Dragon Life – 9

It’s been decided that I’m to be assigned to the fourth knight corps dormitory, but formally I will be assigned to work under the fourth knight corps captain. And I heard that the captain here is quite the odd person.

The work schedule I received from the Madam is like this:

Early in the morning I am to wake the captain. It’s already strange at this point, isn’t it. It’s not like I’m a maid, what is he making a cleaning servant do? The captain is apparently an incredibly bad morning person, so if I fail to wake him up, after a while the lieutenant will come and finally wake him up. What a troublesome person. After seeing him off, I am to clean his room and the lieutenant’s room next door. While they are eating breakfast, I am to finish cleaning, then go to the dining hall myself and eat a light breakfast.

How I’m going to clean after that is mostly left to me. Sweeping the hallways, washing the windows, dusting off the lounge and the ornaments.

Doing all of that alone will take quite some time, but how much time I use doesn’t really matter from what I’ve heard. It seems I have to return to my room before it turns dark. Night is apparently when they’re merrymaking, so being a lone girl there would be dangerous. How thrilling. I will eat them before they eat me, though. Ah, but if I do that, I can no longer stay in the castle, huh. Let’s be careful.

Anyway, I’ve been told the important points and what I need to do.

Now I’m headed towards the dorm. The cleaning tools are inside the dorm, so I’m arriving barehanded. The only thing I bring is resolution. I’m so cool.

I’m walking inside the castle as I’ve been taught, with the dorm as my goal. It’s quite some distance farther than where I usually work, so I’m slightly worried, but when I see the dorm I feel at ease.

The four dorms are quite large. The area the dorms are occupying, isn’t it larger than the castle itself? It’s probably because they’re knights. When thinking of knights, what I heard is that there are both those of common birth like me, and those of noble birth.

Anyway, the dorm to the far right is the fourth knight corps’ dorm. A huge number 4 is written in the middle of the dorm and that’s how I came to find it. They’re probably still asleep, since the surroundings were deathly silent. When I opened the door, the entrance hall appeared behind it. If I continue in that direction, I’ll reach the lounge. The huge lounge door was open. If I remember correctly, the captain was living in a corner on the fourth floor. I climbed the staircase until I reached the fourth floor and went for the room at the end of the hallway. The second and third floor is where the other knights are staying. The first floor is where the public facilities, like the dining hall and the bath are. When I arrived at the captain’s room, I took out the key I’d been given and slowly put it inside the lock, turning the key. With a clink, the lock snapped open. Feeling slightly nervous I opened the door, and the first thing I saw inside the room was a large desk. When I looked at the surroundings, I discovered that it was a refined, simple workroom. Lots of books were crammed into the bookshelves and lots of papers were on the desk. It seemed to be disorderly, yet it wasn’t. What a mysterious room.

The bedroom was in the room to the right. This room wasn’t locked, so I could enter easily.

What should I do if he’s scary? If it’s a gross, middle-aged man, what should I do (I’m sorry)? My heart is pounding in my ears.

While saying ‘excuse me’ in a tiny voice, I enter the room and close the door.

A large bed is placed in the middle of the room, and the shape of a human can be seen, bulging from the sheet. He’s asleep, as expected. I wonder if it’s really okay to wake him.

The weather is good, so I guess I’ll start with opening the windows. Passing the bed, I unfolded the curtains, unfastened the metal fittings and opened the window. It seems like I can reach the balcony from here. I could see some kind of gray building from the balcony. It seemed to be some kind of stables, but it was heavily fortified and even under guard. Could this be where they kept the dragons?

I’m extremely curious.

But waking the captain takes precedence.

I took a deep breath of the outside air, resolving myself as I moved closer to the captain’s bed. As I timidly looked at his head, I couldn’t see his face since he was facing another direction, but his long bright-green hair was flowing on the sheet.

For an instant I thought he was a woman, but thinking that there’s no way that there’s a woman here, I gently reached out towards his shoulder.


Come to think of it, since I was in a hurry, I didn’t even get to hear his name from the Madam. I’m not really troubled by it, though.

