GunOta 76

Chapter 076- Giant scorpion 2

“As expected of Lute-kun! Defeating a strong monster like this!”

[Oniichan, you were very cool!]
“I was surprised by the ‘Wasp Knife’, but this Panzerfaust has amazing power too, blowing the Giant Scorpion to bits like this!”
“Me too, it’s not like I doubted Lute-san’s power, but I couldn’t even imagine it to be this overwhelming. Now I’m confident that Lute-san will surely save our motherland.”

My wives, Shia and Lyss, all gathered around and praised me.

Snow wagged her tail joyfully and hugged me.
I was happy that I got to feel her breasts but I wish she’d stop sniffing me so casually.
Right after the battle, and right in front of other people, stop ‘fuga fuga’-ing me!
Don’t make that ‘the fresh smell of sweat is the best!’ face!

I placed my hand against her forehead and pushed her away, and ignored her as she complained ‘Aa~n, let me fuga fuga you a little bit more’. I answered with modesty – the characteristic of a Japanese.

“It was because of everyone’s cooperation that I could defeat it.”

In fact, if it was just me alone, I probably wouldn’t be able to defeat it no matter how many Panzerfaust I had. I was once again thankful for the existence of my comrades.

“Well then, let’s start withdrawing and return to the wagon before the sun sets, shall we?”

Everyone replied to my instruction with great spirit.
It wasn’t an outing like in the previous world, but we left the place cleaner than when we arrived.

Snow, Chrisse, and Shia picked up the AK47’s empty cases so it can be reloaded (case recycling) later. Saving is an important virtue.

Lyss put away the spare Panzerfaust type 60 I had entrusted to her, and the Giant scorpion’s corpse, and the wire entanglements with her spirit’s blessing.
Just as I thought, I should fill up the foxholes.


―To think that someone like me can realize that there was one more Giant scorpion, I can only say it was a total coincidence.

Right above the cave.
From the thicket of the steep cliff, I saw a new Giant Scorpion. Its aim was Lyss who had just finished storing away the corpse of the Giant scorpion and the wire entanglements.

“Lyss! Above! Dodge!”

I supported my body with body enhancing technique, then ran toward Lyss.

Doshu! Doshu! Doshu!

The sound of sticky projectiles being shot rang out, and poison needles flew from its 3 tails.
Those needles rushed toward Lyss in slow motion. If it was like this then I shouldn’t have lent Lyss the revolver for self-defense.
While regretting that, I ran with all my might as I kicked up dirt.

I pushed Lyss out of the way of the poison needles.
In exchange for that, a poison needle pierced my thigh.


The poison flowed into me. It burned my flesh directly, accompanied by intense pain, enough to cause hallucinations.
Lyss who was pushed away ran up to me in a panic, pulled the poison needle out and used poison removing magic.

“Erase the footsteps of Death who gnaw at the living! Poison heal!”

Lyss’ hand emitted a light different from the magic that heals wounds.
Thanks to that, the intensity dropped, but the pain was still affecting me. My body became numb and couldn’t move. Seeing that, Lyss continued to chant magic.

The ground was swaying.
From the steep cliff, the Giant Scorpion had jumped down.

It was smaller than the first Giant Scorpion.
Probably about 5 meters.


It jumped down right next to us, and its cry gave us chills down the spine.

I, unable to move, remembered Snow’s words.

‘Shia-san also said it but, I have the feeling that the amount of bones is unusually plentiful.’
‘Well if it hunted the monsters in the area to the point of reducing their overall numbers, of course there would be a lot of bones. Is something wrong with that?’
‘U~n, I can’t quite put it to word but it bugs me’
‘Giant Scorpions can shoot poison needles from 3 of its tails, that’s why it has a high chance of killing its prey. Are you trying to remind everyone how dangerous their poison needles are, Snow-san?’
‘Uu~n, that’s not it either……’

The answer to Snow’s uncomfortable feeling–the Giant Scorpion we defeated had a child!
There was actually 2 of them, which explains the unusual amount of bones that she noticed.

Snow and Shia came to their senses and started running.
But, the Giant scorpion’s poison needle was probably faster.

“Ly….Ly,ss, run……”
“No! Abandoning Lute-san…… a precious comrade and running away, I can’t do it!”

Lyss couldn’t move from this place because she was in the middle of performing her magic.
If she stopped the magic then I’d die because of the poison.
The Giant Scorpion’s tails aimed at us.


