GunOta 56

Chapter 056 – Condition for the Master

Author’s Note

The Black Elf chapter isn’t a transexual (and again, I have no intention of doing any transexuals).
Hypothetically, another reincarnator appears; I intend to have them have the same sex as they did in the previous world.
I apologize for having written in a way that caused misunderstanding.



“…, this is the bedroom ?”

When I woke up, I was in the bedroom in my house.
I recognized the canopy above my bed.

I got myself up.
Outside, the sun is setting; it’s becoming dark.

“…To think that I get to hear the name ‘Tanaka Kouji’ in this world.”

No, because I died, reincarnated and got to keep my memories from the previous world, I thought that there are other people like me too. But to think that it’s someone from the same world…
I didn’t think that the name of someone related to me would come up.

“Just who is that Black Elf?”

No matter how hard I try to dig through my memories, I can’t remember anything about her.
She knew my name but not my face — or so was her attitude.

Could there have been someone that let her know that I’m a reincarnator?If so, then how does that person know I’m a reincarnator? I don’t understand their motive; why didn’t that person come and meet me themself? Moreover, knowing that ‘Tanaka Kouji’ and I are related, could it be that the person behind her is ‘Tanaka Kouji’ himself ? If so. then why did he not not come see me himself? Generally, how does he know I’m the reincarnated ‘Hotta Youta’ ? It’s unthinkable that he figured it out just from the fact that I develop guns…

I sat up on the bed and let idle thoughts run over my mind.
No matter how much I think it’s useless.
To know the answer, I can only ask Xiah herself directly.

I sighed, got out of the bed, and went down the living room on the 1st floor.
Snow, Chrisse and Meiya were drinking tea.
Seems like they were waiting for me to wake up.

Snow, who has good ears, knew I was coming down from the 2nd floor, then she spoke with a worried expression the moment I enter the room.

“Is it okay to get up already ?”
“Yea, I’m okay. My bad for making you all worried.”

I patted Snow’s head.
Chrisse poured me a cup of warm chacha. I patted her head too.

I flopped down on the sofa and drank the chacha in one go.
The leaves’ scent, the slightly astringent taste and the warmth have revived me.

I hold the cup with both hands and said to everyone:

“I think I will buy that slave called ‘Xiah’.”

As if they’ve predicted this, they weren’t surprised, but they did have worried expressions.
Snow ask me as the representative.

“I didn’t mind that, but …. that Xiah seems to know Lute-kun, but does Lute-kun know her?”
“I tried to remember her too, but I don’t have any recollection.”
“Then, what is that ‘Tanakakouji’ she had said ?”

As I thought, they heard it.
But, there’s no way I can explain to them that I was reincarnated with memory from previous life, and Tanaka Kouji is the name of the guy I let die without helping him.

“…Sorry, I can’t tell you now.”
“Got it. I will wait ‘till Lute-kun talks.”
[I will wait too.]

My wives Snow and Chrisse nod with a smile without any pretension.
….I’ve got really good wives.

Then I turn around, face Meiya and bow my head.

“With that said, I want to buy that slave, Xiah, at all costs. But I don’t have 250 gold coins so I’m sorry, but can you lend me the money?”
“Please raise your head, Lute-sama! As I’ve said before, disciples’ belongings are teachers’ belongings. In other words, my money is Lute-sama’s money! Please don’t hold back; use them to your heart’s content!”
“Thank you, Meiya. But I will pay you back.”
“Lute-sama is so mean,” Meiya unhappily grumbled at my answer.

I didn’t mind that and continued the talk.

“I want to go the slave market as soon as it opens; won’t you come with me ? I’m still only 14-years-old, which is not enough for the required age to enter the market, so I want you to accompany me.”
“Understood! Of course I’d be glad to accompany you! Well then, to go together early in the morning, I’m staying the night!”

Meiya smiled brilliantly, because it was her first time staying over at my house.
It seemed that she would return to her house once to prepare for the stay-over.
Then in the meantime, we prepared the guest room and dinner.

For now, everyone put Xiah’s matter aside and happily started preparing for the stay-over.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


The next morning, I skipped breakfast and had Meiya accompany me to visit the [Brutus Slave Market] first thing in the morning.

We went up the second floor and showed ourselves at the reception desk, then immediately proceeded to the reception room from yesterday.
Enos showed up to the reception room with a sickly pale face and pressed his head on the floor.

