GunOta 67

Chapter 067 – To the High Elf Kingdom

Shia, still kneeling on the floor, revealed her true character.

“I am a guard-maid belonging to the High Elf kingdom Enol. For a certain reason, I became a slave to test you all, please forgive me!”
“P-please wait. I don’t understand what are you saying. What do you mean by becoming a slave to test us? From the way Shia said it, it seems that you knew that we would buy a slave.”

It was a coincidence that we bought a slave.
Meiya had accidentally eavesdropped on our conversation, and advised us to buy a slave.
Not being there, how did Shia know?

She painfully bit her lip.

“I’m sorry, I can’t tell you the details with my own mouth here. But one thing I can say is that if I didn’t become a slave, I wouldn’t be able to be together with young master.”
“Sorry, I don’t understand.”

She didn’t have to become a slave on purpose, couldn’t she just called out to me?
While we were perplexed, she bowed sincerely.

“It’s not strange for you to be perplexed, but I can’t tell you everything here. So for the details, after we have arrived at High Elf kingdom, the person who ordered me to become a slave in order to meet young master, will tell you everything.”
“Hey, is the High Elf kingdom such a dangerous place ?”
“No, you’re wrong. It’s a country on the west side of Fairy continent, full of natural lakes and forests. There are also a lot of people who come there for sightseeing.”
“It’s just as Snow-san said. I’ve never heard any stories that the High Elf kingdom has fallen into a crisis or anything.”

Snow and Meiya answered my question.
In short, it doesn’t seem like they’ve heard anything like danger approaching the peaceful country.
After hearing their answers, we looked at Shia again.

But she was still petitioning desperately.

“Everything I’ve told you is the truth. There are no falsehoods. Please, won’t you go to Enol, it’s fine if you just hear the story out! ……If after you’ve heard it all, and there’s anything that displeases you, just say it, and as your slave, I will even kill myself. That’s why, please, somehow, please lend me your power!”

Shia just kept bowing without moving.

[What do we do, onii-chan ?]

Chrisse showed me the mini blackboard.
I fold my arms and think.
It appears that Shia is just a guard maid that received orders from someone and approached us.

It’s just that Shia isn’t a bad person. Tested us means that she doubted us a bit … so it’s probably true that she’s troubled.
We’ve been saved by her many times, we trusted her, so just hearing her out is probably okay ?
If it’s beyond our capacities, then we can just refuse and go back.

“…..Okay, if just hearing it out is okay, then let’s hear it first, shall we ? First let’s go there, and hear the story from the one who instructed Shia, after that it’s not late to judge for ourselves. Furthermore, Shia is our comrade, we can’t just flat out refuse, can we ?”
“Yep, I thought Lute-kun would say so.”
[Me too, I agree with onii-chan’s opinion!]
“But going to the Fairy continent’s west side alone will take half a year, won’t it ?”
“Then please use my airship! By air you can reach the High Elf kingdom in just a bit over 1 month!”

Personal airship …… if I’m not wrong, that thing costs a fortune ……
Or perhaps I should say, as expected of Meiya, the Magic stone Princess.

“Th, thank you, everyone!”

Shia raised her face, tears oozing out of her eyes.
With this, it’s decided that we’re all going to the High Elf kingdom, Enol.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


Since we’ve decided to go to High Elf kingdom, Enol, the mobilization was quick.
The next day, we explained the circumstances to the store where we rented a wagon and paid the penalty.

After that we went to the Adventurer’s guild.
We informed the usual receptionist girl that we’re going to be away from this town for few months.
If the assessment for the twin dragon and the deliberation for our level up finished, just wait since we will listen to it later.

“Well then, just in case, please tell the Adventurer’s guild in Enol about my level up deliberation. Since I may do quests there and have chances to level up. In that case, if they know about our circumstances then they can let us level up right away.”
“Then Lute-sama, please lend me your tag. I’m going to carve [Level up deliberating] on it.”

