GunOta 39

Chapter 039 – Magic Stone Princess – Last Part

“Magic Stone Princess” — Meiya, a magician from the Dragon Continent, finally arrived at the magic school in the Fairy Human Continent after a bit more than a month.

She was staying in a certain town close to the magic school.
Naturally, it was at the most expensive inn’s most spacious room.

She was going to go to the magic school from the town by coach.

Due to its nature, magic schools were built on wide open spaces.
There were regulations against building private houses on its periphery.

It was to avoid causing damage to the surrounding area during the training of magic.

This magic school was made of stone like a fortress with student accommodation built around it.
Furthermore, its circumference was enclosed by two-layered walls.

While it was also made to defend from external effects, but its main purpose is to defend against magic attacks from inside.

Meiya’s coach stopped at an established guard station on the outer wall.
The driver of the rented coach got into a fight with the guard.
It seems like since they came without a letter of introduction, they couldn’t go in… so refused the guard.

The driver who was hired on-site pointed toward the coach and asked the guard to talk directly with his employer.
With a troubled expression, the guard knocked on the coach door.

The maid who came along to take care of Meiya was about to deal with the situation, but was stopped by Meiya.
It seems Meiya intended to personally talk with the guard.

The maid respectfully opened the door.

The guard inquired while scratching his head:

“Uhh… I’m sorry, but it’s the rules that unless you’ve made arrangements to meet a family member or otherwise own a permit, I can’t let you in. If it’s acceptable, could you schedule an appointment and come again at a later date?”

The guard spoke in a businesslike manner.
That attitude annoyed Meiya.
Even though it wasn’t on purpose, his speech was inappropriate considering he was talking to this Meiya, the world-famous genius.

She ordered the guard at point blank range.

“Tell the headmaster that Meiya Dragoon has come. He will understand with just that.”
“Me… Meiya Dragoon…!? You are the Magic Stone Princess!?”

It seems he was not a guard for nothing. He even knew her name.

A complete change from his earlier businesslike attitude, he stood at attention and his voice was shaking.

“I, I am terribly sorry. I will set up comms with the headmaster at once, so please wait just a moment.”
“Make it quick.”
“Yes! Right away!”

The guard went back into the station for a short moment, left a message to his colleagues who were on standby, and ran off to the school.

It took about 30 minutes before the guard returned to the coach.

”I, I’m terribly sorry to have kept you waiting! Since the headmaster is currently absent, the principal will be taking his place in receiving you, so please proceed toward the front entrance.”
“Thanks for the trouble.”

After saying those few words, Meiya started moving again on her coach.
Passing through the outer and inner wall, she finally arrived at the front entrance.

There, a teacher was already waiting for her.
It was a balding man who seemed to be very nervous.
He stood at attention as he greeted Meiya’s coach.

When Meiya got off the coach, he bowed with a smile while sweating profusely.

“It is an honor to meet you, Meiya Dragoon-sama. I am the teacher in charge of teaching classes on magic tools here. I am Kahlua of the human race.”
“Nice to meet you, Kahlua-san. I apologize for the sudden visit.”
“Not at all. To be able to meet Meiya-sama, the famed magic tool inventor, is a great honor… Now then, speaking while standing here must be uncomfortable. Please, come in.”

When Meiya and her maid entered the school building, they were shown into a parlour.
Inside the room, there was a leather sofa, a table made of insect carapace, flowers arranged in vases, and the walls were lined with paintings. The view from the window isn’t that magnificent since this was the first floor, though. It was an exceedingly ordinary parlour.

A woman who seemed to be a human race office staff brought some roasted fragrant tea.
When she went out of the room, Kahlua proceeded to talk business while wiping off his sweat with a handkerchief.

“So to what do we owe this honor on this day?”
“I’ve come to meet with a student here, Snow-san, a girl from the Beast race’s White Wolf tribe. Would it be possible to call her over?”
“S.. Snow-san!? What did she do this time!?”
“This time?”

Meiya reflexively inquired in response to Kahlua’s agitation.
While wiping off his even more abundant amount of sweat, he flusteredly explained.

