GunOta 69

Chapter 069 – Record Book

The High elf kingdom Enol’s second princess, Lyss Enol Meméa, was inside the room.
She had boobs bigger than Snow’s and a height that was just a little taller than Chrisse’s. A loli, big boobs, beautiful girl.
A High elf among High elves was currently standing right in front of me.

She was the one who had told Shia to go and become my servant.
And she called me ‘hero’.
Why was a High elf princess calling me ‘hero’ ?

The High elf girl called Lyss, who was introduced by Shia, gave a friendly smile.

Lyss’ pupils were moist from deep emotions, and she took my hand.

“I really thank you for coming here. I have been waiting.”
“A, ah, hello…”

Without knowing the situation, I could only give half-hearted reply.
Lyss wiped the corner of her eyes and gestured towards the sofa.

“What are we standing for? Let’s sit and calm down firs–Kya!”
“Watch out!”

Lyss stepped on her coat and was about to fall over.
I caught her from behind by reflex.

“Ah! Aan…!”
Hi, hime-sama!?”

Shia called out panickedly.
Both of my hands were grabbing Lyss’ boobs – ones that didn’t match her physique.
I hurriedly let go and she slowly sat on the floor.

“So, sorry! You were about to fall so I tried to help, it definitely was not because I had an ulterior motive or anyth…”
“N, no, don’t apologize, it was my fault for falling…… Since long ago, my body would become weak if my chest was touched…… I’m very sorry……”

Lyss’ cheeks were dyed beet red from the shame and excitement of her breasts being touched by someone from the opposite sex.

So, she’s a clumsy, sensitive, loli bigboobs princess.
First boku-ko, now doji-ko…is this for real ?

“Geez Lute-kun, no matter how much she asked for help, you can’t just go and touch her boobs like that.”
[Please be careful next time, oniichan.]
“Yes, I’m sorry.”

As if reading my mind, Snow and Chrisse rebuked me with perfect timing.

“If you are that interested in the opposite sex’s breasts, then I, at any time, wouldn’t mind.~”

Meiya’s eyes also became moist and redness of her cheeks didn’t lose to Lyss’.
Alright, I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear that.

Lyss borrowed Shia’s hand to stand up and sat back down on the sofa that she had been sitting on before.
We also followed suit.

I sat on the sofa, facing Lyss directly, while Snow and Chrisse sat to my left and right.
Meiya got herself a chair and sat down on it.

After Shia finished pouring tea for everyone, Lyss started the conversation.

“First, I truly thank you for coming to this faraway Enol. Please let me reintroduce myself. I am High elf kingdom Enol’s second princess, Lyss Enol Meméa.”
“I’m Lute, and these are my wives, Snow and Chrisse.”
“I am the one and only unparalleled genius magic tool inventor, Lute-sama’s first disciple, Meiya Dragoon!”

Meiya puffed up her chest without hesitation in front of the High elf princess.
As expected of the Magic stone Princess.
She’s got guts, or nerves of steel……

After the greetings finished, Shia, who was wearing maid clothes and standing behind Lyss, started talking.

“Originally, it should have been me who did the talking…… but Lyss-sama said that she wanted to talk directly to you, no matter what, so we ended up suddenly intruding on you. I’m really sorry.”
“Is it okay? They said that High elves don’t come over to this side, right?”

Furthermore, she’s royalty.
If she got into an accident or got kidnapped, it would turn into a big problem.
Shia wore a bitter face.

“Of course I stopped her but…… she insisted.”

She got her way, huh.
Looks like Shia had it tough.
The person herself smiled softly.

“Please don’t worry. High elves not going into the town is just an official stance. We actually patrol the town with this pendant on.”

She showed us the pendant that was hanging on her breasts erotically.
It was the magic tool used to change one’s appearance that we had seen at the souvenir shop during the day.

“This pendant is just a replica. That’s why, even if I take it off, it doesn’t change my appearance.”

Lyss tried to take the pendant off to prove that she was a High elf.

“Change…… ara, change, —!”
“Hi, hime-sama !?”

She couldn’t take it off by herself but bit her tongue instead.


Ah, a drop of tear formed.
In the end, the panicked Shia took it off.
She truly is a clumsy girl……

But, it was true that even when she took off the magic tool, her long ears and green pupils stayed the same.

When she recovered from the pain, she cleared her throat with a small cough and continued.

“………Ahem. First, before I explain why I used such a roundabout way to have you all come here, please let me tell you about my older sister, Lara Enol Meméa.”

The location of her older sister, Lara Enol Meméa, was lost due to the war in the Fairy continent about 15 years ago.
At the time, Enol had entered, albeit in name only, as an ally to the biggest human country, Meltia. At the night of arrival, somehow only Lara disappeared.

“Was she kidnapped ?”

Lyss shook her head at my question.

“With my older sister’s power, it’s impossible to get kidnapped or assassinated.”
“Power? Was she a magician?”
“My older sister was an excellent magician…… but when a High elf gets older than 100 years old, they get a spirit’s power. We call it [Spirit’s blessing]. Older sister had the same blessing as the High elf of the five races’ heroes, [Clairvoyance eyes]. This blessing’s power is that you can identify things within a maximum radius of about 4000 kilometers.”

