Side Stories

Note: These side stories are not part of the Web Novel Numbering.

LNSS01 –

LNSS02 –

LNSS03 – Meiya Special


Note from rei_hunter:

If you’re looking for 1 and 2, you dont need it as these things are on their own, but must’ve at least read Volume 1-4 of the Web Novel (Volume 1-3 of the Light Novel)


4 responses to “Side Stories

    • I originally had finished the draft for re-hosting SS03, but for some reason WordPress is hating on me and won’t let me edit it (or I’ve failed somewhere). I have just re-done it and published it now, but it’s still not letting me edit it, so I’ll just figure something out at some later date.

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      • Thank you… WP seems to be slothful at times.
        The new Side Story will make my brain tremble… des~


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