GunOta 75

Chapter 075- Giant scorpion

It was morning of the 7th day since we departed from the High elf kingdom Enol.
We finally arrived at our destination, Green Howden.

We stopped our carriage at the grasslands in front of the wide forest.
After finishing breakfast, everyone prepared their equipments.

Firstly, Snow and Shia would investigate the situation of the forest and the exact location of the Giant scorpion.
These two not only have high amount of magic power, but Snow also has acute sense of sight and smell , and Shia’s level of sensing presence is high.

“Shia, when you make a decision, no matter what, please listen to the adjutant, which is Snow.”
“Understood. I will follow madam’s order.”
“Well then we will return once at around noon.”
“Snow, Shia, you both take care.”
[Please do your best!]
“Shia, Snow-san, please don’t be reckless.”

The two of them were sent off by the rest of us and went towards the forest.
The first place Snow and Shia were heading to is the place where Giant scorpion is sighted the most.

While being cautious of the surroundings, the rest of us waited for the two of them in full equipments.


As they proclaimed, Snow and Shia returned around noon.
Parts of their field clothes were dirty, but they didn’t have any injury.
I sighed in relief.

While having lunch, we listened to their report.

“We tried our best to avoid combat and were cautious of the monsters while advancing towards the destination, but the number of monster were strangely small. At first we thought we were just lucky, but basically the number of monsters were just small, it seemed. Just a guess, but I think it’s like the twin dragon’s case, where the monsters were hunted, chased out of their dwellings by the Giant scorpion.”
“And when we tried searching from the spot where they are sighted the most, we found a cave. Around the entrance there were monsters’ bones and human’s something being scattered. We didn’t try to peek inside, but I think there’s no mistake, that cave is the nest.”

But Snow continued.

“I think Shia-san has said it, but I have the feeling that the amount of bones is a little too much.”
“Well if it hunted the monsters around that area that much, the amount of bones has to increase, isn’t that so ? Is there any problem ?”
“Unn, I can’t say it well, but it bugs me.”.
“Giant scorpion can shoot poison needles from 3 of its tails, that’s why it has a high chance of killing the prey. Are you trying to remind everyone of the danger of that poison needle, Snow-san ?”
“Nuh uh, that’s not it either……”

Snow tilted her head at Lyss’ pointing out.

“Anyway, thanks to you two’s scouting, we know the enemy’s position clearly now. If it’s like this then we can use the strategy we talked about without the need to change”

The strategy was to use wire entanglements to obstruct the Giant scorpion, then while drawing its attention with AK47, finish it off from the side or the back with the Panzerfaust type 60.

“We will make the wire entanglements at least 50 meters away from the nest. I will dig foxhole positioned at the Giant scorpion’s back or side and hide there. Snow and Shia will stand at least 100 meters away from the wire entanglements and shoot to draw its attention. Chrisse will stay further at the back to guard Lyss and watch the surroundings, and support when push comes to shove. I will leave supplying to Lyss, but if you feel the danger, then even if it’s just you left, run away. No matter what. Understand ?”

Lyss had a face like she wanted to say something, so I warned her in advance.

“I think you understand, but this is the promise we made with the king in order to let you tag along with us. Don’t betray us and the king, don’t do anything stupid, you must run, understand ?”
“…… I understand.”

So she said, but she still looked downward with a dissatisfied face.
I tried to cheer her up with a bright tone.

“It’s okay, if we follow the plan then it will definitely go smoothly. It won’t come to the situation where you have to run away alone.”
“Ri…ght. Thanks for cheering me up.”

I confirmed that she has calmed down, and continued to explain the strategy.

“I will finish off the Giant scorpion with the Panzerfaust. Lyss please take out only 2 Panzerfausts here. Just keep the last one, but please prepare so that you can immediately take it out and pass it over at the critical moment.”

I can only create 3 Panzerfausts type 60 for now.
The reason I only take 2 out is that even if we fail, we can still continue pursuit with the last one.

“Any questions ?”

I confirmed one last time with everyone, but nobody raised their hand.

“Well then let’s finish lunch, and we will move out after a while.”

Everyone voiced their agreements at my decision.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


After lunch, we pressed into the forest with Shia in the lead, followed by Snow, me, Lyss, and Chrisse, in that order.
Lyss was wearing field clothes and some spare armor.
There was my [S&W M10] hanging at her waist for self-protection.

I had tentatively taught her how to use the revolver inside the wagon.


About a few hours since we entered the forest, we arrived at the cave in question.
Just as the girls said, there were a large number of bones scattered at the cave entrance, as if it was showing off its strength.

The cave looked like a hole cut into the side of a steep cliff face, which meant that if we exit the cave entrance we won’t be able to immediately run to the forest behind.

The cave was so deep we can’t see inside.
I strained my eyes but I still couldn’t see nor detect the Giant Scorpion’s presence at all.

“Lyss, please.”

Lyss took out a bundle of barbed wire using her spirit blessing.
It came complete with stakes made of magic liquid metal, turning it into barbed wire fence.
What was left was planting the stakes into the ground.

We planted the barbed wire fence about 50 meters away from the cave entrance.
We divided the task of planting the fence with everyone, but with body enhancing technique we were able to push the stakes deep into the ground.

[Everyone, something strange is happening in the cave!]

Chrisse, who had the best eyes out of us, flashed her mini blackboard at us to call our attentions.

“Take out the panzerfausts, please. Lyss should hold on to one so that you can quickly hand it over to someone like we talked about.”
“Understood. Lute-san, here!”

Lyss took three panzerfausts type 60 out on the ground and gave me two of them.
She carried the remaining one underarm and stepped back.

