Villainess Brother Reincarnation – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The brother shows his sister the proper way to live


“By the way, has Michelle finished breakfast already?”

I asked Roy as I was changing clothes.

“Yes, she finished just earlier.”

“I see. Please let her maids know that I’m going over to see her after I finish eating.”

“I understand.”

“Then, let’s get going.”

In Duke Alderton’s family, the entire family only gathers for dinner, everyone eats breakfast and lunch whenever they feel like it. Of course, it was different for the servants, they had a large dining room and table for everyone.

But anyways –

“This is really a lot……”

There was a large loaf of white bread, some meat that looked like some type of fowl, tons of hams and sausages, and even the soup contained meat in it. In comparison, there were almost no vegetables. All I could see were some carrots and onions in the soup. If it’s like this, of course Marcel would be fat, this is all so bad for my health. Now that I’ve recovered my memories, I think this is pretty bad, but in the first place Marcel was the one who asked for this type of menu. That’s right, there used to be vegetables, but it was Marcel who said to take them out because he wouldn’t eat them anyways.

“Roy, if there’s any vegetables that are ready to eat in the kitchen, please tell them to bring some out. Also, please call the cook here for me.”

“Yes, immediately.”

A little after Roy went off to the kitchen, a kitchen maid arrived with a plate of salad, along with the female head cook.

“……Marcel-sama, is there something wrong with today’s breakfast?”

The cook seemed to be looking at me anxiously. Come to think of it, Marcel seems to complain about the cooking from time to time. As for me, I’m getting quite a headache from Marcel’s arrogant attitude towards other people.

“No, it’s not about that today. By the way, what was your name again?”

“My name is Helen.”

When I asked her name, her expression became even darker.

“Well then, Mrs. Helen, from now on, I want you to change my menu starting from today’s lunch. Starting with the amount, just a quarter of the bread and meat will be fine. In its place, please increase the number of vegetables and beans.”

“Well, I can do as you command, but is that really alright?”

“Ahh, Raiheart-dono never had grand meals, and it is said that he liked to eat similar things to the commoners. I’m going to emulate him.”

“Uh, I see……”

“Oh yes, Mrs. Helen. You must have been troubled by my selfishness up until now. I’m sorry.”

“Ehh!? No, such words are unnecessary……”

Helen couldn’t keep up with my sudden change in character, and was panicking. The kitchen maid that brought the salad also seemed to be stunned.

“Well then, I give my thanks to the gods, as well as to Mrs. Helen that made such a meal.”

I prayed first before starting to eat the salad. It’s not bad at all, but I frowned on purpose.

“Oi, it needs a little more–! ……No, nothing. Vegetables are delicious. I have to eat more vegetables just like Raiheart.”

After involuntarily complaining at Helen and glaring at her, I hurriedly stuffed myself with vegetables. After that, compared with the me from before, I ate a very modest amount of bread and meat to finish the meal.

After I gave my thanks and left the dining room, it seems that there was quite a ruckus in the kitchen. Well, without a doubt, they’re probably talking about my change in character. I could feel all of the servants’ gazes on me as they worked in the mansion, well they probably already heard the story from Kana. This is a good trend. If everyone hears the story, it’ll save me a lot of time in having to explain myself each and every time.

I returned to my room to look for another book. She should already have it, but this sort of thing needs to be presented to have more meaning. I found the book I was looking for and flipped through the pages as I rested a bit after my meal. Although I’m completely prepared already, it’s good manners to be on time.

When it was about time, I had a sudden thought. I thought I would never use again, but I might as well take “that” with me.

“Well, let’s go.”

I informed Roy so, and went to Michelle’s room.

“Marcel-sama is here to visit ojou-sama.”

Roy knocked on my sister’s room, and informed her of our visit.

“Everything is ready. Please come in, Marcel-sama.”

A maid replied from inside the room, and Roy opened the door in response.

……How annoying.

It’s just a brother coming to visit his sister, but since it’s the custom here it can’t be helped.

“Welcome, onii-sama.”

Michelle welcomed me with a wide smile. She has silken smooth blonde hair and crimson eyes.

Is it because she’s a future villainess, she has tsurime eyes, but that’s not a problem as she’s still quite a beauty. Hmm, this sister of mine will eventually turn into an outrageously evil villainess, and will utterly fall towards a path of destruction.

“……What on earth are you doing, hurry up already and invite onii-sama inside.”

“I, I’m sorry ojou-sama! Please come in, Marcel-sama.”

At being reproached, the maid hurriedly pulled a chair over in a panic and invited me in.

……Darn, I didn’t think I would be this late already?

I was actually thinking that if Michelle talked to me, she would invite me in herself or something.

I wanted to set her on the right path casually without appearing too obvious, but now it seems that I might have to interfere a bit more strongly.

“Hey Michelle, how was the capital?”

My sister was visiting the capital last week, and had just returned.

“The capital was the same as always. More importantly, please listen to me, onii-sama! Prince Edwards is really great!”

I wonder where her tsun attitude towards the maid went, my sister was now completely in dere mode.

In the game, Michelle also loved the prince a great deal.

Unfortunately, it was only a burden to the person in question.

And so for quite some time, I listened to my sister talk on and on about Prince Edwards.

