Volume 1

This is a re-Host from re:Translations.

Volume 1: Chapters 00-03

Chapter 000 – Prologue 

Chapter 001 – Real Fantasy

Chapter 002 – Sawatari Company

Chapter 003 –

Volume 2


9 responses to “Volume 1

    • chapter 1 is almost half of volume 1, it’s already been translated and edited, should be out any day soon


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    • As far as I am aware, this has not been dropped by Re:Translations. The chapters in the LN are very long, so any translations will take longer than your usual WN chapters.


    • No not dropped but I am translating both Gun-Ota and this, and recently I’ve been transfered to Japan as a salary man so my time for translating got shaved off a lot. I read manga, novel, and watch anime too, and I’ve got a backlog due to being transfered, gotta prioritise that over translating.
      So yea, all I can say is that it will take a little more for me to clear that backlog then I can translate more than I currently am (few lines a day LOL).


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