Dragon Life

Dragon Life%

Translation by Vidar

I used to be a human girl. I can’t recall my name. Because I’ve turned into a female dragon. What’s more, in a certain kingdom I am considered a sacred dragon. My diet consists of humans… Eh? Humans?
It seems that after eating a human, that human’s magical power is what sustains me. How G R O S S. By now I’ve gotten used to it and eat without batting an eyelid though. Eeh. I want to live, too.

I’m a type of dragon called an “Earth Dragon”, which for genererations have formed contracts with humans in a certain kingdom, leading that kingdom to victory in war against an other kingdom that they are on bad terms with.

I don’t care about that. I want to live in peace. Since I’ve come to an alternate reality, I want to live in tranqulity.

However, when living together with my fluffy rabbit friend, I got branded as a “man-eating dragon”. Growing tired of those sent to vanquish me, I entered human society, ending up serving in the castle, where tasty looking humans abounded.

When I felt down about my job, I was immediatly informed that I had been selected for personal-reassignment. I’m to clean the 4th Knight Corps resting quarters. There I met a lineup of topgrade ingriedient tasty looking humans.

01 I used to be human. I’ve forgotten my name.
02 Rabbits are cute. Cuteness is justice. Justice is a rabbit.
03 A busybody raven and a wolf prone to worrying.
04 I got a weird nickname. Please stop using it!
05  It’s about time I moved, let’s do that.
06 A tree in a forest, a dragon among humans
07 Three girl apprentices. Including one dragon.
08 Castle and assignment circumstances. How complicated.
09 The captain is like fluffy cotton candy. He looks tasty.
10 The honoured knights seem to have a lot of free time.
11 The history between humans and earth dragons.
12 The subjugation of the man-eating dragon = My subjugation.


87 responses to “Dragon Life

  1. I do love insane troll logic. “Justice is a rabbit” is one I haven’t heard before~
    (For the record, I do not agree with the below)

    1. School is for learning.
    2. Learning gives you knowledge.
    3. Knowledge is power.
    4. Power corrupts.
    5. Corruption is evil.
    6. Therefore, school is evil.

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    • yeah, its problem is that the internet also gives you knowledge, as do your friends and family, so the logic train eventually leads to everything being evil.

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      • Not everything *sigh* just humans 😛
        But didn’t didn’t you know humans are evil!!
        (as pointed out one way or another in about every story i’ve read online – and strangely only 1/4 of those read in real life – though half of them try to brush it away with the excuse “humans hold love and hope” ~ i think it’s a Pandora’s box syndrome)

        Since i can’t give a full talk on the failures of our world, as this post is already too long, out of great sadness i shall use the most well story from those middle east religions:
        ~ We got kicked out of Eden because Adam and Eve gained wisdom (see even god doesn’t like humans gaining knowledge).

        we use knowledge to destroy it’s been our thing the past couple thousand years only just started to look up and use it for good.

        As to the initial post I say the opposite of the last line ~ school’s are the only refuge from the ‘evil’ of our world (usually, some fail at it though) the below is more applicable
        1. society want’s us to learn
        6. therefore society is evil

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      • Goodness, Mul, you managed to turn a light-hearted joke on faulty logic into some kind of philosophy dispute. WHY…?

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      • Because man corrupts? 😛
        Chaos corrupts even internet jokes, bwahahaha!
        Blood for the Blood God!
        Because Jokes for the Joke God simply doesn’t work.


      • Phantom: Just because humans made up evil, doesn’t mean that it isn’t there or that it doesn’t exist.


      • To illustrate Geeky’s point, if humans had not called the Sun, the Sun, would it have vanished?


      • to Owls point no the sun will not vanish but it will stop being the sun and start being a huge burning mass nothing else. and evil is a concept of man and evil is nothing but someone going against your moral code nothing else.

        simply put is it evil to kill a human, the easy answer is no it is not(looking at it from a view point that is not human) but the answer will turn to yes if you ask a human simply because a human want to live and it is part of there moral code to not kill each other(generally) unless it is war.


    • 1. Women = Time x Money
      2. Time = Money
      3. Women = Money x Money
      4. Money = √Evil
      5. Women = (√Evil)^2
      6. Women = Evil

      works for this story since she’s a dragon too

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      • And the irony is also that “money is the root of all evil” is actually a misquotation.
        Note the difference between “money is the root of all evil” and “love of money is the root of all evil”. 🙂
        It’s interesting how people have shifted the blame from “love of money” i.e the person’s fault, to “money” which is the object’s fault.

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  2. This story theme is mainstream but the main character is so funny( and dense +cute)and i really want to see next chapter >.<
    please dont drop this project.I love this novel so much!

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  6. The main character is a dragon (a human(ish) spirit in a dragon), she’s gotten used to being a man eating dragon and has slipped her way into human society.
    Her biggest challenge awaits, not eating her employers because they are all tasty looking.

    I really hope there are more translations of this. This is a weird novel and probably one of the more funny ones because of the conflicting natures involved.

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  7. I really appreciate the translation work by the guys on the site and I really like the story that’s why I am going to ask one favour and that is where I could find the raw of this as it is an incredibly involving story and would love to continue with it if vicar has to (unfortunately )drop this marvellous story ….again thank you for your great work and I’m sorry about any rudeness in this post


  8. thank you for the link…i sincerely hope vidar continues his translation as it is very good…this is just a case of hope for the best plan for the worst


  9. Both the story and translations are awesome! Thank you so very much and I’m eagerly waiting for more to come ( ̄▽ ̄)


  10. One of the genres is romance
    Although I don’t see that working out to we’ll (especially if it’s the captain)
    Nut it could be like a man’s “romance” is swords or a woman’s “romance” is shopping and a dragon’so romance is to *nom* on people


  11. I really like this story, its a really great read, and so I was wondering if I could take this project up.

    If no one is going to continue it, that is.
    (also If I should be contacting you guys in a different form, please let me know. I couldn’t find any contact page…)

    I’m really new to this translating thing, but I was thinking of starting, so why not, right?

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  12. RIP Vidar.
    ??? – June 9 2015.
    Died after being run over by multiple trucks. Has since reincarnated into another world as a man-eating dragon. He will be missed.


  13. is velket going to continue?
    Also, Vidar will be blessed by multiple truck-sans? He will be OP in his next life. We all know your reincarnated power is proportional to the pwnage dished out by truck-san.


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