I handed over the tag as I was told.
As usual she processed it with the quill pen which was a magic tool.
I took the tag she handed back.


After we left the Adventurer’s guild, we headed for the aircraft owned by Meiya.
The aircraft was at the port.
It wasn’t floating on the water, but stored in a rented out storehouse.
It was decided by the law, it seemed.

To make one ship, it took boat load of money.
Furthermore there are also money and connection needed to rent the storehouse, for maintenance,etc… in short, just owning it would take another boat load of money.
That was why even for nobles, it was hard to own an aircraft.
So just the fact that Meiya owned one personal aircraft was enough to show how much of an amazing person she was.

When I showed up at the port’s storehouse, I saw Meiya was hurling instructions for the cargo.

“Drinking water can be made with magic so it’s unnecessary. Instead of that, load magic liquid metal on. You can treat it roughly to some extent, but be careful to not spill the contents while moving it.”

On the outside the aircraft looked like a normal sailing ship. The only different part was that it was flat so it could land on the ground. Its size is bigger than a yacht, but smaller than a normal ship.
It flew with large amounts of magic power stored in magic stones. That’s why when it was flying, even if someone were to use magic on the surroundings, they can’t be sensed, that’s also one of its demerits.

The magic liquid metal I asked for just got loaded on. Just like aircraft in my previous world, this one had weight limits too, it had to transport magic liquid metal and magic stones already, so Meiya had to select the rest of the cargo carefully.

A porter man asked Meiya.

“Meiya-sama, if you want to make the ship light, wouldn’t it be better to leave this ?”

The wooden box next to the porter contained three wash toilets.
What nonsense is this man saying!
Isn’t that the most important thing!

After I made the wash toilet for my house, the interested Meiya gave the blueprint to the craftsmen and had them replace all the toilets in her house with wash toilets.
At that time I asked her for some spares too.
So that I could replace mine immediately if it were to break.

The ones we were bringing onto the aircraft were also a part of that.
One spare for when the one already installed on the aircraft broke.
One for the place where we would stay in High Elf kingdom.
The last one was spare for the one above.

Each and every one of them was necessary.
Leaving the toilets behind, really, what exactly was that man thinking.
Meiya seemed to understand too, as she scolded the man.

“That is necessary! Leaving that behind is outrageous! Move that right now, and carefully, pay more attention to the safety!”

The man was yelled at by Meiya, then he called his subordinates to carry the wash toilets onto the aircraft.
As expected of someone who called herself my first disciple.
……Well, if she were to say something like leaving the wash toilets behind maybe I’d excommunicate her immediately.

While thinking that, I called out to Meiya.

“Good work, Meiya.”
“Well if it isn’t Lute-sama! You even took the trouble to come to this dusty place to see me! I am extremely moved!”

“How’s the progress ?”
“I am preparing so we can leave the day after tomorrow. Anyway, why do you have to take the magic liquid metal with us ? I think it’s also available in High Elf kingdom”
“We will be staying on the aircraft for one month right ? So I thought I should use that time to develop a new weapon.”
“Ah, a new weapon !?“

When Meiya heard about a new weapon, stardust seemed to sparkle in her eyes.

“W-what kind of thing will it be !?”
“During our last quest our fire powers were lacking, so I’m thinking of developing a weapon to supplement that. That weapon’s name is: Panzerfaust.”

In 1942, during WW2, the German army developed a ground-breaking disposable recoilless high explosive anti-tank warhead launcher. That was the [Panzerfaust] — it means [Tank fist] in German.
A thin long iron pipe attached with the warhead which looked like two cups stuck together at the lips. Its full silhouette was a shape like a horsetail.

The German army used the Panzerfaust in a sense like hand grenades against the USSR’s tanks to destroy the tracks, damage the engine, … to immobilize it.
Furthermore the launched warhead’s recoil was so little even a girl could handle it easily.

