Dragon Life – 6

I decided to descend Vizenna mountain and head for human habitation, but I avoided the village at the foot of the mountain. Because this village girl is by all likelihood a former resident of this village. It would be weird if a girl who went missing for a year suddenly reappeared. It was a long distance, but I decided to walk towards a town further away from the village. Even now I think it was something reckless to do.

But because I met peddlers, villagers and townspeople along the way, I couldn’t resume my dragon form and fly. It would stand out, and since I’m going to live as a human from now on I didn’t want to use cheats. I decided to only use my dragon shape when I had no other choice. Like when eating.

I arrived in a town where humans lived for the first time, but the atmosphere inside was completely different from what I expected which surprised me.

Men dressed as soldiers were standing at the town entrance, inspecting arriving travelers. And they were quite strict about it. It appears this town is in the territory of the Alvina kingdom, and they were very vigilant about people from other countries, especially the Tiruzoto kingdom.

I successfully mixed into a merchant party and somehow managed to get inside the town, but the scenery of the town was also curious.

I am a genuine japanese person. Right now I might be a dragon, but to the scene that was so different from that of Japan, I couldn’t help but watch in a daze. It was a street that looked like it was part of a movie set for a movie about middle age europe. Sometimes horse carriages would pass, acting as if they owned the stone paved street. Men were wearing pants and shirts that seemed easy to move about in. Some gentlemen wearing clothing that looked like tuxedos were also around. The women were all wearing dresses that reached to their feet, and none of them had short hair like the men had. All of them had had pale colored eyes and hair. I’d thought that there would be people with brown, blond and red hair, but that there were some who had blue and green hair surprised me. I wonder what they used to color their hair. I thought it mysterious that those with such striking haircolors were walking around the town without anyone batting an eye.

What further caused me to wonder was that I couldn’t see a single person with black hair and eyes. I thought I would see at least one by coming here, but I couldn’t see one as far as my eyes could reach. The only black creature I’ve seen so far has been Rau. Not being able to see my familiar black color made me feel lost, and this made me realize that this world isn’t the world I knew.

Most houses were made of brick and timber, the places where people lived were usually two story buildings and shops were one story buildings. Though I call them stores, because they are similiar to market stands done behind gates, I don’t know what else to call them.

[Miss, how about one of these?]

When a merchant said that to me and held out something that looked like a fruit my way, I realized that I didn’t have any human money.
It seems like I need to go job hunting in order to fit in the world of humans. After I refused the uncle who called out to me I aimlessly wandered the town wondering what I should do now. A job, huh. I wonder if not having an ID rules me out. Hmm, that would be worrisome.

When looking for a building that would help me with job hunting, I noticed the words “Hello Work” on a sign in front of a certain establishment, which caused me to unintentionally burst into laughter. It was turned into Hello Work inside of my mind, but it didn’t fit the street at all.

I’m certain that my brother was indebted to Hello Work…. Aaah, that’s right, I had a brother. Strange that I suddenly recalled that.

I wonder if it really is a place for job hunting, but grasping at straws I decided to enter the building, where a man and a woman were frantically bustling about.

[Good grief! Cancelling the day before is so rude! How did her parents raise her, it’s to the degree where I want to see her parents!]

[Even if we complain, there’s nothing we can do about it Lily, rather than that focus on finding a girl to replace her!]

They were busily comparing the papers they held. It might be compact inside, but they properly had a reception desk and a meeting table.

Aside from a blonde woman and a brunet, there was no one there.

[That’s right! How about that girl who came the other day? I’m certain she said she wanted to live-in work!]

[She’s no good. I’m sure she decided to start working in the Alexander family’s house!]

[Just when did she decide that!? Argh!]

[It’s because you’re never able to decide, Lily!]

[It’s because I couldn’t find a household that fit that girl. Aah, right now I’d nominate a cat to that position if I had one!]

There’s a dragon here who isn’t busy.

They seemed kind of occupied so I thought I’d return at a later time, when the woman noticed me and closed in on me with glittering eyes going [Oh, my my.]

