World Teacher Volume 2: Chapter 2 (9) (alternative)

An alternative translation for World Teacher Volume 2: Chapter 2 (9) is now available.

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Volume 2: Chapter 2

Let’s start with general updates about what I’ve been up to (skip this paragraph if you’re not interested). I took a week off a fortnight ago to assist with one of the 1-year anniversary releases for Re:Translations (more precisely, for one chapter of Master of Monsters). Last week, instead of translating, I spent my spare time ‘socializing’ (i.e. playing games online and chatting) with my friends that I had been neglecting recently because of translating.

Okay, now for updates on these alternative translations. I’ve rearranged, added and removed some bits from the Notes & disclaimers section on the main page (mostly mirrored below). I shall also be prioritizing translation of Master of Monsters over this one (for a variety of reasons) from now on. This is not to say that I won’t be doing any more alternative translations on this series, just that there might be looong periods of time between any updates. I will be going through the earlier chapters again like I said I would, focusing mainly on the English and standardization. However, I will be taking the results of a survey (see next paragraph) into account when I clean those chapters a bit, and for future chapters.

Unlike previous chapters, this chapter has gone English + Japanese DLN (on-hover), rather than Japanese romaji + English TLN (on-hover) for some of the more nuanced speech areas. I have also made up a quick survey regarding my translations of World Teacher which can be anonymously completed if you click on this link (opens in a new window). I don’t expect many people (if any at all) will complete it, but if you do, you have my gratitude. Oh, and the survey closes on 11 July, 2015.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this alternative translation of World Teacher Volume 2 Chapter 2 (9)! Feel free to make suggestions, leave feedback, ask questions, or point out any mistakes I have made in the comments (in this post, or on the chapter page).

Thank you for reading!

****Notes & disclaimers:****

  • These translation(s) are an alternative translation to those done by Defiring (who already has the first few volumes completed and will be translating at a much faster speed than I will be) and others.
  • Once again, I am not trying to take over the series, but wish to provide an alternative translation for those interested.
    • These translations are a less-localized version.
      • SFX: currently a mix of changing some and leaving some as is (but converted to romaji).
      • Titles & honorifics: kept as is (onee-san, Sirius-sama, etc.).
      • Onomatopoeia: like the SFX, currently a mix.
      • Specialized terms: by default kept in Japanese but converted to romaji (always accompanied with an added translator’s note: TLN).
      • Ellipses: currently keeping the Japanese form instead of the correct English formatting (if you see the English ellipsis, then that’s something I added and not in the raw).
    • These translations prioritize ‘accuracy’ over English flow.
      • For those semi-fluent in Japanese in terms of listening,  I can liken it to watching an anime with subtitles that has simplified the sentences to the extent that a lot of the nuances are lost, even though they maintain the overall meaning of the original work.
      • For others, I’m not trying to translate the web novel word-for-word (although that’d be way faster), but I do attempt to make it flow in English.
      • [This point was lengthy and can be found on the Main Page.]
  • I don’t currently have a translation checker or an editor, so these translations are more than likely to contain inaccuracies in translation and terribad Engrish (this is not a MTL though).
  • As this is something done in my spare time, there is no schedule. I make zero promises, I may drop it at any time.
  • I have added ()’s for continuous chapter numbering. Just +1 to the ()’s for equivalent Defiring chapter numbering. [Technically the raw is Chapter XX, Part YY – but for now I’ll keep it as Volume XX, Chapter YY.]
  • I will also try to add translator’s notes (TLN’s) where I think further clarification may be needed.
  • If you see any mistakes or can see any improvements I can make – feel free to tell me in the comments.

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