Also, the type I was thinking to make this time was [Panzerfaust 60] type.

The first Panzerfaust that was made was [Panzerfaust klein].
Second one was [Panzerfaust 30].
Third one was [Panzerfaust 60].

The reason I didn’t choose to make [Panzerfaust klein], [Panzerfaust 30] was that the firing mechanism was too simple, like pachinko, which caused a lot of accidents.
Thinking about safety, destructive power (compared to klein, type 30 and on had about 4 times the amount of explosives), the answer was only Panzerfaust 60.

The thing you should notice about this Panzerfaust was that the warhead used was either [shaped charge warhead] or [chemical energy bullet].
[Shaped charge warhead], or [chemical energy bullet] is explosive charge shaped with a hollowed inverse cone, the cavity was covered with a metal sheet (liner).
With the utilization of explosives …… chemical energy, armor which the bullet body couldn’t destroy before, now could be destroyed.
As a result, [shaped charge warhead], or [chemical energy bullet] was the natural enemy of allarmoured weapons, soldiers.

And generally the [shaped charge warhead], or [chemical energy bullet] was misunderstood that it destroy armor due to the Munroe effect, but that was a mistake.

In the 1880s an American technician, Munroe discovered that instead of placing explosives directly to a flat iron plate, explosives with their surface caved inward could open a hole deeper in the iron plates.
That was the [Munroe effect].

In the 1920s a German scientist, Neumann discovered that lining the cavity of the explosives with a metal sheet could penetrate much more.
It was called the [Neumann effect].

By utilizing the [Neumann effect], [shaped charge warhead], or [chemical energy bullet] could penetrate armor that conventional bullets couldn’t.
Well then, how does this [Neumann effect] penetrate armor ?

When the warhead’s explosives explode, obeying physics, the explosion’s energy would focus on the least resistant part which was the cavity (If there was no cavity in the explosives, the energy would be transmitted equally, like how light focuses due to a positive lens, from the surroundings, the energy would be focused into the center point of the cavity. From the actual explosion the focused energy was thought to be about 20%).
Until then it was the Munroe effect.

Due to the explosion energy’s focusing, the metal sheet (liner) lined up inside the cavity (usually soft copper was used) would be evaporated (strictly speaking, it wasn’t evaporated, but only turned into a liquid like state. Not by heat, but by pressure).
An evaporated jet blast of metal molecules, together with high-temp high-pressure gas would punch a hole into the hard armor plate.
Now that would be Neumann effect.

In short, the [Munroe effect] would focus the explosive energy, the [Neumann effect] would turn the metal liner into a jet blast of metal molecules and destroy the armor.

While omitting the part I couldn’t tell, I explained the Panzerfaust to Meiya.
When she was done listening, she was on both of her knees, tears streaming down her big eyes.

“What a marvelous story! I am the most fortunate person in this world! Like this, I get to hear directly from god–no, Lute-sama has exceeded even god! Lute-sama is already a living god desuwa!”
“Stop it, Meiya! There are people looking! Don’t kneel, and don’t you kiss my feet again!

I used force to stop Meiya who was about to kiss my feet, and forcefully made her stand up.
I was happy that she idolized me, but I got the feeling that recently the frequency of her actions were turning from “sometimes” to “rampaging”.

“A-anyway, with that in mind, I intended to devote myself into creating the Panzerfaust while we’re moving, just so you know.”
“I understand! This Meiya Dragoon! Will be helping Lute-sama!”
“I, I’m counting on you”

She took my hand, leaned her face closer like she was about to kiss and agreed.
Her heavy breathing and dazzlingly shining eyes are scary.

Like this, we prepared to head off to the High Elf kingdom, Enol.


<Chapter 4        END>

Next time

Chapter 5        Boyhood   High Elf story -opening-



Author’s Notes

Black elf story ended! Next is finally the High Elf story of chapter 5! New heroine(s) enter the scene, look forward to it!


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