address written in Sensei’s letter.
The place is actually a back alley.
Maybe because the sun doesn’t quite reach it, the place felt seriously wet. If wet laundry is left here for a week it’ll sprout mushrooms.

At the roadside there is a drunk waving a beer bottle, a hobo muttering something while leaning on the wall. I can hear a man and woman’s angry shouting voices, continued by the sound of something falling violently. Then there’s a group looking like the mafia from my previous world suspiciously looking my way. ……. Right now I feel like I’m about to get kidnapped.

Back alleys,slum quarters, brothels――there was this smell of the underworld atmosphere here.

As I found the targeted building I knocked on the door, a sexy human woman turned up who seemed to be sleepy as if she had finished a night shift.
She weared a negligee and on top of that something like a thin cardigan.
Because it is Elle-senseis little sister shouldn’t she be from the beast tribe? When I harboured that question and asked, the previous answer came back.

“She’s famous around these parts. A problem child who goes drinking, gambling, and shopping usually, also causing trouble by getting into debts with her adventurer buddies. She gets into fights quickly, tough against the weak, and weak against the tough. Seriously, she was awful.”
“Alle-san is such a girl, right? I understand drinking and gambling, but shopping…..”
“She likes girls you know. There’s this one case where she played nice senpai to this new adventurer girl, got close to her, and when they’re in the middle of a quest she attacked her, then bragged about it in a bar.”

Being a girl and yet liking girls is…….

“She can’t borrow money from an adventurer so she got caught up in dangerous business. After all that gambling she went bankrupt. Being unable to pay back, she was transported to the demon continent as a slave. But that fellow claimed “I have a sister who manages an orphanage! If I borrow the money from graduated children who send a large amount to the orphanage that debt will be immediately returned. Because if its my sister she will absolutely pay!”.

Demon Continent—the continent where it’s said that the Demon King who hadn’t been defeated, even by the heroes of the 5 races, lives. Perhaps because of the influence of the Demon King, the quantity and quality of monsters there are much higher than the other continents.
It’s common knowledge in this world that if you go to the Demon Continent you won’t return alive.

Then, more importantly, the topic of Elle-sensei’s existence had come up in conversation.

“Eee, borrowing money from big sister, Alle-san said something like that…!?”
“Everybody knows the story about her sister spending everything she had to run an orphanage. She talks about her a lot when drunk. But of course, even those guys won’t collect money from that godlike sister, in fact, they thought this trash shouldn’t get close to her or her kids, so they made her a slave and sent her to the Demon Continent.”

Even those guys call Sensei’s little sister trash…… well, she’s certainly trash if you believe the stories.

“There are people in this world that should not be allowed to live, that are better off dead. I don’t know why you’d want to see her, but you should be glad you didn’t.”
“You’re right, I was lucky….”

I came here because of Elle-sensei’s introduction, but I was glad I didn’t really become her apprentice.
If I did, I would’ve been squeezed dry with no future in sight.

“You’re one of the kids from her big sister’s orphanage, right? If you are, then don’t tell her any of this, okay. Even if she’s trash, she’s still her family. Don’t even let her know she went to the Demon continent. The world has lots of things you’re better off not knowing, anyway.”
“Of course. In fact, I’m going to write her a letter and say that her sister went on a journey far far away.”
“Big sis likes kids who catch on quick.”

The woman smiled wryly and ruffled my hair.
Needless to say, I enjoyed the sight of her breasts swaying underneath her négligée.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


“Well then, what should I do……the plans have been greatly derailed.”

I went back to the main street, folding my arms.

There was only the trading district in the main street and there were lots of fairies, beastmen, and humans. I could also see some from the dragon and demon races, though their numbers are overwhelmingly few (They had horns on their heads and bat wings so I thought they were demons).

Moreover the stalls and market were teeming with people.
The sight of kids holding pocket money, standing in line at the sweets stalls were charming.

“I should have become Elle-sensei’s sister’s adventurer apprentice, but what to do……”

I had three choices.
1. Chase after Snow, and become an adventurer at the town next to the magic school.
2. Go back to the orphanage.
3. Begin my adventuring in this town.

Option 1 is ideal.
As I thought, I want to be with the one I love.
I did tell Snow I’ll go see her once she’s graduated, but it could be fate that things became like this, and there’s also no use staying here with no one to rely on.

But it’s tough on my mental state to set off again when I’ve only just arrived.
Compared to cars, trains, or airplanes, travelling in horse carts is really tiresome.