“I humbly apologize for introducing Meiya’s master Lute-sama to a terribly rude slave yesterday! I will ensure that something like that doesn’t happen again from now on, so please have mercy on me!”

I think I’ve seen that attitude before.
The man working for the estate agency, from when I was looking for a place to move to, acted the same way.
It looks like after I fainted yesterday, he was thoroughly yelled at and threatened by Meiya.

First, I urged him to raise his head.

“Please raise your head. Actually, I’m the one who should apologize for causing trouble yesterday. I won’t show such an unsightly display again, so can I see yesterday’s slave, Xiah, one more time? If she’ll allow it, I’ll be sure to buy her.”
“W, we’re of course grateful for that but will it really be all right?”
“Yes, please.”
“Understood. I’ll call her right away then; please wait a little while.”

Enos left the reception room in a hurry.
Then a little over 10 minutes later, Xiah showed up held in between the same two guards as yesterday.
A magic-prevention collar was on her neck. Her arms and legs were restrained with sturdy chains, and she was wearing ragged clothes top and bottom–just like yesterday.

I stood face to face with her and asked:

“Xiah, I want to buy you. So, I want you to somehow accept me as your master. Of course, I’m not going to be rough. I’ll release you if you desire it. I just want you to answer a few questions.”
“……. hmm, despite how you look, you gather up a lot of money quickly. Did you borrow from that genius magic-tool inventor over there?”

I nodded.
Xiah looked down at me and laughed through her nose.

“So in the end, that’s all you are. Looks like you don’t have what it takes to be my master, either.”
“Is that how a Fairy race, and a slave at that, talks to Lute-sama who ranks higher than the gods!? Know your place!”
“Meiya, be quiet.”
“B-, but Lute-sama!”

“I said be quiet.”
“I-, I’m sorry.”

My tone was unexpectedly cold.
Meiya shuddered like a puppy that was drenched in the rain.…… That was a bit too cold. I’ll apologize to her later.

But before that, I shouldbuy Xiah no matter how.

“So, how do you suppose you’ll accept me as your master?”
“Let’s see… In that case, show your strength by fighting me. If you can win, I’ll recognise you as my [Master].”
“Alright. Let’s do it. If I win I’ll have you accept me as your master. Don’t take back your words if you lose.”
“*tch*! Don’t look down on me! There’s no way I’ll do something that preposterous!”
“Then let’s set up the conditions in detail.”

I ignored the exasperated Xiah and indifferently continued the discussion.

Xiah and I totally ignored everyone else and decided on the conditions for the match—The match will be a hand-to-hand fight without magic. That was because Xiah had a magic-prevention collar attached. Blinding and groin attacks are forbidden. The one who faints or lost the will to fight loses. The location for the fight is the [Brutus Slave House], first floor. That place is solidly built, and if you clean up the resting space in the middle, it will be wide enough for a fight. It’s completely surrounded by walls, so we won’t cause trouble outside the store.

Of course, the representative of the staff of the [Brutus Slave House], Enos, has something to say.

“L-, Lute-sama, please do something that would damage the goods like that after the purchase. Also, we’ll be in trouble if you fight here.”
“We’ll be using the first floor now, so gather up the chairs in the rest area and put them aside.”
“N-, no, well let’s do something like that once we’ve written up the contract—wait! Why do I have to use honorifics towards a slave!?”
“Sorry, please let us use the first floor. Please.”
“It’s certainly still early, so there are no other customers, but this place is used together by the slavers guild so I can’t—”

Rather than my urging, it was probably Meiya who was sitting next to me with a glare that said “So,you’re also going to deny the divine Lute-sama’s request? You want to die? You want to lose your place to live in the Dragon Continent that had had a better effect on him?”
Enos gave in.

“Ugu, w-, why do these things always happen to me…. I was yelled at by Meiya-sama yesterday, too; it was horrible…. Alright! But don’t go complaining to me, whether you win or lose! Also Xiah, after this fight I’m definitely going to let you go! I’ve had enough of this jinx of a slave! Don’t ever show your face in front of me again!”

We were able to get the [Brutus Slave House]’s representative Enos’ permission.
Thus begins the hard fight of Me vs Xiah.


As said at the start, it’s not transexual. And again, I have no intention of writing transexual.
Hypothetically another reincarnator appears, they will have the same sex as theirs in the previous world.
I apologize for having written in a way that may have caused misunderstanding.


( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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  2. Why is it “she” when they’re talking about xiah if they’re both in their previous life? I’m confuse right now cause you said that same gender in their previous life…


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