GunOta 48

Chapter 048 – Reconciliation

About half a month after we rescued Madam.
Chrisse-ojousama and Madam’s meeting place with the Vampire Clan has been decided.

The location is Chrisse-ojousama best friend’s residence, Karen Bishop from centaur race.
It would take place in the training ground.

The training ground is 3 soccer fields wide.
As expected of weapon dealers.
Usually this place is used as a training ground for the private armies, but right now nothing is here.

On the training ground 4 simple chairs are set on opposing sides.
In front of the chief seat, a wooden table is placed.
On it was an unfamiliar scale, standing there conspicuously.

The seat on our side are occupied by Ojou-sama and Madam, on their back me, Merry-san and Mercè-san lined up.

At the opposing side the fat Vampire clan’s patriarch Pylkkänen Vlad and the skinny Ravino sat there, on their backs Gigi-san and 2 others are standing there.
On the chief seat, Karen sat there, as a witness and moderator.

Normally, this kind of discussion would happen indoors.
But, on Vlad count house’s suggestion, this time it will be held on an open ground.

The weather is cloudy as usual, but there is no wind and it is quite warm.
It seems that having a discussion outside won’t have any unexpected drawback.

In the silence, Karen looked around, working as a moderator.

“Now, let begin the discussion between Vampire houses from the Vampire race. I karen from the horse clan will bear witness. in the case of not following the rules and violence is used, the party involved will be antagonized by the horse clan.”

In this regard, the Horse Clan is the top class fighting force.
There’s probably no one thinking of making the Horse Clan as enemies.

Pylkkänen the chief of Vampire clan raised his hand.

“And what if the Horse Family deliberately sides with the Vlad House in this discussion, hmm?”
“In the name of the horse clan i swear, absolute fairness will be assured. In the case of circumstances, compensation can be requested. And to prevent such cases to happen i’ve brought this [Scales of Truth.]”

[Scales of Truth.]

A Magic Tool.
There are feathers on both ends of the scale. One is white, one is black.
It is then balanced on the palm of the hand, it will judge the fairness of the person in charge, now that Karen had declared, if she supported Ojou-sama side, the white feather will sink. The opposite also hold true, if she supported the Vampire Clan, the black wing will sink. Other than that, the feathers won’t move.
It seems it was used a lot in the court.

“Can we confirm it?”
“Yes, certainly.”
“Oi, Ravino!”
“Yes, elder brother.”

The two men rise, checking whether or not the [Scales of Truth] was the real thing.

Looking at the backside, touching the wings,  also confirming that magic are properly contained by holding it in the palm of the hand.
Satisfied, they returned to their seats.

“People of the Vlad House, have you confirmed?”
“We do not see any problems with it.”

Madam shook her head to accept.

“If so, we will begin to open this meeting.”

Karen holds the Scales of Truth on top of her palm.

“I Karen Horse hereby will disregard my personal feeling and will conduct this meeting in complete fairness.”

The Scale of truth glows. Of course the equilibrium remain undisturbed.
With this the preparation are complete.

The one who spoke first was Vampire patriarch, Pylkkänen Vlad.

“We the Vampire Clan’s patriarch, cannot forgive the night raid that happened in our main Vlad house half a month ago! Right now I want to have justice for our house guards! We are no demon, but we won’t allow the Vampire Clan to be made fun of, that’s why we demand you to hand over Seras Gate Vlad and Chrisse Gate Vlad to us unconditionally. If our demand is fulfilled, we will overlook this incident!”
“Yeah, as expected for elder brother!”

Pylkkänen sat back on his chair, acting like a messenger of justice.
As usual Ravino, the second son, acts servile.

Madam rejected their demand.

“We never acknowledge people like you to become the head of Vlad Clan. You are just a thief who stole the seat and taking hostage…che-!”
“Fun! That was just an unfortunate accident. To begin with, a dispute around family inheritance is nothing uncommon for demon clans, on contrary it’s quite a common occurrence even among other clans. There should be no resentment for it.”

Pylkkänen composure hasn’t faltered even if he’s the perpetrator for taking hostages.
Such a shameless person.

Furthermore Pylkkänen pressed for an answer.

“First, the count of your family is unfortunately being enslaved and currently missing. For that reason, we assume the role as the head of the family. And instead of being grateful, you spoke ill of us.”

“…..If that’s the case, then there will be no problem. I will let my daughter Chrisse Gate Vlad to take the role.”

Even Pylkkänen was shocked by that statement.
He hurled insults, spittle flying out from his mouth.

“Impossible! The family head isn’t even here, and you just make a decisions as you please!? Furthermore she’s not even a magician, that incompetent daughter! A kid like that’s doesn’t deserve becoming the head of the Vlad clan!”

This time it’s Madam turn to attack.