“For now I’ll pick 3 I think. I’ll try becoming an adventurer here, I’ll go over to Snow when I feel like it.”

Luckily I had plenty of cash thanks to Reversi.
If I’m thrifty I had enough to live for a few years.

Having decided that, I immediately went to the Adventurers’ Guild.
Right now I’m in the district where adventurers gather.
If I walk a bit, I can see the Adventurer’s Guild building.

The Adventurers’ Guild building is a 3-story wooden building.
It is about the size of a gymnasium, and adventurer-looking people keep on going in and out of it.

There were mainly Humans, Fairies (Elves or Dwarves), and Beastmen. Dragon and Demon races were few and far in between.

Because this is a world where the Swords and Firearms Control law obviously doesn’t exist, Beastmen with large swords hanging on their backs, Dwarves holding long spears, Magicians clad in robes, and full-armored human-seeming people were intently looking at the notices put up on a bulletin board.

I pushed through the crowd and went inside.

There was a counter, like in a bank or city hall, marked off at regular intervals.
In the space between the marks, there are receptionists talking to adventurers.

“Welcome. What business do you have today?”

As I was restlessly looking around like a country bumpkin, a woman, wearing tribal outfit, a triangle bandana on her head, and a white apron wrapped around her waist, called out to me.

All the girls working as staff for the Adventurers’ Guild were wearing the same costume.
Seems like she’s an information clerk.

“I’d like to apply to be an adventurer.”
“Then please fill in this blank form. Pardon me, but do you need help with reading or writing?”
“I’ll be fine. I can read and write.”
“Well then, when the number on this token is called, please go over to the counter.”

The wooden token was branded with the number “33”.

The desks she showed to me was, simply put, six sets of two put face to face like in a bank or post office―for a total of 12 desks placed with equal spacing.

For the sheet of paper, a quill and a inkwell were handed over to be used to fill in the necessary information.

Name, age, birthplace, race, religious faith, rank in case you are a magician, previous job, normally used weapons, used language, used letters, and so on.

The Adventurers’ Guild is not involved in any death, accidents or illness, furthermore there is a requirement to pay 1 silver coin as adventurer registration fee.

I read it all without problems and wrote a ○

It took about 10 minutes to fill it all in.

Just then I was called.

“Waiting Guest number 33, this way please.”

The receptionist calls me.

The receptionist seems to be from the demon race, with horns resembling sheep horns on her head and a pair of bat-like wings on her back.

She is in her early 20. If it is compared to the former world, she looked like she would have graduated junior college and would be an employed office lady.
The adventurers guild uniform suited her.

I rushed with the paper in the hand in a quick pace over.
The paper and the wooden plate with the 33 were shown to the counter and placed there.

“Please treat me well.”
“Please leave it to us. Lute-kun is it? Are there any questions for today’s adventurer registration?”
“Firstly, though there are no age limits for membership in the Adventurers’ Guild, illness, injury, death, and any trouble encountered are the sole responsibility of the adventurers’ themselves, are you sure you still want to register as an adventurer?”

Although there is no age limit for registering as an adventurer I would say I’m too young.

If I look around there is no child around my age.
Those I’m nearest in age to are 15 years old.

“It’s alright. No problems. So please continue with the procedure.”
“Ok. Then the registration fee will be 1 silver coin.”

I fetch 1 silver coin from the leatherback, and place it on the wood saucer.

“Well then let me explain what it means becoming an adventurer. Adventurers are ――”

The receptionist begins the explanations.

To summarize… adventurers are jacks of all trades.

Then, there are different fields of expertise, depending on the adventurer.

Those who specialize in monster extermination —Monster Hunters
Those who specialize in ruins and dungeons —Treasure Hunters
Those who specialize in guard duty —Guardians
Those who specialize in fighting against magicians —Magician Killers
Those who specialize in fighting against people —Mercenaries, Head Hunters

Et cetera, et cetera. There are many kinds of specializations. All these are just examples, furthermore they are divided further into several specialities.
Adventurers are, in a sense, a gathering of light-footed specialists (of course, there are adventurers who have several specialities).

The rankings of adventurers are—
Level I
Level II
Level III
Level IV
Level V

—divided into 5 grades.
Beginners are level I.
The highest ones are level V.

“This is Lute-san’s Adventurer Registration Tag. The number “I” denoted in the tag is your current adventurer level.”