Overpowering me she caused me to take one step backwards. She grabbed both of my hands solidly and shook them furiously.

This is a true hand shake.

[Could it be, that you came here looking for a job!?]


The man also noticed me, looked up from his documents and rushed over.

[Aah, you seem busy so I will return another day-.]

It came. The man interrupted my speech and looked over me from the top of my head till the front of my feet.

[Fairly decent appearance with a proper carriage of the body, age around fifteen or sixteen?…Yup, she’s perfect!]

[Wait, Roi! You’re being rude to the girl!]

[Aah, sorry Lily-. It’s because of this emergency, so I did it unintentionally.]

Unintentionally, what do you mean unintentionally?

I get a similar feeling of incompetence from this man as I get from Whitey. His face is unkempt, and his clothes are worn-out. He seems like the type that’d be dominated by his future wife.

Miss Lily in comparison to that, was not wearing especially expensive clothes, but she had a glittering aura. Maybe she had a decent amount of magical power. Yeah, she looks delicious.

[Could you tell us your name?]

[I’m Vito.]

[Oh, what an unusual name. Where are you from?]

[From the Vizennu mountains in the east…From a village at it’s foot.]

[There are a lot of villages there, aren’t there. Could it be that you’re from the village closest to the mountain, Viennu?]

[Yes, that’s right.]

A straight faced lie.

[I seee. Is it okay if we ask you for the reason why you’re here searching for a job?…Ah, it’s not like we’re suspicious of you. Girl’s looking for jobs are rare. Most girls marry and help out with the jobs at their parents house. That’s why the girls who come to us usually have some special reason. There are even girls who come from villages farther away than your village… I don’t think your village is so poor that it can’t look after one girl though?]

Since it’s come to this, I must pierce through with a lie! Let’s GO!

My head was spinning, desperately thinking of some reason. A reason for a girl to leave her village alone, there must be some! Not a boy, a girl… That’s right, the most real thing that is happening right now might have enough persuasive power, so they might believe me.

But that means involving my existance… Well, whatever. It’s not like I’m there in that mountain any longer.

[Recently a man-eating dragon has been coming out of the mountain… Do you know about that?]

[Eeh, if I remember correctly subjugation parties have went there several times, but not a single one have returned alive.]

As I thought, it’s been spread here as well. While it’s convenient, it gives me mixed feelings.

I hold both of my hands in front of my chest and look downwards sadly. There are no tears, but no matter how they look at me I should look like a pitiful girl.

[Daddy and mommy told me that if this continues staying here would be dangerous, so go enter the service of someone far from here. I was in danger but I wanted to stay with them… ! But daddy and mommy frantically begged me. That if something happened to me it would be too late… And people from the village who have entered the mountain have gone missing, and honestly I… I was so scared. That’s why I came to this village. But on the way I lost all my belongings in the river. While at a loss, I came to this establishment.]

I could hear someone sniveling. It certainly wasn’t me. It seemed like it came from next to miss. Lily, so it was probably the man. When I snuck a glance, he was wiping his tears with a pale handkerchief.

What a soft-hearted person. I’m sorry for lying to you.

[Li, Lily-, let’s go with her. We must go with her! If she keeps at it she will learn etiquette, and above all else, she’s so pitiful! I want to help her, even if it is only a little!]

[Eh… Right. But stop being filthy in front of a girl, Roi.]

[I, I’m sorry. But the tears won’t stop.]

I wonder if it’s okay decieving such a nice person. I feel slightly guilty, but I really need to find a job. And I think this is the best chance I’ll get. If I was one day slower or faster, I probably wouldn’t have this chance. That’s why I’m not going to have this chance slip away from me!

[Errr, I don’t have an ID.]

[You don’t need to worry. Didn’t I tell you? That girls with special circumstances come here. And you even told us your birthplace. We only need to make a new one so you don’t have to worry. I’m more worried about the girl who suddenly cancelled. We don’t have another girl to replace her… Honestly, you saved us by coming here.]

[After all, it’s the castle we’re talking about.]

Having finally stopped his running tears and snot, Roi said so while looking at his papers.