“She is an excellent student… perhaps too excellent. As it is, she’s often gets involved with trouble. Completely overwhelmng 100 soldiers from a freshman’s private army; counterattacking upper class aristocratic men who approached her; single-handedly crushing adventurers who were, for some reason, hired by a merchant… ju, just remembering it all makes my stomach…”
“Oh my… these merchants certainly exist… how rude of them.”

Meiya nonchalantly offered her sympathies
No matter how you slice it, that last merchant was definitely one of the people who acted because of her request.

“I understand what you’re saying. However, there is something that I simply must talk to Snow-san about. So could you please call her over now?”
“I… I understand. Though I think she’s probably in class right now, I’ll call her over right now.”

Kahlua left his seat and left the parlour at a brisk pace.
Meiya and her maid waited for roughly 10 minutes.

The sound of a knock.
After Kahlua, one female student showed up.

Lily-white skin, large pupils, and eyelashes long enough to be a shadow.
Her long silver hair was held up in a ponytail, and similarly colored wolf ears sometimes slightly moved.
She was a charmer who was beautiful like a spirit of the snow, yet also cute at the same time.

A metal bracelet she wore on her left arm reflected the sunlight coming in through the window.

But what was most eye-catching were the huge breasts that this magic school student was showing, which couldn’t be hidden even by a mantle.
A beautiful cute charmer, yet also the owner of huge breasts; this unbalance probably tickles male instincts.

Even the upper class aristocratic male students, who were not want for women, would want to court her.

With her right hand on her chest and left hand just barely lifting her skirt, Snow bowed her head.
A prim and proper salutation.

“Greetings, Meiya-sama. I am Snow of the Beast race’s White Wolf tribe.”
“My apologies for calling you while you were busy. Please have a seat, Snow-san.”
“Excuse me.”

Snow sat across from Meiya.
Her teacher, Kahlua, sat down next to her.

“Since I dislike pointless courtesies, I will get straight to the point. Could you please hand over the magic tool you have in your possession? Of course, I am willing to offer a reasonable sum as remuneration.”
“Magic tool…..?”

Snow openly sighed when she realized what Meiya meant.

“Dragoon-sama, too? Recently, I’ve been bothered by the many people who came wanting me to sell them the magic tool that Lute-kun made. It’s something that is very precious to me, so I won’t sell it no matter how much you offer.”
“About that, please, I beg you! I’m willing to pay any amount!”
“There’s no room for negotiation. If that’s all, then please excuse me.”
“Please wait!”

In a panic, Meiya pursued Snow who left her seat.
However, as the “Magic Stone Princess”, she did not know restraint and left the room.
Touching upon her pride, her tongue unintentional slipped.

“Lute-sama was eaten by a monster and is already dead!”

Snow’s feet were frozen.
Meiya’s mouth didn’t stop.

“That’s why, that magic tool isn’t something someone like you who doesn’t even know its value should own. To leave behind those achievements for the future, someone like me should — huh!?”

Snow turned around, and, at the same time, pressed the S&W M10 2-inch’s muzzle onto Meiya’s forehead.

Meiya couldn’t perceive Snow’s movements as she drew her revolver at all.
As she turned around, before anyone noticed, Meiya was already held at gunpoint… only its result remained.

“Lute-kun is dead? Stop lying. That Lute-kun couldn’t possibly have been killed by a monster. Why would you tell such a lie…?”

Emitting undeniable bloodlust, Snow cocked the percussion hammer.

Ironically, that showed that it was different from the counterfeits that was brought to her so far.
However, Meiya, who understood what the raised hammer meant, let out a small “Hiii” sound.

A period that felt like an eternity… … though it was actually only roughly 10 seconds before Snow uncocked the hammer and re-placed the gun underneath her mantle.

“Excuse me.”

She bowed politely and left the parlour.

Meiya who had just narrowly escaped death fell on her knees right there.


Kahlua and the maid who were left behind rushed over in a panic to Meiya who was sitting on the floor.
Tears of fear had formed in her eyes.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


“Annoying! Annoying! Annoying! I definitely won’t forgive that woman!”