“A, are you okay Lyss!?”
“I, I’m fine. I’m sorry for making you worry.”

As she was carrying the panzerfaust type 60, she fell over. It wouldn’t explode with just that much but it’s still not good for my heart.

I sighed in relief and then gave Snow her orders.

“Snow, make a foxhole right about here!”
“I’m not too good with earth magic but I’ll do my best.”

As ordered, Snow laid her hands on the place I designated and chanted a spell.

O land, O earth, heed my voice! Let thy form be changed by the power of words! Gnome Factory!”

Earth, intermediate level earth magic.
Snow spent more magic than she does with her usual water magic.

The depth of the foxhole was enough to hide me if I crouch down.
Its width and length was about wide enough for a person to lie down sprawled.
The displaced earth was scattered left and right in about equal amounts.
It was a bit conspicuous but that was probably not a problem.

While holding the panzerfaust type 60 under my armpit, I took out a frag grenade from the ALICE clip.

“Everyone, have you all taken your positions !?”

On the other side of the barbed wire entanglements, Snow and Shia who were holding their AK47s waved their hands.
When the Giant scorpion showed itself, they would shoot the AK47s to attract its attention. And when it got caught by the wire entanglements, they would have already retreated by 100 meters. From there they would continue shooting to draw its attention.
The Giant scorpion’s 3 poison needles shooting tails’ effective range was about 50~70 meters. If you just stayed out of that range, they probably wouldn’t be a problem.

Chrisse, Lyss were on standby at further at the back.

In order to lure out the Giant scorpion, I pulled the grenade’s pin, then supported my body with body enhancing technique, and threw it as hard as I could inside the cave.

Then I immediately jumped and hid myself inside the foxhole.

An exploding sound.
Followed by the sound of the cave’s inside collapsing.
And the sounds of foot steps and scraping that even I can understand. From inside the entrance, the Giant scorpion shows itself.


A cry that gives you the chills.

A length of 10 meters.
Its whole body was a gaudy red. Faintly grown fuzz looked sharp like iron needle.
The 2 claws looked so sharp they could cut metal armor with ease. The tails could split into 3, and move independently. They made the already scary Giant scorpion look even more fiendish.

The size and design would make a bug hating person faint with just one look.

“Having 3 tails doesn’t mean you’re the boss!”
“We are over here! Stupid scorpion!”

The two of them taunted and unleashed the AK47s at it.
But the 7.62mm Russian shot couldn’t damage the Giant scorpion’s shell.
Still, the Giant scorpion focused its attention on the two of them as planned.

Doshu! Doshu! Doshu!

The sounds of something sticky flew out. It was the poison needles from its 3 tails, but the two of them had already retreated and taken distance. The poison needles only fruitlessly hit the ground.
The Giant scorpion moved it 6 legs and chased Snow and Shia, but it was successfully blocked by the wire entanglements.


It made light of the wire entanglements probably because it looked like just a thin fence.
The Giant scorpion tried to use its 2 claws to cut the wires but it didn’t go well.
It was ‘razor wire’ made by Meiya pouring magic into the magic liquid metal to the optimum level. So it wouldn’t be that easy to cut.
Meanwhile, Snow and Shia just kept shooting their AK47s.
In accordance with the strategy, they got its attention.

While staying hidden in the foxhole, I started preparing the panzerfaust type 60.

Firstly, I removed the safety pin at the base of the warhead.
Erected the sight.
Pushed the safety lever forward and firing preparation was completed.

The distance to the Giant scorpion was 30 meters.
Panzerfaust type 60’s max range was 60 meters so it was more than enough.

I popped half of my body out of the foxhole, placed the panzerfaust type 60 on my shoulder and pointed the warhead toward the Giant scorpion.

From my position, I was aiming for its left side from behind.
It was totally occupied with Snow and Shia so it didn’t notice me.

I confirmed there is no human or obstacle 3 meters behind me and then placed my finger on the trigger.

“Thanks for moving according to the strategy, stupid scorpion–!!”

I muttered to myself and pressed the trigger.
‘Bashu!’, along with the firing sound, the warhead flew forward with the initial speed of 45m/s.

Only then did the Giant scorpion notice my presence, but it was already too late.
About 3 kilograms of magic explosive TNT were rushing toward its left hind leg.

In a blink of an eye, the warhead made contact with the Giant scorpion.

Exploding sound that shock your core.
Cloud of smoke rolled up.


The smoke cleared up.
The Giant scorpion was still alive, but 2 of its left legs and 2 tails had been blown away, along with a part of its torso. It was literally at death’s door.

Looked like its body wasn’t totally destroyed because the warhead hit the leg.
But even so, it hadn’t yielded yet, its green bodily fluid had been scattered around and it still turned towards me, albeit unsteady.

The remaining tail shot a poison needle at me, but I supported my body and eye with body enhancing technique.
I dodged the remaining one with ease.

While dodging the poison needle, I started preparing to fire the 2nd panzerfaust type 60.

Pulled the safety pin at the base of the warhead.
Erected the sight.
Pushed the safety lever forward and it was ready to be fired.

I faced the Giant scorpion with the panzerfaust type 60 ready.

“It’s over this time!”

I pressed the lever down and shoot!
The Giant scorpion’s movement had became dull due to the injury received from the first one, and the distance wasn’t even more than 20m, it was hard to miss.

Without changing the aim, the warhead burst towards the scorpion’s head.
Another core shaking explosion sounded.

This time the Giant scorpion’s bodily fluid splashed around and with the top half of its body gone, it was dead.




( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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