I see, the castle huh. The castle? That’s where a girl with circumstances…
W h a t ?

[You know that the Alvina country is to the west of this town, right? I want you to work in the castle over there. But it’s easy work that even you will be able to do. The rules are slightly strict, but you will have all necessities covered, and the pay is nothing to sneeze at either. Such a good job doesn’t get offered very often, I never thought that girl would refuse it! Aah, it makes me furious!]

… Serve in the castle. This has turned into something extravagant. I hoped that I would be able ot find a decent job in this town, but I had no idea that I would be taken from this town and find work in the Alvira kingdom to the west. You never knows what can happen in a human life. Ah, for me that’s dragon life, huh.

[I won’t ask you to go immediately, so relax. You will be going there after the one who put up the request has taught you the absolute minimum you need to learn. You will be together with two other girls, so I think you’ll get along well.]

That’s reassuring. If I went to work in the castle, I’d not know what to do right now, anyway.

[But you will start tomorrow. Is that alright?]

[Yes. No problem at all.]

Miss Lily looked very happy, she smiled as she hugged me. Uwaa-, something soft is hitting my face, causing my heart to beat. So human women were this soft, with such a good smell.

Until now I had only froliced with animals, so I didn’t know.

[Come to think of it, you lost your luggage in the river, right? If so, then please stay here for the night. It’s the least we can do for you. I’ll even give you dinner and breakfast!]

[Eh, is that okay?]

That’s like a wish come true. I was wrangling my head about where I was going to stay until tomorrow, so this is welcome. I’m used to sleeping outside, but there doesn’t seem to be a place to sleep outside in this town anyway.

[It’s fine, isn’t it, Roi?]

It seemed like Roi had begun preparing the documents immediately. Looking over our way with a goodnatured smile, he vigorously shook his head up and down. What an amusing person.

They asked me some questions in regards to the documents and the printing of the ID, after which they led me upstairs. There they immediately started making the ID.

When I asked them if ID’s are that easy to create, they replied that yes, they are. In the beginning, the papers are only needed when coming and going in big towns and between countries to tell from what country they are from, and usually those who live in villages don’t have one. That’s why creating new ID’s for people who come from villages isn’t that uncommon.

While they were creating the ID, they asked me about the village, but there was no particular problem. The ID’s are formed so that they can be easily worn such as a bracelet or a ring, and the ID these people made for me was a cheap bracelet. While thinking that when I turn into a dragon I must take it off first, my own ID made me happy which caused me to break into a smile. This form is that girl’s form so I feel somewhat guilty, but it’s at the same time the proof that I’m here.

After that I stayed in the establishment, and since it was already night mr. Roi had already left for his own house. It seems that the only one currently living in this establishment was miss Lily and originally the owner lived here. Lily was entrusted with this establishment because the owner had to travel far for a business trip.

Miss Lily made dinner in the kitchen that was inside the house. I felt bad about only waiting for the food, so I helped but I’m honestly quite bad at housework. What I can do is only at the level of peeling the skins off vegetables. I’m envious of miss Lily who is so good at housework.

The meal that miss Lily made was delicious. Regarding just how delicious it was, then if I was to compare it to anything, it would be to with a human whose magical power was of a good quality with a decent amount who I ate whole. What’s more, one who had received the protection of a spirit of earth.

I’m sorry if the comparison was bad. It’s just that recently, I haven’t been able to eat any home-cooking. From my human memories I remember eating stuff like cup-noodles. Junk food is also good, isn’t it. But it loses to miss Lily’s homemade cooking. So much that I’d happily take her for my wife.

And above all else, eating something together with someone else makes it better.

While complaining about picking up someone with no relatives, she told me about the owner while looking very happy.

Humans are nice too, is what I earnestly felt.


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  1. She has quite incredible luck to meet such a nice bunch of people. I kinda expected her to be cheated and have to go full dragon.
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  2. Vito, stop playing with your food. It’s rude. Think of those starving dragons in Fantasy-Ethiopia.

    My thank to you, O master of the harem.

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