Their voices were terribly far……


One of the Giant Scorpion’s tail’s movement was stopped.
And a moment later, the two tails were destroyed, and their movement stopped.


The Giant Scorpion screamed in pain.
In front of my line of sight―Chrisse was aiming the M700P.

She judged that even the rifle’s 7.62x51mm still couldn’t pierce its shell, so she aimed at the opening of the tail where it shoots those poison needles from.
The hole of just a few millimeters, she literally shot through the eye of the needle, such accuracy!

“Dance in my hand, Ice Sword!”

To pull the Giant Scorpion away from us, Snow chose a magic which she can aim with better accuracy. Ten ice swords pierced the space between us.

Because its tails were destroyed, it was cautious of the ice swords, and took some distance.
Its aim was completely suppressed by Snow and Chrisse.

The two of them moved to pull it away from us.

“Hime-sama! I will take over the detoxification once, so please take out the Panzerfaust!”

Shia instructed after she ran up to us.
Lyss switched with Shia for the detoxification for a moment, then took out again the last Panzerfaust type 60 she had put away earlier.

“Shia, please!”
“Please leave it to me!”

They switched the detoxification role again, then Shia took the Panzerfaust and went to assist Snow and Chrisse.

Snow and Chrisse juggled the Giant Scorpion back and forth while waiting for Shia to prepare.

(Calm down……just do it according to the procedure I taught you)

As if the words in my mind had reached her, Shia started preparing the Panzerfaust type 60 as she was taught.

First pull the safety pin at the base of the warhead.
Erect the sight.
Push the safety lever forward and it’s ready to be fired.

As Snow confirmed that the preparation was completed, she incited the monster to lead it towards her.

“Come on come on, over here!”

Because its tails were destroyed, it tried to get close to Snow so it could catch her with its claws.
But she dodged nimbly like an acrobat.

The Giant Scorpion’s feet got caught by the foxhole I was hiding in earlier and got thrown off balance.

“Get blown to bits, vermin!”

Shia screamed her disdain, and pushed the trigger.
The ignition flame flew out from behind, the firing sound reverberated with a ‘Bashu!’.

The staggering Giant Scorpion which had no way to avoid the warhead flying at 45m/s got blown away.


The Giant Scorpion’s death throes resounded.
Its fat legs just kept dancing around in the air and stabbing the ground.

Like that, we safely exterminated the second Giant Scorpion.



Thank you for reading this far.
You’re welcome to give your impressions or point out any typographical errors.
The next update will be on January 31, at 9pm.

As I thought, a lot of people already realized that the giant scorpion wouldn’t just end there lol.
From now on I want to devote more, to improve so that I can give better foreshadowing.
Also, I’ll do the application for the event report at night. If it’s alright, please go take a look~


( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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  2. Pingback: Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei – Chapter 076 re-Translations rehost | Omega Harem Translations·

      • Ah, okay. I’m thinking it might be because of the sentence prior to that: "Its fat legs just kept dancing around in the air and stabbing the ground."

        Think of this more like, the scorpion got blown to a bazillion bits and pieces and the “fat legs” (among other parts) were spinning round and round in the air (as if ‘dancing in the air’) and then fell back to earth, and stabbed into the ground.

        Hopefully with that sort of image in your mind the sentence: "Like that, we safely exterminated the second Giant Scorpion." doesn’t sound as though another sentence should follow. Just in case it still feels like something should follow that sentence, perhaps if you think of it more like:
        And like that, we safely exterminated the second Giant Scorpion.
        (And) Thus, we safely exterminated the second Giant Scorpion.
        And with that, we safely exterminated the second Giant Scorpion.

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  3. Y’know, ironically enough, the next update happens to be my birthday. wonderful to know that not only do i need to wait till next year, but it happens to be THAT particular day too… just wonderful…


  4. I don’t understand how the number of bones would equate to how many creatures are using the cave. Too many factors can obscure this, mainly time. As time goes on, the number of bones increase.

    The only thing I can see showing number of creatures living in an area are fresh kills (meat still hanging on the bones, including marrow seen in broken bones), not plain bones.

    If the author used the word “Corpses” or “kills” it would of been more vague and maybe someone inexperienced would be confused by this not knowing more creatures are sharing the cave.

    Just my $0.02.


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