“The head of the house is currently missing. That’s why I’ve decided to make my daughter into the head. Even if my husband is here, I doubt he’ll have any objection. Indeed she is still 12, and there is still time before she will grow into an adult at the age of 15. Considering the case, I will assume the role as a temporary head.”

Vampire clan representative, Pylkkänen and second son Ravino became so red that they turn blue.
Their argument is turned and used against them.
Like a boomerang that return and stuck on the thrower body.

Madam pressed on.

“As you said, my daughter probably doesn’t have any magical talent, but she got talent to take the role as the head of the family.”
“E, even a kid can say such a thing! Show us a proof, or we can’t accept it! Evidence!”

Pylkkänen snapped like a lowly dog at a point he can finally make an objection to.
He did so not knowing that the bait contained deadly poison.

“Then we’ll give you your proof. Karen-san, we would like to demonstrate a certain magic tool as proof, may we?”
“I don’t mind. Pylkkänen-sama, do you have any problem with it?”

Of course Pylkkänen doesn’t have any reason to object.
Receiving his consent, Karen gave out permission.

At her signal, I temporarily left my position, to get that certain “magical tool”

From Karen’s residence, a metal case was carefully being carried.
Moreover Karen’s servants, had implanted a wooden doll that is fully equipped with armours approximately 300 meter away.


Vampire Clan’s patriarch and second son tilted their heads.
Remembering what happened at that night raid, Gigi and company break into a cold sweat.

Used to it, Ojou-sama brought out the M700P.
Loading the magazine, the bolt is cocked.
There is no scope.

Ojou-sama moved away from her seat.
She improved her capability with body strengthening technique.
In offhand shooting stance, aiming approximately 300 meter away at the armoured doll.
Supporting the barrel with her left hand, she touch the trigger with her right hand.


A bullet shot out when the trigger is pressed.

Expertly Ojou-sama recock the bolt and a cartridge was ejected.


The breastplate was penetrated.

Another cartridge was ejected.


At the base, the left leg was blown away.

Another cartridge was ejected.


Next, the left arm was blown away at its joint.


Lasty, between the slit of the face mask, the right eye was pierced, then the head flew.

Both brothers of the Vampire clan were dumbfounded.

Instead of Ojou-sama, I left a remark.

“Karen-sama, due to a personal reasons Ojou-sama cannot speak. That attack— is there any problem if I’m the one who explains the firing?”
“Vampire Clan’s patriarch, is there any problem?”

Karen seeks permission.
They nod their head.

I once again clears my throat, then begun to explain.

“I’m Lute, a human race butler of the Vlad house. Being presumptuous, I will begun explanation on the magic tool that you had just witness.”

Everyone gathered their gaze to me.

“The magic tool that Ojou-sama used is called, sniper rifle ‘M700P’. similarly…”

From my pocket I pulled out and shown a ‘7.62mm x 51 NATO bullet’.
The size was about 1.5 times an AA battery.

“From this ammunition a bullet will shoot out. The effective shooting distance is approximately 1.5 kilometer. Even without body strengthening, just like before Ojou-sama could within 1km shoot the head, leg, arm, chest or anywhere she likes. Furthermore all sort of special bullets can be inserted into the ammunition, for example something like a silver bullet.”

In otherwords, within 1km, no matter what are they doing, maybe on a stroll or eating or shopping or defecating or bathing or nursing, one could be assassinated without any magical trace.
In actuality the actual practical effective shooting distance was around 900 meter, but that amount of bluff should be forgiven in a negotiation.

“Moreover, Ojou-sama’s skills are top-notch. Day or night doesn’t matter to her. In fact, she’s even better at night.”

Madam takes over the speech.

“If I am not mistaken, the two of you had a cute daughter and son, correct? Also, from (the wives) relatives a niece as well.”

Even though it’s not hot, the Vampire Clan’s patriarch and second son was drenched in sweat.
If this indirect threat was only a wordplay, it could be easily dismissed.
However, they were right now being presented with an unpleasant performance.

Would they be able to keep their vigilance, constantly in fear of sniper attacks from 1 km in all directions?
And not only for their own selves, at that.
Their daughters, sons, wives, nieces, and relatives too!

It’s impossible.
It’s unrealistic.
Most of all, nothing exhausts one’s mind and body like the constant fear of death.

Madam declared her ultimatum.

“We demand of you one thing only. Never again lay your hands on our Vlad’s Count house. In case you break your promise you and every single person who is important to you will experience misfortunes.”

The Vampire clan’s patriarch and second son instantly raised a white flag. Sparing not even a single second.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


After the meeting, the Vampire Clan patriarch and second son left Gigi and the others behind, returning home as if they were running away.

They begin to acquire a lot of debt, that’s why they tried to acquire the count’s house. Allured by the prospect of having count’s house property and business, they loaned even more money.