“Alright Michelle, I understand very well what Prince Edwards is like now. Today, I came over to give you a present as congratulations for getting engaged.”

“Oh, what could it be!?”

I took the book that Roy was holding and passed it to my smiling sister. Now that I think about it, maybe it would have been better if I wrapped it.

“This is — a book?”

“Yes, ‘The Legend of Queen Lydianne.’”

“Onii-sama, you should know that I already have this book, right?”

My sister’s smile suddenly turned into a look of being bored.

“Yeah, I know that already. It’s not about the book that I want to give, it’s the mental attitude.”

“Mental attitude?”

“That’s right. When I heard from father yesterday about your engagement to Prince Edwards, I decided to try and become just like Raiheart-dono as the king’s brother.”


“And so Michelle, you should aim to become a lady just like Lydianne!”


She couldn’t keep up with my sudden high spirits, and just rolled her eyes at me.

“I understand very well how much you yearn for Prince Edwards. But, it’s no good if you’re the only one thinking about him. Wouldn’t it be bad if he didn’t feel the same way about you?”

“W, well, of course!”

She probably never even considered such a thing. Michelle agreed with me in a panic.

“Then that means you should become a lady that will be loved by the prince. For that to happen, your goal should be Lydianne-sama.”

I nodded confidently.

The maid attending my sister was completely stunned at the sudden direction of the conversation.

Okay, it seems like this could work.

“I’m aiming to be just like the king’s brother, Raiheart-dono. Why don’t we work hard together?”

I flashed a smile at Michelle, and stood up.

“Alright, then in order to be like the king’s brother, I’ll show you my swordsmanship.”

I walked with determination to the door, and stopped. It was very sudden.

“It was like this as well when I came in here, it seems that the maid attending Michelle has been derelict in her duties.”

At hearing my words, the maid came to me in a hurry. Then —

“At great trouble, us siblings are going to walk down new paths, don’t ruin the mood for us.”

I took out the whip tucked into my waist, and uncoiled it. I cracked the whip sharply in the air, and the maid just stood there petrified.

“Incompetent one, after I’ve used this whip on you amply, I’ll be trying my new sword on you.”

“Ee, eek!”

The maid was crying in despair. Then –

“P, please wait, onii-sama! As the king’s brother, it’s not good for you to recklessly hurt a maid like that!”

Very good.

Just as I expected, my sister came to stop her older brother’s violence. No matter how bad her attitude towards the maid was, she couldn’t turn a blind eye towards her being killed.

“Oh, that’s right eh, it’s like that.”

I showed off an attitude as if I was greatly disappointed, and put away my whip.

“Thank you very much Michelle, it seems that the road to becoming like Raiheart is still long, I almost violated it. Maybe you’re already closer to the proper path than I am? Protecting the servants with your kindness, it’s just like Queen Lydianne.”

I laughed in a pleasant manner.

“Well then, I suppose I’ll just take my leave now. That maid over there, you’ve been forgiven by Michelle. Do your work properly from now on.”

“Y, yes!!”

The maid came over to open the door for me, and I left my sister’s room.



33 responses to “Villainess Brother Reincarnation – Chapter 3

    • He reincarnated as the fatty prince in the game but only remember about the previous life after he listen to his sister engagement. Kinda like got his memories taken out and shove it back in later.

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  1. I wonder when he would finally get rid of his body’s rude habits. Maybe never? XD And so the obvious solution is to find a maid who enjoys being whipped and have her become hsi exclusive whipmaid 😛


  2. Oh, but this looks like a FUN story. An MC who instead of doing a 180 degree about-face and becoming good, is instead pretending to make a gradual, explainable transformation… Oh, my, I might faint.

    My thanks to you, imperfectluck.

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  3. Thanks Imperfectluck! This reforming princess antics are interesting indeed. Especially like how he sometimes lapses back to his old self, but he leverages that to his advantage. This guy is really thinking!

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  4. I can’t believe how well thought out this is. Hehehe.
    I’m in love with this guy already. Excited to see more of his antics. 🙂
    & It’ll be hilarious once he becomes an ikemen. Hahaha.
    Thanks for the chapter~❤

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  5. Please add this to the main site or at least to the categories like the other translations do others can easily see it.


    • lol, Good one mate.
      Truck-san is a magical truck in every novel that whoever get hit by him, get send into game world or get reincarnated. It become a thing now, everybody talking about it when a truck appear in a series, this truck stuff.


      • Oh course it would be Truck-san!
        It’s the officially approved inter-dimensional transport with many exclusive contracts and plenty of business partners! It is also equipped with inter-dimensional tracking&filtering system that lets it find the right target with his/her ticket from any parallel universe!
        Regrettably, due to failures with their marketing campaign, they operate mostly domestically, with almost all their revenue coming from Japans of different parallel universes. Due to that, Truck-san Inc. is still trying to hire designers for logo, slogan and theme-song production!

        PS: Tough luck for those few targets that didn’t notice their ticket and still had stuff to do before the ride arrived~


  6. thank you for the chapter!
    I find it entertaining that he sometimes relapses to his old personality, hoping it won’t disappear too soon.


  7. oh! This is already a really interesting one even though it’s only the beginning, what a shame T_T


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