Heat stroke

Well, since I ended up walking 2 miles in 113-115 (45-46 degrees C) degree weather yesterday (I have a car, but usually walk for exercise, and didn’t check the weather,) I suffered a bit of a heat stroke, thank you Arizona weather. Currently rather fatigued and not very energetic or up to translations. Expect a delay of a few days for the next update of Destruction Flag Otome, letting everyone know so I can nip this question in the bud before I get asked. Also, if anyone knows any good ways to recover aside from drinking lots of water and getting plenty of rest, let me know…… I googled and it’s mostly stuff on emergency first aid, not much on treatment after……


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  1. 45 degrees? Ugh. It’s like I always say, exercise is dangerous stuff. Best left to the professionals.

    Get well soon, and good luck with the treatments. I’m afraid I can’t provide much advice besides the obvious.

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  2. Where I am in Nevada is about the same, so I’m also hiding inside.

    Try taking a cold bath, I remember when I used to get high fevers a cold bath helped bring my temperature down. Also, with the water drink it room temperature, so you’ll absorb it faster. If you have any sunburns, aloe vera (which is also pretty cooling to have on the skin anyway 🙂 )


  3. You mean heat exhaustion? Coz heat stroke is the kind where they confine you to the emergency treatment room for a week and even after that you still either have permanent disorder or brain damage. And no, there is no better method to recover than what you already know.

    So, get well soon!


  4. Dang~that’s pretty rough. Unfortunately, drinking and sleeping a lot is the only cure I’ve ever heard of. You might want to drink some Gatorade or broth as well, though, to up your salts as well as rehydrate yourself a little more. A cold shower would probably not be harmful, either, if your water regulations will allow the expense.

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  5. Hope you get well soon, really though, if you faced such weather, turn back and skipped a day should have been OK. Aside from drinking regular water, maybe some lemon juice with salts ? The idea is lemon give you vitamin C and salts, well, salts, both would be good for the body. And dont put sugar in, salt and lemon would make other more consumable by itself.


  6. Careful with cold bath. You could get serious colds that way very easily :ill:
    Drink fresh fruit juice, specifically watermelon (just eat it). You would get advice to drink lots of water, but drink fresh fruit juice to recover your body’s mineral and vitamin balance.
    Eat some broths/soups that is easy to make
    Tomato lightly fried (less oil) then cook with water. Pour one egg in. Cook till done, 10 minute max.


  7. right, its not just water, but electrolytes you should be drinking. Urban or rural, you should always have a bottle of water on hand when you go outside and live in a desert area. After getting a heatstroke during basic training, my history teacher lost the ability to regulate his body temperature one way or the other


  8. getting iv drip like kukkiri said is the fastest way. the other way is get some real rest and drink some ion adder sport drink with room temperature. cold temperature will incite a real fever so refrain to drink any iced drink or making the room super cold. keep the room temperature moderately.


  9. Please make sure you are getting enough: calcium, magnesium and potassium. If you are not taking a multi-vitamin, I would suggest doing so. Do drink sports drinks (with electrolytes!) and more water than you usually drink. Do not drink anything with caffeine, energy drinks are a TERRIBLE idea. Also, sleep more than you usually sleep and make sure you keep cool and don’t get an elevated temperature. Tepid showers (cool but not COLD) aren’t a bad idea. Definitely not a good idea to take HOT showers for a while. I was nauseous for quite a while with heat exhaustion, you might want to try some ginger ale – that was really helpful to me. Sleep and lots of water was the thing that helped me the most.

    Hope you aren’t too miserable (>.<) !!!!!!


  10. Hope you feel better soon! Make sure to replenish your electrolytes!
    You could also put a cold towel on the back of your neck while you’re resting. It helps you cool down. That’s the best advice I have on the matter. ^^ Get well~❤


  11. ow surprised you didnt get sunburn.
    Get lot of water and fruit drink. The fruit drink would help with vitamen lost a bit. I dont advise taking cold bath for a day or two. The temperature different could easily create a cold or make your body heat rise even more thus developing into a fever.
    hope you get better soon
    Hi Im new to this site and was wondering what the update rate is for Dragon Life.


    • Though this is my experience so not sure if cold bath will make it worst for you. everyone body reaction is different


  12. If you were expose to high heat don’t suddenly go to a cold room . one of the cases discussed during our first aid and cpr training is a deliveryman suddenly collapsed when he arrived at an airconditioned building. Findings say blood vessel ruptured . this is like a hot glass suddenly splashed with cold water.


  13. Arizona weather Huh? Yeah, Phoenix weather is ridiculous during summer. I feel you. Not as bad as Yuma though… In case this sort of thing ever happens to you again, I’ll give you the good advice of lying in bed or on the sofa for a very wet towel (drenched in cold water) under your head. Maybe two towels or three also on your face. It helps. When I was little I got heat stroke after playing in the finals of a tennis tournament during 122 weather one of the few times that has happened… That’s what ended up working for me.


  14. Although Im late, I will say this for reference. Refrigerate the aloe vera first. Make it cool so your skin wont really sting if u apply it on sunburns. Also, it feels relaxing


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