Pylkkänen and co trying to get out of the debt by using the money from the count’s house, but they failed. Buried by a hole that they created, probably they are going bankrupt.
After that, whatever may happen to them will have nothing to do with us.

The other two guards besides Gigi seemed to be thinking “Whaaatever.” and left the Horse House.

Only Gigi-san stayed behind.

I once again ask about what happen half month ago.

“Gigi-san……. Why did you betray the Vlad’s house?”
“—I, was born in a certain mountain headquarter in the Beast Continent and my parents are both bandits.”

Gigi-san slowly revealed his past.

But, the bandit’s master was subjugated by the adventurer. At that time, both my parents and friends died. Of course Master did not personally kill them, nor did he ever intend to kill them.
They lost their lives as the result of the battle.

Gigi-san was captured by public order corps’s soldier.
He’s still a child at that time, he was sold as a slave.

Luckily, he had talent as a magician, so he didnt recieve a cruel treatment.
A chance to grow his magic talent then appeared.
When his current master died, and his relative sold Gigi-san.

The one who bought him after he was sold to the Slaver was Count Dan Gate Vlad.
With his skill as a magician, his obedience from his time with his previous master was tested.

When Gigi-san met Master, he realize that he was the adventurer’s leader.
Maa, it’s troublesome that there are 2-3 people like Master…..

Even with a surprise attack, he realized that it was impossible to attack from the front.
So Gigi-san waited for an opportunity to get his revenge.

“I understand that, my parents and friends from the brigade at that time was trash, but they are still my family. My family died protecting me,….. and yet even with the enemy right in front of my eyes, I can’t do anything for my dead comrades. That’s why, I――”

For that reason he colluded with the Vampire clan’s patriarch and second brother — to kidnap Madam.

There Gigi-san sat crosslegged.

“… This was the reason I betrayed you, the truth of the matter. Now boil me or put me to the flames or what have you.”

He relaxed his body and showed no resistance.
With a dangerous mood hanging in the air, Madam stepped/closer.


The well-being of Master is still not known.
Thanks to Gigi-san, none of the maids of the Vlad House had been assaulted by men, nor had there been any deaths, but having said that, the losses were huge.
To me a mere servant, I have no right to stop Madam.

While my head is down a warm hand is placed on my arm.
When I looked up, I found that Madam was giving me a comforting smile.

“Gigi, I will tell you your punishment. For betraying the Vlad’s house… You will search for my husband Count Dan. Then apologize to the people, who are involved in this incident. And for the last punishment, I’ll let my husband decide. That’s all.”

As expected Gigi-san was shocked by the light punishment he received.

“I have betrayed Madam, by cutting confining and cutting Madam with a silver knife! And yet Madam didn’t seek revenge… impossible! If commanded i would even kill myself!”

Gigi-san the accused raised an angry voice.
But Madam ignored it nonchalantly.

“Certainly, betraying the Vlad house is a crime. But Master knew that you are the captured bandit’s children from the very beginning. The likelihood of being betrayed had already been considered when hiring you.”

At that revelation Gigi-san made a look of pure astonishment.

“And yet before I knew it above all else i cared about the Vlad’s house, and my husband and I became careless. So considering it was really our mistake,  I wanted to entrust it to my husband.”

Gigi-san loved the Vlad Family and thought of its interests as much as Merry-san, Mercè-san, or any of the other servants. Enough that I could tell, even with his usual taciturn unsociability.

Had that not been the case, he would not have said such loyal words as “The punishment you gave me is too soft” not “If you so order, I will take my own life”.
That’s why Master had completely let his guard down.

Gigi-san’s wish for vengeance was probably the real thing.
But because of the the long years he had spent with them, feelings of love for Master, Madam, Ojou-sama, and the servants had budded.
But the wish for vengeance that he held for many years in his heart――and his decision that he would “avenge [his] parents” as well, were probably not things that he could wash over.

It was because of Gigi-san that Ojou-sama and I were able to escape the castle as he was the one who said to not participate in the battle as I needed to protect Ojou-sama.
Was the fact that Master escaped with his life not also in large part due to Gigi-san working behind the scenes?
That no deaths had happened this time might also have been because Gigi-san wavered between his vengeance and loyalty.

Madam gave Gigi-san a cold look.

“Do you think suicide will absolve you? You are the Vlad’s chief guard, please act in a way to not shame that title. My husband has yet to be found, isn’t that right Gigi?”
“…I am unworthy of being the House of Vlad’s chief guard.  So I will humbly atone for my sins and on my life to find your husband.”

Gigi-san with his posture upright, his fists firmly planted in the ground, and his head lowered.
Although no rain was falling, the drops that did indeed fall to the floor were undoubtedly real.



But why Gigi-san, why did you not implement your plan earlier?
If you had acted swiftly Gigi-san, Ojou-sama would have never had the opportunity to escape the castle.

