World Teacher Volume 1: Prologue & Chapter 1

Alternative translations for World Teacher Volume 1: Prologue and Chapter 1 are now up.

Main page.

Volume 1: Prologue

Volume 1: Chapter 1

Update: To prevent more people (who have not read the main page) from jumping to conclusions. I’ve added my Notes & disclaimers which was already on the main page, to this post.

****Notes & disclaimers:****

    • These translation(s) are an alternative translation to those done by Defiring and others.
    • Once again, I am not trying to take over the series, but wish to provide an alternative translation for those interested.
    • Defiring (linked above) already has the first few volumes completed and will most likely be translating at a much faster speed than I am.
    • As I am doing this without a translation checker nor editor, these translations are more than likely to contain inaccuracies in translation and terribad Engrish.
    • As this is something done in my spare time, there is no schedule. I make zero promises, I may drop it at any time.
    • I have added ()’s for continuous chapter numbering. Just +1 to the ()’s for equivalent Defiring chapter numbering.
    • If you see any mistakes – feel free to notify me in the comments.