I shook his shoulder, but his regular sleeping breath didn’t change at all.

[Captain, captain.]

This time I tried to shake him as hard as possible. But it didn’t work either.

It seems that what the Madam said earlier was true.

This is a job where you need to break some bones. I wish the lieutenant arrives soon.

[Captaaaain! C, a, p, t, a, i, n!… Ahoy captain! It’s a trap!]

I tried various things, but none had any effect at all. I guess the captain is one of the reasons why the servants keep quitting.

After trying to wake him for twenty minutes, he didn’t show any signs of rising, so I decided to rest, absolutely astonished. That he didn’t wake up even when I arbitrarily decided to sit on his bed was the last of it. This really is a good bed. I want to try sleeping in a bed as fluffy as this one. Nevertheless, just how am I supposed to wake him?

[I guess I’ll turn into a dragon and trample him?]

If I did that, even this captain might wake up. What a stupid thing to mutter.

My left arm was suddenly grabbed by something.


Since the movement was sluggish, if I had wanted to avoid it, I could have, but since I was startled I stiffened.

Just who is gripping my arm?

The answer is simple. The only ones here right now are me and the captain.

The one who grabbed my arm is without question the captain.

While rubbing my eyes, I slowly lifted my body from the bed, which caused the sheet to slip off from his body. His long hair was undulating across the bed, flowing like a gentle wave. Because his long bangs blocked the view, I couldn’t see his eyes, but his straight nose bridge and his milk pure skin made me realize that he was younger than I had thought he’d be.

Since he was called captain, I had the image of a middle-aged uncle, but there’s no way this man has passed the age of thirty. Rather, he looks to be in the lower twenties.

The hand that grabbed my arm, was less masculine and instead rather feminine. But it seem this person indeed has been training, since his palm was hard.

And what I wanted to say above all was:

――――This person, looks so bloody delicious.

If I by any chance returned to dragon-form here, I might just eat him here and now. Without thinking, by instinct.

From the ends of his flowing bright green hair to the nails on his toes, everything is so fascinating that I wouldn’t have been able to help myself.

My heart was throbbing as if I was a lovestruck maiden. I wonder if you can understand the feeling of finding a top class food before your eyes.

He looked so much more delicious than any other human I’d ever seen, it almost destroyed all my reason.

I don’t know. I don’t know what expression I should be making as I have these feelings.

But, one thing is absolutely certain.

――― One day, I’m going to eat him, without question.

I’m going to taste him as I eat him. But only eating him once would be a waste. I’m going to eat him over the course of several days. Or rather, I want to split him into parts and preserve him. No, eating him resolutely in one gulp would be best. No, no, no, that would be too much of a waste. First I’d eat his limbs one by one, followed by his trunk. Or should I start with the head? Even wasting one drop of blood would be a waste, so maybe I should eat him after bleeding him out? Leaving him alive for a while and only sucking his blood is also viable. Absolutely viable. No objection.

Oh no, I’m drooling.

As the battle in my mind was raging between reason and instincts, the captain rose up, of course dragging my arm with him.


That’s when he finally seemed to notice my presence, as he curiously glanced at the arm he was grabbing and then looked in my direction. Then he slowly tilted his head in confusion.

That’s right. Here. Here is where I’m supposed to introduce myself. If I escape now he’s surely going to think that I’m a suspicious person!

That I think he looks delicious might be exposed. I’m not drooling right now, am I?

My left arm was hanging in the air in a strange posture, but without hurry or panic I introduced myself.

[…I’m the servant Vito Vienna, who from today onwards, will be in charge of this fourth knight corps dormitory. I might be inexperienced, but please treat me with care.]

As I said that, the captain let go of my arm.

[Changing again, huh.]

His voice didn’t betray an ounce of interest. It’s probably because of that, that the rate of change for the servants here is so extreme.