If I ran together with Ojou-sama, expecting it, it’s highly probable that Pylkkänen and co will take us down. Coming back with a few people holding guns is unexpected, but Ojou-sama existence was the most pivotal for winning. It would probably have been possible to strike a deal and move Karen’s family as well.

Could it be….. Gigi-san’s plan from the start was to fail and die?

But now it would be rather boorish to seek the truth of the matter.
I kept silent and resigned my conclusion to the depths of my mind.



Thus Volume 2, Raid on the House of Vlad, has drawn to a conclusion; except for the whereabouts of the Count.


Author’s Notes :

Thank you very much for reading this far!
Impressions, typographical errors, opinions; all of it is greatly welcome!!
Update scheduled for tomorrow, January 3, 21:00.

4 million PV breakthrough! Yaffi―――!
Really, thank you so much, everyone.
We arrived here from 3 million in the blink of an eye, so I’m shocked.




( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


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    • It’s an in-house conflict, so not going too far is an unspoken rules.

      Afterall, if it’s just beating each other up then healing magic and such can be used and the parties can sit down and talk.

      However, if death were involved, then other houses wouldn’t sit idly since losing their friends/business partners would certainly be bad.

      And those vampire house bastards are too cowardly to come out and fight, so the only people who suffered were the servants really.


    • They have a huge debt and well be likely to live a life of beggars
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  2. Well that was bullshit…. so you mean to tell that Gigi betrayed them for some shitty vengeance =_= with that reason, he could have just planned an assassination and then fail then have Dan kill him…. really not worth the while, author. so unprofessional……


    • It started as desire for vengeance
      But he couldn’t do it, because Dan was too strong
      So he stayed in the house looking for opportunity
      But overtime he found himself loving this house and its people
      So he’s torn between the feeling of vengeance for his parents and his love for the Vlad house
      Both feelings are important to him, and he can’t discard one for the other, so he chose the compromise of the two—betray in such way that there’s as little damage as possible.
      It’s an internal conflict, meaning neither party particularly want the other side dead (since that’s considered too far and would incite backlash from other houses), and since he’s in the enemy camp he can also ensure any servant who couldn’t escape doesn’t get any horrible treatment.

      And your idea would be equally…’bullshit’, Dan love his servants, Gigi included, too much so he wouldn’t be willing to kill them.
      I can imagine him just laughing it off saying “feel free to try again!”


  3. >In actuality the actual practical effective shooting distance was around 900 meter, but that amount of bluff should be forgiven in a negotiation.

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    • I just had a quick look at the raw. It’s something closer to: ‘Thus the second raid on the House of Vlad has drawn to a conclusion; except for the whereabouts of the Count.’ (Closer to the raw: ‘Thus the curtain has completely fallen on the second Raid on the House of Vlad Incident; except for the whereabouts of the Count.’) Hopefully that makes more sense? (as I’m not reading this series at the moment, I wouldn’t know)

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  5. Well that was just ridiculous! Gigi’s whole plan shafted everyone he knew amongst the servants as well as the Vlad family. And he was on the verge of carrying out the command to kill Merry and his loyal servant compatriots!
    And how does he get any revenge by putting another two scumbag members of the same Vlad family in place and serving them instead?
    Shouldn’t he just kill them all? Plus, there was absolutely no guarantee that his oujousama Chrisse would even be saved by Lute! She could have been killed, raped or sold into slavery…and he was okay with that risk? And if they got Chrisse instead they were prepared to kill off the Madam of the house (a woman that Gigi had already stabbed) as long as they had one hostage…
    Nah~ It’s bollocks storytelling. Gigi should have been killed or banished. Why believe he will still not seek his revenge on Dan?
    He’s pursued this for years but now he’s okay…WTF?
    Japanese authors have a habit of fudging the hard choices in these situations. They give you these bizarre character turns rather than deal with it realistically or even honestly…
    Shame! This story started okay. But it is getting stupid, fast….

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    • Agreed, this is pretty disappointing. I can see having him die with honor, perhaps even being told to search for Dan and then kill himself to atone, or at the lightest search for him and then be exiled from their house, but seriously? It is downright pants on head stupid, the height of arrogance in fact, to keep him on as a guard, much less the head guard, after one betrayal. Frankly it should lower morale among their staff. Who would want to work with a traitor?


  6. I can just picture the armor and wooden person just being obliterated within a few seconds. Anyone, anywhere, at any time in history would understand how powerful that was.


  7. Hypocritical. I need more violence, more fear planted into the 2 brothers. Being so lukewarm is typical of japanese manga/light novel that it is revolting. Just like one piece ir naruto, an enemy that caused so much torment to the MC is only KO-ed. If someone feels the same way you can read chinese novels instead. Revenge IS sweet.


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