GunOta 63

Chapter 063 – Sightseeing at Mining Town Vesta


As I opened my eyes, I made a stupid sound.
By seeing the faintly leaked light from the slatted shutter, I knew that the sun had risen up.

I raised up my head to that faint light, which confirmed the sleeping figures in Snow and Chrisse who were using my arms as pillow substitutes.

On my right arm was Snow.
Maybe because she untied her ponytail, her atmosphere and impression felt different than usual–changed from an energetic feeling to a quiet one. The two sides of Snow were both charming to me.

On my left arm was Chrisse.
Rather than using my arm as a pillow, her head was almost rested on my chest while she was sleeping. I’ve become a hugging pillow. Her sleeping face was more childish than usual, and her absolutely at-ease expression was lovely.

I took out my hands gently as to avoid waking them up, but —

Onii, chan.”
“…… Good morning to both of you.”

As expected, it’s impossible.
In the first place, rather than saying they were asleep, they were closer to dozing off, it seemed. That’s why they realized my movement and woke up.

Because we already woke up, we raised our bodies and got out of the bed.
By the time I opened the windows, the sun was already at its peak, and the street was already active.

“Looks like it’s already past noon.”
“Can’t be helped, because it’s been a while since we could sleep properly without worrying about night watch.”
[It is just as Snow-oneechan says.]

But the departure was only two days away…
Until then, we had to buy the necessary food, which is consumables for a 5-day travel to the capital, and load them onto the wagon. We couldn’t just around in the room all day like this.

“First, let’s meet up with Shia, have late breakfast and lunch at the same time, then go shopping in preparation for tomorrow.”

My two wives agreed with this proposal.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


We met up with Shia, who stayed in the room next door.
I told her, “Let’s go buy the necessary things before the day after tomorrow, then –”

“If it’s just that, then I will do it. Young master, madams, please take it easy.”
“But, to leave it all to Shia is …”
“What are you saying? I’m the young master’s servant; if you say it like that, then I’ll lose my face, you know?”

It’s like the president does the same work together with employees, huh?
It’s true that if that happens, the employee will be put in an awkward situation.

I accepted her offer and gave her money. I gave her more than enough, just in case.
While I was at it, I also told her that it’s okay to buy anything that she likes.

Shia shook her head in a reserved manner, but I still had a lot of money from the Twin Magicians’ bounty.
That’s why I told her not to mind it.


And as if we were free for the day, we decided our plans for the day while having a meal in the bar-cum-cafeteria on the 1st floor.
It’d be a waste to stay in the room, so we decided to go sightseeing around Mining Town.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


I walked around Mining Town arm in arm with Snow and Chrisse.
There were lots of young muscular men, maybe because it was a mining town.
They emitted a clear killing intent when seeing me walk arm in arm with two cute girls.

I know how you feel.
If I were in your shoes, I would yell [Real-lifers should just explode!] in my head, too.

“Hey hey Chrisse-chan, isn’t this pendant cute?”
[Yes, it’s very cute. This ring is, too.]

There were common shops in the mining town, but there were also lots of open-air ones where they sold by the roadside on a spread-out cloth.
The local specialties, such as metal accessories, blades, and metal ornaments, were laid out in large numbers. It seemed that they were put on display by young artisans wanting to raise their skills and earn pocket money.
Like a flea market in my previous life.

The open-air stall where we stopped by was one like a silver-accessory shop in my previous life, which was staffed by a young craftsman who was lining up his own work for sale.

The young Dragon Race artisan put up a businesslike smile.

“Please feel free to hold it in your hand. I definitely won’t force you to buy it.”

Receiving the offer, Snow and Chrisse let go of my arm and looked at them earnestly.
Meanwhile, I stood there like a scarecrow and waited for them until they were done. This is another one of a husband’s resourcefulness.

While I was idly waiting for them, two merchant-like people passed by my side.
I inadvertently heard their conversation.

“Oi, don’t you think it’s been strange lately in the outskirts of town?”
“I do; I do. Especially since I haven’t even seen ogres lately, much less small monsters. My family says “[Isn’t this an omen for something strange?]”
“I hope it’s nothing…”

The merchants spoke with worried faces and voices, then disappeared into the crowd.

(You don’t have to be so worried, since the Twin Magicians leading the ogres are no longer there.)

Because the Twin Magicians gathered and organized ogres, the other monsters were hunted down in droves; the result is that they disappeared from the forest.
Since we’ve apprehended them, the forest will surely return to normality in time.

While I was thinking that, Snow came while carrying a simple pendant made of metal chains in her hand.
She stretched it over her neck to show me.

“What do you think, Lute-kun?”
“It suits you well. Matches your hair color.”
“Ehehe, thanks.”

My trousers were pulled, and I turned around.
Chrisse was putting golden earrings on her ears.
The earrings were not inlaid with gems or magic stones, but it was a beautiful type with detailed craftsmanship.

[What about me?]
“Chrisse’s match you. too.”
[Thank you very much.]

Being praised, Chrisse also blushed bashfully.

Snow seemed to like silver, simple ones, while Chrisse preferred golden, beautiful ones.
I jotted it down as a memo in my mind.

“They really fit you both. I’m sure the accessories would surely be happy too, to be worn by the two of you.”

The youngster kept glancing at me.

“No, if they’re worn by you two, then to the creator, there’s really nothing happier than this.”

He threw more glances at me.
I got it, I got it.
This is where I had to show my resourcefulness.

“I’ll take this; how much for two ?”
“Thank you for your continued patronage! The actual price for one is 1 silver and 2 large copper coins; but because you want to buy 2, 2 silver coins will do.”

