GunOta 37

Chapter 037 – To the Dragon Continent

[I’m not running away. Lute-oniichan, fight with me and help father and mother out! Let’s fight to the bitter end!]

Seeing my lack of response, Ojousama thrusted her mini blackboard at me again, as if making her point.
For a little girl who was bullied at school to the point of hiding herself at home and not coming out, to suggest something like fighting to the bitter end to save her parents…
I don’t know whether to be happy at the growth of her spirit, or to lament her exceedingly reckless character that was just what you’d expect from master and madam’s daughter.

Anyway, I should calm Ojousama down first.

“I understand Ojousama’s feelings but saving master and madam is impossible with just the two of us”
[We won’t know until we try!]
“We do know. Please consider our fighting power. Against the Vampire house with over 50 magicians, the two of us non-magicians would stand exactly zero chance of rescuing master.”
Ojousama made a bitter face at my sound reasoning.
But she won’t budge even an inch.

[Just like how Lute-oniichan defended your precious people from goblins, I also want to protect my precious people… my family!]

I already told her about how I defended children and my important person from goblins before.
As a result Ojousama gained an interest in practice, and part of the reason she was able to escape her hikikomori-ness.
I had never dreamed of it dragging me down like this now

Ojousama continued excitedly

[Then with the travel expenses to the Dragon Continent, buy the magic device oniichan told me about! The AK-47! Since you said it might be able to injure father it must be an amazing magic device isn’t it?]
“It is certainly powerful but…. But since it is a rare magic device it is not sold anywhere around here. We can’t just buy it.”
[Then let’s go to where it’s sold! Then we’ll go to father and mother, Merry-san and Mercè-san — I’ll go save my entire family!]

Ojousama excitedly, vigorously tightened her hand into a fist.

I never knew that Ojousama had this kind of belligerent character all along.
Ah, I shouldn’t have told her about the AK-47 — I want to go back and beat up the me that thought it would be fine to tell her that day.

“I’m sorry, but is this [AK-47] Ojousan was talking about, the magic device that [uses explosion magic to fling a small bit of metal a distance away to wound and kill the enemy]?”

Unexpectedly, Rano interrupted my and Ojousama’s conversation.
Moreover, from the way he speaks he seems to know the name of [AK-47]!
No way!?
How in this world did he get to know the name [AK-47]!?

He saw our reaction, and started speaking at his convenience.

“I wonder if the two of you know about the [Magic Stone Princess].”
“Magic Stone Princess?”

I tilted my head in doubt.
Ojousama, who at one time had walked the path of magic devices, started explaining.

[As a magician, she is a genius regarding magic devices. The [Rainbow Sword] that she made while she was schooling in the Dragon Continent University was a groundbreaking invention that overturned the conventional wisdom about magic stones.]

The Prism sword is — A sword that could change attributes by swapping over fire, water, wind, and other magic stones.

At that time, the established theory is that one can’t swap over attribute magic stones that had been implanted.
The Magic Stone Princess overturned that and made a magic sword that could swap over attribute magic stones.

Since then, she had been called the [Magic Stone Princess] by magic stone professionals.

“Recently she had been developing a [Focused Mana Charging Method] that could shorten the time to charge up magic stones from 30 days to 15 days, and raised her fame further.”

Ojousama heard Rano’s story and made an astonished expression.
As someone who had her eyes on magic devices, she would certainly understand how hard it is to shorten the charging time by half.

I pressed Rano for more

“So what relation would this [Magic Stone Princess] have to the [AK-47]?”

“That person told merchants that she would pay any price asked for information about [Metal-flinging Magic Devices] [AK-47] and [M-10]. All the merchants got greedy and gathered news about those and objects that they think may be one of those to send to her, but mostly they got the wrong things and rather than reward, they received angry words in return.”

Somehow he seems to be troubled and caressed his head.

“I also tried collecting information, but somehow some other merchant seems to have seen a girl having something similar in the Fairy Human Continent Magic School. But no matter how much he tried to pay her she won’t let go of the [Metal-flinging Magic Device]. However, just the news of her seemed to have fetched quite a price.”

“Could it be that that Magic School Student’s name is [Snow]?”

“Yes yes. So you do know something. Would you care to tell me about her if you do? If you know something good about this Snow person we might be able to buy that thing off of her. If we could we’ll be well rewarded you know. In fact, I could transport you two to the Fairy Human Continent for free. The reward money from the Magic Stone Princess would be more than enough to cover that cost after all.”

“Know her? This “Snow person” is my fiancée..”
“F, fiancée! Is that true!?”

Rano made an astonished face at my answer.

[…. Lute-oniichan, has a fiancée?]
“Yes, she’s my childhood friend from the orphanage we grew up in.”

When she heard my answer Ojousama’s battle fever from before died out for some reason, and she tightly held her chest, with her eyes downcast.

As I tried to talk to Ojousama, I was cut off by Rano’s agitated questioning

“If what Lute said is true, then I’m a very lucky person! If I brought Lute to the Magic Stone Princess she’s going to reward me well!”
“Oh, I’m very sure she’d be willing to pay even more.”

I denied Rano’s monologue.

“After all, that [Metal-flinging Magic Device] was made by me.”


With that, it was decided where Ojousama and I would go.
To the Dragon Continent where the Magic Stone Princess lives—.


( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
re-trans : Sorry we couldnt translate the Author’s notes xD~


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  1. Why is he even going to the dragon continent. idc about another potential harem candidate. I want him back with snow so he can complete his promise he apparently forgot about. He just needed to give the frog info for transport


  2. This is a topic long in motion, since he tell the method of the usage of those guns he already lose his surprise advantage…. he should’ve known that itd kick him in the butt in the future


  3. Why do I feel the line “After all, that [Metal-flinging Magic Device] was made by me.”
    Should read like “After all (most emphasis), that (sharply said) [Metal-flinging Magic Device] (said with some pride) was made by me (said with a bit of disappointment, gets softer and space between words gets longer).


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