This thin metal tag is a label showing the adventurer’s qualifications.
It is about the size of a soldier’s dog tag in my previous life.
The name, adventurer level, magic ability, and religion are magically carved on it.

I was also told about what I’m not allowed to do regarding the tag.

Tags are not to be used by anyone other than the tag holder.
Tags are not to be lent out.
Tags are not to be bought or sold.
Tags are not to be falsified, and its contents are not to be modified. (There is a special prevention magic applied, in order to confirm the tag holder’s identity, forgery is made impossible.)

In case the tag is stolen or misplaced, the Adventurers’ Guild is to be immediately notified in order to invalidate the tag.

In case the tag needs to be reissued, an interview and a reissue fee (5 silver coins) will be required.

In cases where the tag holder does not follow the above mentioned procedures, he will have his level demoted.
At worst, guild membership will be terminated, and the tag holder will not be able to register again.

Furthermore, if a tag is found during a quest, it is to be brought back to the guild for a reward.

There are 5 ways to receive jobs.
1. Getting a job request by choosing from the posts on the bulletin boards.
2. Getting a job request by choosing upon consultation with a contact person.
3. Getting a job request directly from the client.
4. Getting a job request directly from the guild.
5. Other methods (like suddenly getting rolled up in a job request)

Level I adventurers can not take jobs meant for level V.
Higher level adventurers are also not allowed to take a level I adventurer along when undertaking level V quests.

Level V quests pay quite a large sum as compensation, but those are mostly situations where their lives are at stake. The prohibition exists so that they wouldn’t become a burden and because there are cases where, at worst, the precious level V talents meet their deaths.

On the contrary, level V people can take on level I jobs without any problem.
No penalties are imposed.

“But by unspoken agreement, such behavior is frowned upon, and so we recommend you do not do that unless it’s absolutely necessary.”
“Absolutely necessary, huh… how can it be absolutely necessary for a level V adventurer to take on a level I job?”
“Requests from personal relations… or so, maybe. I think it’s extremely rare for level I quests, but if it’s level III, there are people who take the job for all sorts of reasons like having free time.”

“The levels are raised by the guild in order depending on your efficiency when handling quests. These evaluation criteria are always fair. There are no distinctions based on race whatsoever. I swear by the name of the Heroes of the 5 Races.”

After the heroes of the 5 races sealed the demon king, they let their pupils exterminate demons who were still rampant in the whole world.
That was how the Adventurers’ Guild began.

Because of that, the outlines of the heroes of the 5 races were branded on the Adventurers’ Guild signboard.

“Are there any points of the explanation that you don’t understand?”
“It’s not that I don’t understand, but I want to start a Legion in the future. Could you please tell me if there are any requirements to start a Legion.
“Yes, of course.”

The receptionist cheerfully responded to the statement about starting a legion, even though it was made by a beginner.
Such a friendly woman.
For a person like this to become a madonna at her workplace, becoming the object of admiration of adventurers, marrying, and then retiring, surely everyone would give their blessings, albeit begrudgingly.

As I consider such things the receptionist explains the conditions to establish a legion.

“In order to establish a legion the founder needs a level 5 as sponsor and more than two level 4’s signatures. In case a legion is raised, every year an amount of money due to proceeds is to be paid as a fixed sum of taxes to the adventurer union guild.”

“Why does a tax needs to be paid?”

At that unexpected condition I ask spontaneously in return.

“In return for the taxes paid, you get preferential assignment of good quests or quests that you prefer, and also introductions to talented personnel that you may want.”

Indeed for that case it is a merit.

Naturally in case the amount of taxes is swindled, additional taxes have to be paid or in the worst case, the rights of a legion will be revoked.
Lastly it was declared that the troubles of the legion are of no concern to the adventurer union guild.

“Well then I will introduce the quests.”

Finally I have become an adventurer!

According to the explanation

In case of level 1 there are weeding, help moving, searching for lost pets, working as a tutor(this is slightly better paid)―― normally you will get 5 big copper ~ 1 silver coin.
If I complete one I will be not troubled about meals and lodging for 1 day.

Level 2 are monster extermination in the outskirts――normally you will get 1 silver coin ~ 3 silver coins.

For Level 3 its needed to go afar, there are high level monster exterminations, guarding wagons, etc. ―― normally you will get 1 silver coin ~ 1 gold coin depending on negotiations.
From here on depositing money occurs.
It is a system intended to prevent taking on jobs without actually doing them. The money is refunded after the quest.
Also this becomes beyond the work of an individual.

