Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei – Chapter 059 re-Translations rehost

This is a rehost from re-Translations.

The following is identical to the reddit release (059) by rei_hunter (with some links altered):

 An ex-neet has finally gotten a good job when a bully from his past stabs him to death from work. He wakes up to find himself next to a baby girl... with wolf ears?! He has been reborn into a world of magic, but he himself doesnt have much magic power. Watch as he creates guns, and builds an army in this fantasy world!

Translators :

  • Yuushin
  • Laverdy
  • Estilon

TLC/Editors/Proofreaders :

  • Estilon
  • Naero (Guest Editor! THANKS!)
  • Laverdy
  • Yuushin
  • rei_hunter
Sorry, our main TLer is busy translating another work (Try a program's documentation from japanese to english....) so there's a huge gap in releases. Good news is however, we have stockpiled chapters~ And we're almost done with Volume 04~
As always, we're looking for staff for this project and our other projects~ (Translators and Translation Checkers~) come find us on IRC!



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