Volume 5

Volume 4: Chapters 050-067

Volume 5: Chapters 068-096

Chapter 068 – High Elf Kingdom, Enol Sightseeing

Chapter 069 – Record Book

Chapter 070 – Barrier Stone

Chapter 071 – Preparation for Departure

Chapter 072 – Portable Wash Toilet

Chapter 073 – комгаdе

Chapter 074 – Panzerfaust Type 60 and Barbed Wire

Chapter 075 – Giant Scorpion

Chapter 076 – Giant Scorpion 2

Chapter 077 – Letter

Chapter 078 – The Third Princess

Chapter 079 – Request

Chapter 080 – Insurance 

Chapter 081 – Black Silhouette

Chapter 082 – General-purpose Machine Gun

Chapter 083 – General-purpose Machine Gun 2

Chapter 084 – Effective Range and Maximum Range

Chapter 085 – Luna Rescue Operation

Chapter 086 – Knife fight

Chapter 087 – The Witch of Ice and Snow

Chapter 088 – Camouflauge

Chapter 089 – Secret Weapon

Chapter 090 – Legion Name

Chapter 091 – PEACEMAKER

Chapter 092 – Lyss’ Thoughts

Chapter 093 – Lyss’ Thoughts 2

Chapter 094 – Lyss’ Thoughts 3

Chapter 095 – Study Abroad

Chapter 096 – New Member

Volume 6: Chapters 097-107

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88 responses to “Volume 5

    • Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately I’ll be busy with academics until Thursday (Australia time) when I have some time off, so I won’t be able to create the re-host for Chapter 69 until then.


    • Thank you for letting me know. I just finished re-hosting Chapter 080 now. Apologies for not seeing this sooner.


    • There’s no set schedule for releases by Re:Translations for this series. In regards to re-hosts, I try to get them up as soon as I am aware (or am informed) that they have been released.


  1. Any new chapters this month?? Oh and this is kinda late but thnks for re-hosting(re-translate?) it love this novel


      • My blog is Legit I’m not forcing anyone to go there and it takes some time to generate the epub and double checking that it was properly made. I spent hours making these epubs for everyone’s convenience so fans can read it offline.


      • You blog may be legit but the URL shortener you use to host the epubs/pdf is not. You can’t even get to actual content as the URL shortener site will assault you with ads and malware.


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    • I’m just drowned in work, life of a Japanese salary man lol.
      In fact, it’s 10pm and I just got off of work, sitting on the train home right now.
      There are still a few chapters I’ve already translated waiting to be posted, but that depends on Rei though.


  3. Thanks for translating GunOta! Probably one on my top list of light novels! A protagonist who has really IRL skills to backup and description porn on what he was doing is refreshing to read.

    Waiting for Vol 6! I hope it comes out sooner


  4. I was riding my bike on Tuesday when I discovered this. Can you tell me more about this subject? I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further page thank you once again.


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