The captain stifled a yawn while he remained seated on the bed. Maybe because he still was drowsy, but his movements were awkward, but he reached for a tiny drawer and withdrew three things that looked like hairbands. Combing his long hair with his fingers, he then proceeded to part it into three, whereafter he started to braid his hair skillfully.

Ah, this person has his hair braided.

I finally realized. The braided person I sometimes spot in the castle, is without question this man.

Since the hair was long and braided, and the person’s figure was slender, I thought that it was a woman without question, but when I asked Chiffon she told me [That person is a knight, so it’s a man, okay?]. When I looked more closely, I noticed that he seemed to be wearing a pure white military uniform.

When I noticed him in the castle, I would take a closer look. The reason for that is probably because of his hair. Because of his three part braided hair.

The first time I saw it I thought it was extremely unruly hair, but when I looked closer, I realized that the braid would probably be able to reach his waist, and that it was parted three ways from behind each ear and from the back of his head, and that it was braided. I’ve seen two-part and single braided hair before, but I’ve never seen a three-part braid so I thought it was curious which might be the reason why I kept looking for him.

Thus, every time I found him, I whispered ‘The braided person’ in my mind. To grow hair of this length would probably take quite some time. I’ve never seen a woman with hair this long, much less a man. And the fact that it actually suits him truly is a mystery.

While in those thoughts, the captain skillfully laid down again to sleep. It seemed like he still was sleepy, but the two hands he’d used to braid his hair were still in his hair.

While wondering what his deal was, I sighed. I called out [Captain.] several times, but as expected he didn’t budge.

If you’re this defenseless, I might really eat you, hey!

With no choice, I once again commenced shaking his shoulders.

[Captain, captain, you’re only halfway done with your braids! Is that really fine? I mean, if you comb it with your fingers, it’ll hurt, you know! Even though you have a comb…]

Before, I only got a glance, but inside that small drawer there was a very feminine looking comb. Even though a comb is for combing hair, to not use it is a waste!

And even though it was decorated simply, it was gorgeous. I wonder if he got it as a present from someone.

As I shook him, the captain finally stirred.

My relief lasted but a moment, as he reached his hand inside the drawer and handed me the comb. Moreover, he also gave me the earlier hairbands… Could it be that he wants me to comb it? Or wait, he heard what I said? Even though I thought he was sleeping.

To do it while standing is difficult, but it seems I’ve got no choice but to do it, huh. It’s the first time I’ve ever touched the hair of a man. As I combed his long hair, I got the urge to scream “Just how well has this hair been maintained!” because of how easy it was to comb.

My current hair is, frankly speaking, quite stiff. For that reason I always kept my hair bound in two balls. That’s why I was envious.

But this silky long hair, just what is it. If the women of the world saw it, they would envy it for sure.

As I was mostly done combing the hair, I spread it in three, making sure not to have them entangled in each other as I began braiding them. Long hair can easily get entwined at the hair ends. Besides, I really had to take care when braiding his hair or chances were it’d look stupid.

Whilst taking care of braiding the three parts, I thought that my work turned out well, if I may say so. This is the first time I’ve braided such a long hair. I’ve got a strange sense of accomplishment.

[Captain, I’m finished.]

It seemed he was still drowsy, as he simply nodded. As I nodded at the braid I’d made, feeling satisfied, he finally rose.

Whoa, he’s tall.

Since I’ve only seen him from afar, isn’t he easily over twenty centimeters taller than I am? It seems that the men of this world are quite tall on average. I wonder why. Since I’m only working in places filled with women, sometimes when a man stands near me I get a fright. Mr. Roi was quite short though, so he didn’t surprise me very much.

The captain seemed like he wanted to change his clothes, as he walked towards the closet.

What am I supposed to do?

Oh, I get it. He’s telling me to attack him from behind, I understand… Nah, no way, huh.

While having such pointless thoughts, someone knocked the door. Seeming to know that no answer would be coming, the person quickly entered the room. When the person saw the captain standing in the closet, he was startled.

[It’s very unusual for captain Luu to be up and about at this time.]

I startled him.