Meiya rode her airship for a bit more than a month to get back home.
However, her anger toward Snow did not settle at all.

She is the world-famous Meiya Dragoon.
The Dragon race were very prideful, but she was even more prideful.

Grumbling in her own bed, she scattered about in frustration while holding her pillow.
Sitting up, an evil face was reflected.

“I wonder how I should snatch away that revolver…… Should I make necessary preparations behind the scene and put pressure on the magic association and magic school? Or perhaps I should hire a first-rate thief to steal it, then…..”

While she was considering a few ideas, knocking sounds resounded.
A maid entered when she called out.

“Excuse me. A merchant is here claiming to have brought Lute, the one who made those magic tools. What should I do?”
“…. Sigh. Another one.”

Even though the increase in the number of merchants who visit her was caused by her own request for information and goods… there has been two merchants who intrude on her to try and swindle her in the past.
They brought a child slaves of fitting characteristics, claiming them to be the magic tool’s creator, Lute, and trying to wangle out a reward money.

However, since the children they brought couldn’t make an S&M or AK-47 when given magic liquid metal, they were seen through before long.

Meiya asked her childhood friend, the Dragonian Kingdom’s first prince, to throw both swindling merchants into jail on the account of attempted fraud.

Such a stupid trick wouldn’t work; it was a threat as such towards other merchants.

Yet this is already the third time.
Another fool who doesn’t learn has come.

“….. Since they’ve come all this way, I’ll meet them to distract myself. Bring them to the parlour.”
“As you wish.”

The maid bowed and returned to meet the merchant and his companions.
Prey for Meiya to relieve her stress on came at just the right time, and she stood up from her bed with a twisted smile on her face.



While Meiya was changing and fixing her appearance with the help of a maid, the merchant and his companions were made to wait in the parlour.

Only the merchant was sitting on the sofa. A blond girl and black-haired boy was standing behind him for some reason.

Meiya had two male servants holding long spears and following her from behind as she made an appearance in the parlour.
With a pompous attitude as if she were the queen, she sat down on the main sofa.

“It is nice to meet you, Meiya-sama. I am a slave dealer working for the Rano Slave House. It is to my understanding that Meiya-sama is currently showing interest in a certain magic tool. As a matter of fact, one of the slaves we are dealing with happens to be its creator, so I brought him over.”

The merchant introduced the black-haired boy standing behind him.
Needless to say, his name was Lute.

The blonde girl beside him was Chrisse Gate Vlad, a vampire of the Demon race.
The girl kept shifting her eyes with a frightened expression as she hid behind Lute.

Meiya’s eyes were captivated by that girl… by Chrisse.
The girl’s attire, hair, and so forth were all dirty from her long journey, but overall was still as lovely as a doll. It made Meiya want to keep her as a pet. Meiya unintentionally licked her lips.

And then, the black-haired child who claimed to be Lute spoke of the circumstances that led to his becoming a slave.

The S&W and AK-47 were taken away from him when he was deceived by some fake adventurers, and he was then sold as a slave. The proof of that is the mark of slavery tattooed onto his arm.
At present, he had been bought for Chrisse by her father and serves as her blood bag-cum-butler… and so his explanation went.

Meiya was impressed.
Their setting was detailed, and the story was told with such zealousness. A very realistic performance.
If this was the first time she heard such a story, she may have believed it.

Meiya recrossed her legs and slackened her lips in provocation.

“I see, I understand. If he really is Lute, then he should be able to answer any questions regarding the S&W and AK-47, right? If, for example, he’s a fake, then…”

The two men behind Meiya struck the floor with their spears threateningly.
Startled, Chrisse trembled like a small animal.
The black-haired boy agreed while covering her behind his back.

“That’s fine by me. I will answer any question.”

“Then it’s decided. The first…. do you know what the S&W and AK-47 are made of?”
“Magic liquid metal obtained from metal slimes.”

“Tell me the name of the ammunition used by the S&W and AK-47.”
“9mm .38 Special rounds and 7.62mm x Russian shots.”

Up to this point, he had simply answered according to the memo written by “Lute” on how to handle the magic tools.
Meiya recrossed her legs again.

