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Chapter 94 – Lyss’ Thoughts 3

The victory party, which I left halfway through, ended smoothly.

I returned to my room at once, and with the help of my guard maid Shia, I changed my clothes, from the party dress into something that I usually wore every day.
I may be meeting my honored father, but as a lady, I needed to tidy myself up to some degree.

After I finished my preparations, I went to father’s private room with Shia.
On entering the private room, I first took a glance at the imperial guards and the maids in charge.

“Announce me to father.”
“Certainly. Please wait a moment.”

One of the maids opened the door and went inside.

After three minutes, she returned.

“Lyss-sama is to come alone.”
“Understood. Shia, please wait here.”

Leaving Shia in the waiting room, I walked through the door, escorted by the maid.
We continued through the passages, ending in front of a great door.

The maid knocked, waiting for permission to enter the room.

“Excuse us.”

I made the maid open the door and entered the private room of my honored father.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Father.”
“I don’t mind. Rather, I’m the one who should apologize for summoning you immediately after the party has ended. I’m sorry.”

Father sat down on a chair.
I was prompted to have a seat, too.
A maid entered again, and placed cups of scented tea before us.

“Disperse. Also, keep everyone away from the room until I signal.”

The maid bowed, then left the room without a sound.
When was the last time father and I had a private talk like this, I wonder?


Silence filled the space between us.

Didn’t he summon me because there was some talk or business he wanted to mention?

Father grimaced as he looked at me.
I had a strong feeling that this wasn’t the face of a king worrying about his country’s future, but the face of a worried parent.

“Yes. What is it, father?”
“Do you……love Lute-dono?”

I stood up as if I had reflexively kicked my seat upon receiving an unexpected question.
However, having come to my senses about my actions unbefitting for a lady, I cleared my throat and sat down once again.

“F-father, please stop saying something like that out of the blue. Not just to me, but aren’t you also being rude to Lute-sama?”
“……Good grief, you are still as bad as ever at lying.”

The other party was my father.
It was hard to lie to the person who had been serving as my parent for hundreds of years.

Father leaked a deep sigh.

“Do you want to join them?”
“……I don’t. I am the next queen of Enol. I have resolved myself to abandon such desires.”

Since I realized that it was useless to lie any more, I gave my own opinion.

“The next queen, huh. Let’s say that there is a successor other than you, what would you do?”
“Another successor? I don’t want to deprive Luna…… my younger sister’s freedom for my own selfishness.”

My tone became slightly rough, as I felt that my resolution had been belittled.
Even though he was my father, in my heart I repented for acting inappropriately to the king of a country.

Without paying attention to my actions, father left his seat.
He took a letter out of his desk.
He put the letter in front of me, and then returned to his seat again.

“Uhm, this is……?”
“You may read it.”

Upon receiving permission, I reached out for the letter.
The sender was ―― Lala Enol Meméa!
A letter addressed to father, from Onee-sama!?

“That girl disappeared, then you found the record book, right after that I found it in between the pages.”

If it was my sister, the『Prophetic dreamer』, this would not be difficult for her.

I opened the letter with my trembling fingertips.

As for the written contents ――it started from an apology to my father and making her whereabouts unknown. As for why she disappeared, it wasn’t written here.

Maybe, not wanting us to get involved in something, she hid it intentionally. With the possibility that my elder sister was still alive, I wanted to rejoice, honestly.

However, there was more to read.
About my mother’s worsening condition, it was not of sickness, but of pregnancy.
Moreover, it was a boy, something that their hearts had desired.
In the future, he would succeed Enol splendidly. That was why, she wanted father to let me ―― Lyss, do whatever she liked, or so it was written.

There was still more to the letter.
The end of the latter half was addressed to me.

If I were to chase after and get together with Lute-san, we sisters would surely try to kill each other in the future.
If I had the resolution for that, then I should push my way toward the future I wanted.

What was my elder sister talking about? I didn’t understand at all.
To be frank, I was still confused.
If I was together with Lute-san, Onee-sama and I would kill each other?
It was hard to swallow it all at once.

However, Onee-sama’s spirit blessing,『Prophetic dreamer』, was absolute.
Even I was convinced of it, because Lute-san saving our motherland was all according to the record book.

In other words, if I joined Lute-san, we sisters would kill each other.

Father’s feelings erupted in his next words.

“――After I read the letter when you brought the record book, I shivered in fear. My daughters trying to kill each other…… How many time have I agonized over it when something in the record book came true?”

