GunOta 47

Chapter 047 – Vampire

Let us turn back the clock a little bit.

“Lute-kun are you okay? Should I slow down a bit?”
“I… I’m okay, I can still keep going.”

We left ojou-sama to hold them back and cut through the forest.
My current magic power is at about a third left.
Even though Snow used magic while carrying the madam in her arms, I dont feel her magic power weakening.

This is the difference that having talent in magic makes..
The madam let out a worried sigh at us.

“If this choker could be removed, I could also run with my own legs.”
“Dont be concerned, besides, we will be out of the forest soon.”

Just like I said, we were finally out of the forest.
Jumping down from this vertical cliff, at the rendezvous point was a wagon stationed there.
Yoshi, just as we planned!

Inside the wagon, Meiya came to meet us.

“Welcome back Lute-sama! It seems you were able to rescue your benefactor safely.”
“Meiya, I’ll leave it to you. Snow come help her. Right now we are in the middle of the operation, so will you two please cooperate?”
“Muu, I understand.”

My warning was to Snow in particular.
She pouted at my warning.

While I let out a sigh, the coachman whip the horse.
There was no reason to stay in this place forever.

Inside the wagon, Meiya started a conversation with the madam.

“Nice to meet you madam, I am Lute-kun’s first pupil Meiya Dragoon.”
“That’s very polite of you, I’m Seras Gate Vlad. I thank you for your assistance. Meiya — why is that genius magic tool developer is in the demon continent?”
“Everything is according to Lute-sama’s will..”
“Is Meiya-san also Lute’s fiancée?”
“En… Engaged!? no, no, such dreadness! however if such thing was proposed could I possibly refuse? Rather, I don’t have any reason to refuse!”

Meiya’s maiden face redden, and she fumbled around with her fingers.
No, enough with such talk, i wish you would start preparing to unfasten that magic prevention choker.

“Muu~~~ that’s wrong! This person is not Lute-kun fiancee! Don’t say bad things about Lute-kun!”
… She was badmouthing Lute-kun, too!”

Because of madam’s remark, Snow puffed her cheek.
Her remark also made Meiya collapse, like being hit in the head with a hammer.

“UuUu, at that time i have yet to be touched by Luke-sama’s magnificence, i was ignorant…. anyway, now i’ll be removing madam’s choker.”
“Choker? but if it’s not unlocked with the key, the magical curse will kill mel”
“However, if its left alone it will give away your location to the enemy.”
“Ooo, this choker also had that kind of functionality huh.”
“Yes, that’s why I don’t know when we are going to get attacked, so I need to remove it. Of course i am a genius follower of Lute-sama the magic tool developer Meiya Dragoon! This level of choker i could easily remove without any difficulty. Therefore do not be concerned.”

However, she added.

“Unlocking it would require approximately 30 minutes.”

Even with Meiya’s level of expertise in magical tools and the special tools prepared it would still take 30 minutes….
Of course its impossible for an amatuer to unlock a magic prevention choker.

“Won’t we get attacked while we’re doing that?”
“It’s alright. Right now, Chrisse-chan is keeping the enemy at bay!”

Snow energetically replied.
In madam’s expression float a hint of worry.
Not for her own safety, but for her daughter.

“As I thought, that was not a mistake. Is that girl capable of keeping Gigi and the others at bay?”
“She can! Because Chrisse-chan had become very strong!”

To blow away madam worries, Snow cheerfully answered.
Both me and Snow had the same opinion.
Instead, I’m worried that she went overboard.

I believe the talent ojou-sama has, was more than just what imagined.

Especially in night battles.
The way that she could shoot out targets even with only her normal non-body-strengthened eyesight in the dark was, in a word, shocking.
In the previous world, a U.S. army sniper that could snipe game in the night is called a ‘Vampire’.”

Ojou-sama, who demonstrated the most power in night warfare is definitely a ‘Vampire’

“So, let’s start. Could you please lie down?”

As per Meiya instruction, madam lie down on the platform.

“Light please.”

With Snow’s magic, the wagon interior was illuminated.
Meiya begun to disassemble the choker with a tool in her hand.


—- just as she declared, the choker was unlocked in 30 minutes.
She then casually threw out the choker

“Lute-kun, signal Chrisse-chan to withdraw.”
“Leave it to me.”

Snow from the wagon stretch out her hand high.
A flashy bright magic explosion shot upward.


Around one hour later.
Gigi and the other, moved quickly toward the location of the magic prevention collar.
But, there they found only the magic prevention collar laying on the road.

They had let madam slip away.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


The place we arrived in, is the residence of a magic stone dealer to whom Meiya is friendly with.
Coming back from the night battle, ojou-sama met her mother first time in a few months.


Ojou-sama still in her field uniform, leapt straight for her mother’s chest after not having seen her for a long time.
Madam gently stroked her head.

“Thank you Chrisse. For saving mother.”
[Without everyone’s help, I can do nothing by myself.]

She wrote on the magic mini-blackboard.

“That’s right, isn’t it. Everyone, as representative of the Vlad house, I once again give you my thanks.”

Madam lowered her head to us, me, Snow and Meiya, in that place.

“Madam, as a butler of the Vlad house, it was only the natural thing to do..”
“In that case, then the fact that our family was able to meet with Lute was really a godsend.”

“I have sent out word to Merry-san and the others about Madam’s safe extrication, but meeting with them would have to wait until after the reconciliation. It’s to prevent the enemy from finding out your whereabouts and coming to attack and abduct you and Ojousama again.”

The enemy is detestable, but beyond the fact that there are those watching the family feud from the side, we can’t afford to kill them all.
Now that there are no hostages on their side, they no longer had any hands to play.
After showing our power to deter them, we should find out Master’s whereabouts, and then once again we entrust our self to Master.

“It’s so. Although, what is the plan from here on? As I am safe now, my husband will be able to use all his power, but… I heard that he was sold as a slave to somewhere. We presently don’t have the power to keep those people in check.”
[Mother, do you know where father has been sold to?]

“No, I’m sorry, I’m a powerless mother.”
[That’s not true! But I wonder if father is okay…]
“You don’t need to worry about that. Its him after all, even if he receive a body blow from a dragon, there won’t be even a single scratch on him.”

Uwaa—, it’s so easy to imagine him to do that.

To change the atmosphere I spoke out.

“Since we have ojousama as a deterrent there won’t be any problems. Which is why I was thinking I’d like to open up negotiations with the enemy soon.”
“Yes. She is our deterrent, our trump card.”

Lute turned to ojou-sama.

“By the way ojou-sama, were there any problems with the sniper rifle you tried today?”
[The bullet’s powder still felt a bit weak. The trigger weight was also a little bit on the soft side and the bullets were a bit off from what I imagined, so please make the adjustments.]
“Guh, ce… certainly.”

Though I only worked on it for a short time, I did my best to complete the sniper rifle, but Ojousama still found things to criticize about it.

“I understand. Then I’ll make the adjustments until the day of the reconciliation. For now, please assume you will be using the current gun for the performance.”

Meiya interrupted.

“It’s about time for sunrise soon. Shall I prepare a hot bath or some food?”
“I’ll take you up on your offer then. Please prepare a bath. It’s been awhile since I had one with my daughter, you don’t mind do you, Chrisse?”
[Yes, mother.]

While smiling ojou-sama lifted up her mini board.

Allowing the mother-daughter pair to bond after their long separation, we took the tactful approach and left the room.


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