On Level 4 jobs there are further discussions that are needed. The amount of pay is negotiable. Guarding important people, exterminating magicians with a bounty, etc.

Level 5 are 1 stray dragon,1 giant etc. exterminations.

“Becoming a level IV or V is no longer based on assessment of the individual, but of the team.”
“What is the difference between a team and a legion?”
“Firstly, Legions have Legion names. Teams do not have names and point out the case there random adventurers without acquaintance gather temporarily.” EN: ???

The merit of teams is that there is no particular restriction in numbers, no taxes, and so on.
The downside is that it is hard for them to get assigned good quests that wouldn’t go to the Legions, they also can’t complain if their talented personnel get scouted.

The plus side of Legions is that it’s easier to get good quests and being able to maintain a standard level of competence by way of enrollment tests. Also, they can establish terms for leaving the Legion and regulations, inflicting penalties if those are violated. If the violation is intolerable, the violator can at worst be banished from the Adventurers’ Guild.

There are demerits that let you hesitate in many cases, taxes must be paid to the adventurers guild, once entered one cannot easily slip out after the enrollment and so on.

“For Lute-kun who is a Level 1, you can receive quests like tutoring, pet searching, shopping agent, store helper, assist in public work, medical plant gathering etc. How is it?”
“Is there a quest where it is needed to fight against monsters?”

Although I don’t say it, I want to find out how effective an modern weapon, the AK47, is against the monsters who live in the outskirts.
In my situation I could fight, but bullets aren’t for free.
To earn money is human nature.

“A beginner like Lute-san receives this sort of easy quest to get used to questing and to get proper practice. Getting excessively self-confident in this industry, one could lose his life. I recommend performing from here safely little by little.”
“Of course I understand that. But I want to know to what degree my own strength works from here on. So are there level 1 monster extermination works?”

I look upwards with tear moist eyes.
That posture is made with a child’s body.
If an ossan of 30 years where to mimic that he can’t complain if he’s struck down.

“…haa okay. But please escape immediately when you think its dangerous. You have no more than one life.”

After worrying, the receptionist lady submits.
After giving me a warning, a document sheet is taken out.

“Among the level 1, this job is very dangerous. Please exterminate 1 or more of the four legged demons called garugaru. The quests time frame is indefinitely.”

When I read the document the garugaru seem to be meat-eating demons who attack livestock and cultivated fields of humans outside the walls.
Because of that the reward is 1 silver coin each.

Regarding high level adventurers the garugaru isn’t a big monster but it seems to take time and effort to bring it down.
Additionally to that the reward is low so people with a high level don’t get involved with it.

As for low levels, especially level 1 adventurers, it is a formidable enemy who moves fast and is difficult to attack.
Therefore it seems it has become a standard whether or not one can become a level 2 if you can defeat a garugaru or not.

After defeating it, it is necessary to cut the tail from it as proof and bring it to the adventurer guild, whereupon it is converted.
One tail is exchanged for 1 silver coin.

They appeared along the south, west, north, gates and came out of the forest surrounding the fields.
They attack the livestock and the cultivated fields there.

Also, I was told that I need to bury or burn the carcasses of the monsters after defeating them.
Because if I leave the carcasses as they are, other monsters will come to feed on it and multiply.

The recommended way of dealing with them is by using magic potion.
Using the magic potion recommended by the Adventurers’ Guild on the carcass, other monsters will be kept away from eating it by the odor it emits, that is disliked by monsters living around this area.
Also, because the carcass decomposes, after three days not even bones will remain.

The Adventurers’ guild support store is on your left hand side if you exit the guild.
It’s recommended to get the magic potion there.
If you show the adventurer tag you get slightly cheaper prices compared to other miscellany stores.

“Well then, please let me take on this “garugaru extermination” quest.”
“…… then, please let me see your tag.”

The receptionist wrote on the tag with a feather pen that seemed to be a magic device.

When I look at the tag that was handed back to me, there was the job details of the quest written underneath the place where my personal info is.

“Well, please be careful then. Run away immediately if you judge that it’s impossible, okay.”
“Thank you very much! I’ll do my very best.”

Then I took on my first quest.



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  1. “Firstly, Legions have Legion names. Teams do not have names and point out the case there random adventurers without acquaintance gather temporarily.” EN: ???

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