Heavy suffering could be felt from father’s voice.
His own daughters trying to kill each other.
It was natural to not want to believe it.

“Therefore, I tried to keep them away from Lyss. To prevent you sisters from killing each other……”

So that was why an unreasonable order of defeating the giant scorpion was made.

“But, after all, it is a fact that they have solved this national crisis. If Lyss were to say that she still wants to marry him after this, I don’t have any right to object. Even though it is said that the High Elves are bound to only one person in their lifetime, there are instances in history where being married as a second, and even as a third wife, exist too. So, you don’t need hold back.”

It was somewhat strange for father to say the same thing as Shia, like his lips had loosened somehow.

Fortunately, now I had the time to decide.
Did I want to marry Lute-san, knowing that Onee-sama and I would kill each other?
……No, it was only the result.
Elder sister had her own intentions, and for that, she had left this country.
As for my own intentions, I would follow Lute-san. I would support his dream.
As a result, our paths would cross, and we would conflict, but even so……we wouldn’t regret it, probably.

A High Elf’s lifespan was long.
However, there was no meaning to it if you were simply living.
We had to move forward using our own feet.

“……I want to be together with Lute-san, no, Lute-san and everyone else.”

Those were my true feelings, without any pretense.

Father leaked a deep, long sigh.

“As I thought…… The『Prophetic dreamer』’s prediction is absolute, you and your sister killing each other can’t be avoided, can it?”
“No. It’s different.”

Father looked up on hearing my powerful voice.

“The prediction of『Prophetic dreamer』is certainly known as absolute. I and my sister fighting each other might not be avoided. But, thinking the other way, this means that I can meet elder sister again. We may start trying to kill one another, but it is possible to end it without murdering anyone.…… If that’s the case, then without fail, without killing her, I will try to bring Onee-sama back before Father, safe and sound. And why did she disappear? What was she thinking? I want to get the answers directly from Onee-sama’s mouth.”

The party who was the cause of my inferiority complex.
The opponent who I believed that I could never win against by myself ―― I declared that I would bring back Onee-sama, Lala Enol Meméa, in front of my father.

Father’s lips loosened.

“……I took my eyes off of you for just a moment, and you became strong.”

My father muttered, with a strong light in his eyes.

“Lyss, my beloved daughter. No matter how magnificent the man who wants to take the hand of my little princess is, I still can’t keep my guts from boiling. However, if my daughter wishes for it, I have no choice but to accept it. Lyss……you have to become happy.”
“Thank you, father. I love you too.”

We left our seats and hugged each other.
When was the last time we had hugged each other like this?
Even though I wasn’t sad, tears still overflowed.

Father was the first to let go.
He seemed a little embarrassed, and he urged towards the door.

“Go. Say your feelings out loud, Lyss.”
“Yes, Father. I’ll be going.”
“Send a message to the maids on the way.”
“A message?”

Father took a seat, and continued in a sulky way.

“Order them to bring me alcohol, until the table is full.”
“Fufufu, too much alcohol is poison to the body, you know.”
“Hmph, poison is fine. If I don’t drink today, then when would I drink.”

I bowed before leaving father’s private room.
When I came back to the room where Shia was waiting, I ordered the maids in waiting to bring him alcohol.
I also didn’t forget to remind them to pay attention, so that father didn’t drink too much.

When I left the room, I headed to Lute-sama’s private room at a quick pace.

“Your highness, it’s already this late. I don’t know what kind of business it is, but we should leave this for tomorrow……”
“No. I have to do this immediately. This is important, as this will change my life from now on.”

I refused Shia’s proposal and hurried through the corridor.
I advanced at a speed that was as if my feet had grown wings.

When I arrived in front of Lute-sama‘s private room, I fixed my breathing, and checked my hair and clothes.
When I confirmed that there were no problems, I knocked on the door.


It seemed that Lute-sama wasn’t asleep yet, as I heard a voice from inside.

The door opened.

“Lyss, Shia, what is it, this late at night?”

Lute-san came before my eyes.
With just that, happiness filled my chest, almost to the point of tears falling down.

With my heart throbbing violently, I said.

“O-, oh, what is it, Lyss?”
“Please make me your wife somehow! I love Lute-san!”

I probably won’t be able to forget his surprised expression until the day I die.



I think one of the most important events for a father is giving his daughter’s hand to another man.
That night the king will probably bathe in alcohol while reminiscing about the past, like when Lyss was small, giving him handmade presents… or so I envisioned.

With this and that, Lyss’ sentimental chapters end here.

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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