Destruction Flag Otome – Side story 3

Side story 3 – Noble wives’ tea party


For me, Miri Diana Claes, the biggest headache in my life, my daughter Katarina, went to magic school this spring and my home finally became very peaceful. The vertical lines being engraved on my forehead between my eyebrows were also beginning to disappear.

When I sent my problem child off to school, I didn’t give her any warnings in particular, well, even that daughter of mine would probably mature a little at school, is what I thought.

And so, when that daughter of mine returned for summer break, just like always, she put on work clothes, started working in the field, desperately practiced tossing a mysterious toy, and kept doing things I don’t understand…… Well, since it seems like she hasn’t gotten into any trouble at school, I’ll just turn a blind eye to her strange actions at home.


However, that’s what I thought, but…… I was really too naive…… From the bottom of my heart, I was reminded……

Noble wives would gather once a month on a fixed date for a meeting. Today was the scheduled day for our monthly tea party. Since many high-ranked noble women gather here, a lot of them have children in magic school, and just now all the children have returned for summer break. Therefore, it was natural that the topic of conversation would be about the children and magic school.

I listened to the other ladies telling stories about school that they had heard from their children, and shared some that I had heard from mine as well. And so, among the stories…… I heard this rumor.

“I heard this from my daughter, for some reason, it seems that there’s a rumor that someone’s making a field at magic school!”

“Er, something like a field…… You mean, a field like a farmer’s?”

“That’s how it seems. What’s more, it’s said that it’s one of the school’s students that’s making it.”


Next to the other women that all had looks of surprise – I desperately hid how shaken I was inside, and pretended to be just as surprised as they were.

“But, the students there are mostly high-ranking nobles, I don’t think such a person would be there……”

“It’s as you say. I’m sure that someone spread such a story as a joke or something.”

“That must be it.”

“But anyways, it’s really such a funny story.”

In accordance with the other ladies that were laughing, I smiled as well and said “that’s right.” But in reality, cold sweat was running down my back……

There’s only noble children attending school there, there shouldn’t be anyone there that would make a field…… The person in question that’s the butt of everyone’s joke has to be……

However…… Right now, there’s a field that’s invading the Claes family garden bit by bit…… And my daughter that works in the field so happily with a hoe……

Thinking something like she’d mature a little if she went to school…… I was too naive, and made a huge mistake……

You’d better prepare yourself for when I return home……

I clenched my fist as hard as I could under the table.


37 responses to “Destruction Flag Otome – Side story 3

  1. I’m imagining a field with enormous teeth and claws, slowly nibbling and advancing onto the mansion proper, while Miri hides trembling in the corner…

    My thanks to you.

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  2. Dear Mother of our Monkey girl..just give up..even though she’s like that, she already have a massive harem…she’s charming everyone already!! ig she became ladylike she might charm more people with her monkey-ish-lady manner
    this was Random reader..have change name to Landomu

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  3. short….

    bakarina: Hiiiiiii!
    Anne: what’s wrong oujo-sama?
    Bakarina: n-nothing, I just felt a chill for some reason?

    hours later….

    Bakarina: I’m sowwy *hick* rewease me aweady *hick*.
    Diana: hmm… how about? NO!

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      • No no, she’ll remember. But she’ll have the bright idea of wearing dark ninja clothes when she goes out the next day. After all, if no one finds out…she’s safe.

        Then she faints because the sun’s really hot that day and she’s wearing an all-covering black suit.

        When she wakes up, her mother is waiting. Her list of crimes?
        Working the field
        And wearing ill-advised clothing.

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  4. TOO SHORT ‘A ‘

    Also, I can’t wait to see her mother’s reaction once she realizes her daughter also built a harem and has her own hidden fan club.

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  5. Everyone knows she’s desperately practicing throwing the toy snake… I need Jared’s POV I’m gonna die XD XD XD XD

    Thank you so much imperfectluck I love you!!!

    Even though there’s no official confirmation that you’re feeling better, I truly hope that you putting out chapters means that you’re fully recovered!!!! Stay hydrated ~~~~

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  6. Haha. Poor Bakarina. She’s really in for it now.
    I just hope she doesn’t drag Anne down with her.
    I’m surprised they didn’t assume it was Maria making a field. Lolol.
    But, Katarina is following her one true path of becoming a farmer. Good for her! XD
    Thanks for the chapter~❤

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  7. I don’t know why Mama Claes is always stressing so much about Katarina. Sure Katarina does things her own way, but you can’t argue with success. If so many people love her, Katarina’s eccentric ways must be ones that work for her.

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  8. I find it very amusing that baka has all people with powerful positions in their society and can technically do whatever she want but is destroyed easily by her own mother…

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  9. Thanks 4 the side chapter! Hope this means you’re okay now. IF NOT, REST until you are!

    Mama Claes doesn’t know that Bakarina will be the most influential and powerful person in their country (even Bakarina doesn’t know that).

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  10. Thank you! But, dear Miroi Diana Claes, your daughter is wonderful and charming, and is also trying her best to prepare for her possible(increasingly improbable) exile…there are reasons—-!


  11. Why did this chapter remind me the time when Misae found out about Shin-chan’s misbehavior? Lol…. Bakarina will not see the bright summer day when she came home…


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