“Then, next, could you confirm the current conditions of the S&W and AK-47? Of course, if you are their creator, then it shouldn’t be a problem, right?”
“Yes, that’s all right.”

The black-haired boy answered in no time.
”It seems he has quite the confidence to try and fool me,” Meiya muttered in her heart.

Meiya told a maid to bring the S&W and AK-47 from her workshop.

The S&W and AK-47 were placed on the table.
However, this is the point where the other fakes who had tried to deceive Meiya met their downfall.
The real thing would’ve immediately understood.

He, who is a fake, would probably just vaguely touch around and say that there were no problems.
At that time, Meiya would reveal that the thing in his hands was an imitation.
Imagining the bewildered expression he’ll have on his face then made her float an evil smile.

“Now then, it’s fine to not restrain yourself and pick them up.”
“Then please excuse me.”

The boy separated from Chrisse who was behind him, squat down beside the table, and picked up and analyzed the S&W and AK-47.

“…… These are fakes. The cylinder is firmly fixed in place, and the barrel’s rifling isn’t there. The AK is also off. It’s too light, and the trigger can’t be moved. The magazine, too, is stuck and can’t be taken off…… Uh, could it be that you don’t actually have the real S&W and AK-47?”

“……………………………………… huh?”

Meiya was speechless.

She felt it… her very soul was trembling.

“C, c, c, c, c, could it be… t, th, th, the real Lute-kamisama?”

Lute agreed while being startled by her barely chewed out stuttered words.

”Yes, that’s so, but…. is there a problem?”
“I’ve been wanting to meet you! Kami-sama!”

Meiya blew off the sofa with vigor and went on her knees at Lute’s feet.
Taking his hand, she kissed it over and over and over again, and finally, she even kissed his feet.

“Wha!? Pl, please stop it! It tickles!”

Apart from Lute who was showing his resistance, everyone else was frozen stiff, unable to react at this sudden turn of events.

Being deeply moved and excited, Meiya turned around to face the slave dealer with a flushed smile filled with delight.

“How much is Kamisama!? I’ll buy him at the asking price!”
”Uh, well… as we explained earlier, Lute is her… Chrisse-ojousan’s slave.”
“Oh, right, there was something like that!”

Meiya edged up to Chrisse and started negotiations.

“I beg you, Chrisse-san! Sell Kamisama to me! I’ll pay ten times the price you paid for him! No, I’ll pay 100 times the amount!”

However, even though ojou-sama was shaking fearfully, she strongly shook her head.
She wrote on her mini-blackboard and thrust it toward Meiya.

[It’s impossible for me to sell off Lute-oniichan… to sell off family. I don’t want to lose anyone anymore….]
“Ojou-sama… …”

Chrisse’s words struck Lute at his heart and deeply moved him.
He cleared his throat to change the mood, and started negotiations with Meiya.

“To be honest, we have a favor to ask of Meiya Dragoon-sama. For that reason, I would like to explain our circumstances. It may be a bit long, but… will that be fine?”
“In that case, by all means, stay at my house today! Moreover, it’s almost time for dinner, so allow me to arrange a meal! Ah, before that, you must be tired from your journey. Your garments also seem to be worn out. If it pleases you, would you like to take a bath to heal from the fatigue? I will also prepare a change of clothes!”

Her breathing rough, Meiya excitedly urged Lute with peremptory force.
It took all he had to simply say, “O.. ok. Thank you for the hospitality.”

Meiya handed over the promised reward to the merchant from the Rano Slave House and gleefully took Lute and Chrisse to her residence.



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  1. -“Meiya handed over the promised reward to the merchant from the Rano Slave House and gleefully took Lute and Chrisse to her residence.” If I didn’t know better, I would think that she just bought two kid slaves for some personal fun. The lip-licking from when she saw Chrisse was already a big red flag, but if she bought kid slaves, she….. wouldn’t be able to turn back.

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  2. He noticed that the rifling in the barrel was gone… given that it was an imitation he likely didn’t take it apart, meaning he actually stared down the barrel of a supposedly loaded gun?


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