Volume 4

Volume 3: Chapters 020-049

Volume 4: Chapters 050-067

Chapter 050 – New Equipment

Chapter 051 – New Life

Chapter 052 – A setback in our New Life

Chapter 053 – The Wash Toilet

Chapter 054 – First Night x First Night

Chapter 055 – The Dark Elf, Xiah

Chapter 056 – Condition for the Master

Chapter 057 – Serious Fight Club

Chapter 058 – Level III Promotion Quest

Chapter 059 – Duel

Chapter 060 – Battle Time

Chapter 061 – Twin Magicians

Chapter 062 – Arrival at Mining Town Vesta

Chapter 063 – Sightseeing at Mining Town Vesta

Chapter 064 – Small Magic Stone

Chapter 065 – Twin Dragon Extermination

Chapter 066 – Request

Chapter 067 – To the High Elf Kingdom

Volume 5: Chapters 068-096

This is a re-Host from re:Translations.


-Project Head-

Mexican – MIA
yt ty – MIA
tintin – MIA
Laverdy Pramula
Endo (PF only)
lilscarra – MIA
Nichts (MIA)
Vidar (Hiding)
Milanin (Vacation)
Khh Mart (MIA)
Rainie Dai
Nekooo (MIA)
Estelion (HIDING)
alex24can (MIA)
watisit (PF Only)

Earl [MIA]
Ishman [Quit]
Bugarim [MIA]
BlesserZ [Busy with MoM]
Ronald Wangdra [Hospital]
CluelessPanda [Sometimes]

Currently looking for Translators AND Editors for this project. Translators first though. If you’re interested in Guns versus Magic and Harem… poke rei_hunter or CptCupcake on iRC


26 responses to “Volume 4

    • I suggest you head over to Re:Translations iRC (or contact them via their other communication methods available) and ask for a status update. IIRC the latest chapter is at the editor.

      ETA: I just realized that 62 was released 11 days ago :/. I’ll start the re-host process now.


    • The re-hosting of Gun-Ota has not been dropped.
      The translations of the series of Gun-Ota, by Re:Translations (not those of this site) has not been dropped either.


  1. Say… most of the translators seem to be MIA…did they dropped this project for a different one or just quit without notice?


    • Most of the time it indicates the latter, that they’ve just disappeared. I’m not sure how often the list is updated on the official project page. I know that I don’t get around to checking for updates and updating the list above that often.


    • If it takes that long due to lack of volunteers or when the volunteers are busy with real life, then it could happen. Not very likely for this series as there are more active staff on it compared to some other projects.


    • Hey there my friend. I’ve been downloading your EPUB versions and making them into PDFs so I can read them on my phone, but I’m having a problem with the EPUB for Volume 4. For some reason, every converter I try has an error in making it a PDF. Can you check your EPUB just in case something happened with it recently?


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