About 20,000 yen, huh?
If I think of it as a fee to know their tastes, then it’s cheap.

I handed 2 silver coins to the youngster.

I put the accessories on their ears and neck, and they smiled happily.

“Thanks Lute-kun, I’ll treasure it.”
[Thank you, onii-chan. I too will treasure it forever.]

Their smiles were priceless.
Then we got back to walking around the town.

We stopped by a place like a food market to take a break and eat snacks.
This town unexpectedly had as many sweets as the amount of muscular guys there.

We ate the representative of all the sweets: the steamed bun.
Uncooked dough that got mixed with beans that have been cooked with sugar and then steamed. It’s similar to steamed bread and steamed cake in my previous world.

“This is the first time I’m eating this. The sweet beans are delicious.”
“Snow, you’re okay with sweet beans?”
“Yeah, I’m okay.”

She looked okay as she said and kept eating heartily with a happy face.
In the previous world, I heard that there is no concept of sweet beans overseas and that there are people bad with them, so they can’t eat Japan’s red-bean paste.

“Chrisse, how is it? Delicio– Chrisse?”

I stopped talking midway and stared at Chrisse without thinking.
She wore a serious expression, like a researcher dealing with an dangerous object, while eating the steamed bun.

[Indeed, the sweetness of the bean compensated for the dullness of the dough. But I think instead of just adding sugar to the bean, it would be even more delicious if we also added salt and such to make the sweetness stand out. On a scale of 10 points, I gave this 5.24 points.]
“I.. I see.”

The points are detailed!
As expected of the demon race.
The race that loves sweet to the point of boasting, “Wheat is not used for bread; it’s used to make cake.”
She even hired Malcom-san, the exclusive chef, just to make sweets.
Maybe because of that, she’s dead-serious about sweets and snacks.

Her eyes spoke “Sweets aren’t a game.”

I’ve done well currying favour from this master with sweets ….

After we were done eating steamed buns, we went back.
Because the sun was about to set.
We planned to have dinner at the same place we had lunch: the inn’s first floor.
Lunch was delicious there, so I guessed that there would be no problem.

“Ah, my bad. I forgot to ask Shia for one necessary thing for tomorrow. It’s fine to do it tomorrow, but I’ll just go buy it and come back quickly, so won’t you go back first ?”
[Then let’s go buy together.]
“No, it’s really nothing important. I’m fine alone. So you two go back, first.”
“If you say so, Lute-kun.”

As they turned their heads to look back at me, I pushed their backs forcefully, urging them to go back to the inn.
I wish I could have fooled them a little better, but I had no talent in the art of conversation.

After I sent them off, I headed to a shop, which I guessed was the precious metal shop, during the sightseeing in the afternoon.

The goal was the marriage bracelets for them.

Currently, the marriage bracelets they’re wearing are plain ones I made from magic liquid metal. But as expected, I couldn’t have accepted those as marriage bracelets myself.

Of course those two were satisfied with just that…
So this was completely for my own indulgence.

I secretly took quests alone from the guild and saved up money.
A total of 6 gold coins — about 600,000 yen.
In short, it’s about the same cost of making two wash toilets.

1 item was only 3 gold coins, so it was probably fine for display.

On the outside, the shop was about as big as a convenience store; but it was prettier than other shops, so it left an impression.
After I passed through the door, an old Dragon Race clerk with complete white hair welcomed me.

“Welcome. How can I help you?”
“I want to give my two wives marriage bracelets; can you show me some?”
“For a wife ? 2 even ? Now that’s some manliness.”

The old clerk smiled pleasantly after he heard “2 wives.”
He looked like a good guy.
I told him my budget and their preferences, then I had him show me a few.

Snow’s taste is silver color, simple design.
Chrisse’s taste is gold color, fancy design.

Among the ones shown to me, there were two that caught my attention.
Snow’s was a simple, silver bracelet inlaid with bluish-white magic stones and gems.
Chrisse’s was a fancy design made up of small gold chains, attached with red magic stones and gems.

Each of the magic stones had already been charged to be able to fire magic once.
The old clerk recommended it, saying that they’ll be happy with magic-stone-equipped bracelets that have practical use, since this is a dangerous world.

It’s certainly practical, and the design seemed to be something they’d like.
Furthermore, since they’re also marriage bracelets, they come with bracelets for the man with the same design, so at 3 gold coins a pair, they were well within my budget.

The man’s bracelets were only treated as accessories, so they didn’t come with magic stones or gems. They were just plain marriage bracelets.
But those two would probably like these.

“These ones, please.”
“Thank you very much. We’ll throw them in this case as a bonus.”

I took the old clerk on his offer and accepted the case.
I handed over the 6 gold I saved to the clerk.

After about a few minutes later, he handed me the bracelets in something that looked like paulownia boxes.
I firmly secured them in my pocket so that those two wouldn’t find out.

“I hope you bring your wives along next time.”
“Yes, absolutely. I’ll take them along next time.”

I once again said my thanks and then left the shop.

Timewise, it took me about one hour. Anymore and I’d have been worrying them.
As dusk drawn closer, I hurriedly went through the alleyway, heading back to the inn.
As I walked, I lightly tapped the marriage bracelet inside the pocket.

“Guess I will give it to those two after finishing this quest. No, I might as well throw a surprise party and give these to them when I get back home, I guess?”

Thinking about Snow’s and Chrisse’s surprised and delightful faces, I couldn’t help but grin.


A good and peaceful day.
However at that time, I thought not even in my wildest dream that we would fall in such a predicament.

Author’s Notes :

Having converted the wives’ marriage bracelets into wash toilets for comparison, this MC…
He’s no good, I gotta do something quick!


( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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