Could this person be the lieutenant? From one glance I saw that he had a visage that would make kids cry. His figure was so tall that he almost couldn’t fit in the door and his scary face, if he said that he was going to kill ten people right now, it wouldn’t feel strange. His voice was also low, with a threatening quality.

What he was wearing however was a military uniform and he had a sword hanging at his side.

The lieutenant scowled in my direction. He probably didn’t actually scowl at me, but that was how it felt. Scary.

[Are you a new person?]

[Yes. I’m known as Vito Vienna.

[Miss Vito, there’s one thing I’d like to ask. Just how did you manage to make captain Luu wake up?]

Even if you say that. I simply jolted his shoulders. When I told that to the lieutenant, he cocked his head to the side, puzzled.

[That’s strange. Captain Luu usually won’t wake up, no matter what.]

[Usually, you say?]

[Ah, that’s right. Before a battle or the days we’re practicing flying, he get’s up early, like today.]

I asked if today was one of those days, but apparently the schedule for today was the usual training.

[I’m sorry for having delayed naming myself. I am the lieutenant of the fourth knight corps, Adolf Defoe.]

As I once again introduced myself, the lieutenant once again explained the contents of the job I already heard from the Madam. As it seemed that he had difficulty explaining the circumstances of the last girl, I smiled to reassure him.

[It’s okay. I’ve heard everything from the Madam. I’m going to do everything in my power when working here, so please take care of me.]

[Is, is that so. That’s reassuring. But please don’t be unreasonable. Suddenly quitting without talking with us is troubling for us as well, you see.]

That’s very troublesome, isn’t it. However, the suddenly quitting girls were probably driven into a corner. Just how difficult is this job?… It seems like I have to prepare myself for the worst.

The lieutenant told me that he looked forward to working with me, then left the room.

It seemed like I didn’t need to mind the captain, who was changing behind me. But hey, I care, for the time being I’m a maiden.

The captain simply changed into his usual uniform, then, without doing anything else, left the room.

He still seemed sleepy, will he really be alright?

Anyhow, with no one else here I looked over the bedroom. It wasn’t particularly disordered, so it seemed fine if I simply made the bed and dusted the room. I didn’t really know what I should do with the scattered papers in the workroom, so I avoided them as I cleaned.

When that was done, I went over to the lieutenant’s room. When I entered and looked around his room, I saw that it was neat and tidy, not matching with his appearance.

It was so neat that I really didn’t have to do anything. But, a job is a job, so I did what I came for.

When I was done with cleaning their rooms, it was finally time for breakfast. As I was walking along the corridor, I looked out a window and saw men in uniform moving somewhere away from the dorm. It’s probably a drill. Which means this dorm is now vacant.

When I arrived at the dining hall on the first floor, the chef beckoned me. He was a man, old enough to be my grandfather.

[Are you the new girl?]

[Yes, I am known as Vito Vienna. Please treat me well.]

[I’m called Nasso. Call me what you like.]

Mr Nasso rubbed his shaggy beard as he chuckled. He was an older man who looked good while laughing.

I was pressed down on a chair where my breakfast already was prepared. Fresh bread and a hearty soup, together with a salad and some meat. Meat first thing in the morning. Eating enough protein is important. It was slightly too much, but it was really tasty so I ate it all.

[You eat quite well, even with that thin body.]

[I should probably hold back a little, huh…]

But it was tasty. If something is tasty, I eat it all. That is my policy. It won’t actually give me any energy, though.

Mr Nasso laughed splendidly and hit me on my shoulder. It hurt slightly.

[To eat a lot is good! The girl’s till now haven’t been eating enough, only eating about half of what you ate.]

[Eh, is that so?]

Now that I think about it, Chiffon and Ariadne didn’t really eat anything when compared to me. Could it be that I am a large eater?

I’m not eating as much as Saus, though…

[I wanted to know how much food I should prepare for you, but seeing how much you ate I should be able to give you the same amount I give to everyone else and you will make short work of it.]

That’s impossible even for me-, is what I wanted to say but when I’m in the mood to eat something, I’m scary.


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