In short, if anyone tried to kidnap her, she could identify the perpetrators as soon as they tried to get close.
And she could do it from a radius of 4000 km. That’s got to be cheating.

“We formed a large scale search party after the war, but in the end, we couldn’t find her. We don’t have any traces of her at the moment. Either she willingly hid herself, or possibly ….. Also, when we tried sorting through big sister’s room, we found a record book.”

It was written in broken sentences.
The dates were all over the place, the smallest ones spanning single days while the longest spanned several years.
Nevertheless, everything written in the record book happened as dated. What’s more, future events written in the book happened one after the other.

“This convinced me. Besides [Clairvoyance], big sister possesses [Prophetic Dream]. Each one is a rare blessing that is only granted to one person in history. Big sister possesses two of those at the same time.”
“Is possessing two at the same time possible?”

To my inquiry, she clearly declared.

“Never in all of history. So, I think that’s why big sister was hiding her second power. Looking back, there were times when big sister seemed to have a sharp intuition, but I never thought that she had a second power…. Even though I was always near her as her little sister, I never noticed at all. The last thing written in the record book big sister left is — that in about three months from now, the High elf kingdom Enol will be destroyed in a single night.”

This country is going to be destroyed?
I recalled the country’s situation that I had seen while walking around today.

(— You can’t destroy a country of this scale in a single night.)

I got the chills just thinking about it.

“The cause of destruction was also written. It says that the barrier stone in High elf kingdom Enol will be destroyed by someone.”
“Barrier stone ?”
“As everyone knows, the demon king in the Fairy continent was defeated and sealed by the five races’ heroes. One of the barriers that maintains the seal is in Enol and it’s called the barrier stone. Other continents are the same, but how many, or where they are, even we royal family don’t know. The five races’ heroes hid everything. The founder of the royal family of the High Elf clan created the country here in order to protect one of the barrier stone”

Lyss remembered the details written in the record book, and tightly grasped the hands which were on her knees.

“The barrier stone will be destroyed, then from under the stone, [basilisk], [dragoon]…… monsters will come rushing out, turning people into stone, dyeing the lake with the red of blood, and this country will be destroyed in one night — is what big sister wrote.”
“If that prediction is true, wouldn’t it be better to discuss it with the king and prepare the military?”

But Lyss shook her head with a sad face.

“The king — father doesn’t believe in big sister’s record book.”
“And why is that again ?”
“Because the stone couldn’t be destroyed even by the demon king, or the five races’ heroes, or modern S rank magicians, for example. To prevent the demon king from reviving, when the barrier stone was created by the five races’ heroes, they declared, as written in old records: [Even we, ourselves, can’t destroy].”

Lyss voice turned dark.

“Moreover, big sister being the first in history to have two rare spirit blessings was already unbelievable, so he just brush it off as big sister’s joke or lie. I tried asking mother to put in good words too, but her health is so bad that she can’t leave her room……”

She said with serious expression.

“Well, big sister indeed loved to fool around since long ago. Everyone, me for example, has had a hard time with her pranks. But, at the same time, she’s a lot more excellent than me, and she has what it takes to be king, dignity included.”

And it seems that the way to save the High elf kingdom was also written properly.
And that is us.

“The way to lead Lute-sama was also written in the record book. According to it, I would ask a certain slave merchant I know to guide my guard maid, Shia, to the Dragon continent and entrust her to the [Brutus slave market]. And, accord to what was written in the book, Lute-sama would become curious because of the word [tanakakouji], and would end up buying her.”

I see…… you played by the book and didn’t ask me directly, but did something as troublesome and absurd as [make Shia into a slave], huh. But, in actuality, after hearing the name [Tanaka Kouji], I decided to buy Shia at all cost.
As a result, I was sitting here in front of Lyss.

Lyss once again thanked Shia for guiding us here.

“I am really sorry for putting you through such troubles. But, thanks to Shia, I got to meet Lute-sama and everyone before the country is destroyed. I’m really happy.”
“No, I am hime-sama’s guard maid. This much is natural.”

Lyss turned around once again.

“According to the record book, even if we ask S class magicians for help, this country would still be destroyed. Only Lute-sama’s group can save this country. Even though I am the 2nd princess, without any power or freedom, I will still definitely give you any reward you want. I will help you in any way I can. So, please save this country. I’m begging you!”

Both Shia and Lyss bowed.

“Lute-kun, what do we do ?”

Snow and Chrisse asked for my decision from both sides.
Of course, Meiya too.

I folded my arms and thought.

(As expected I can’t leave them after hearing that story…… If the barrier stone were to be destroyed, the damage wouldn’t just end here. And I can’t ignore people looking for help. Guess I can try doing whatever I can.)

I resolved myself, then answered.

“Understood. I’ll do what I can. If you’re okay with it, I will cooperate”
“Th, thank you!”

Just like that, we decided to save the High elf kingdom Enol from its crisis.





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