Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei – Chapter 062 re-Translations rehost

This is a rehost from re-Translations.

The following is identical to the reddit release (062) by rei_hunter (with some links altered):

 An ex-neet has finally gotten a good job when a bully from his past stabs him to death from work. He wakes up to find himself next to a baby girl... with wolf ears?! He has been reborn into a world of magic, but he himself doesnt have much magic power. Watch as he creates guns, and builds an army in this fantasy world!

Translators :

  • Laverdy
  • Yuushin

TLC/Editors/Proofreaders :

  • Naero (Guest Editor! THANKS!)
  • Laverdy
  • Yuushin
  • rei_hunter
As always, we're looking for staff for this project and our other projects~ (Translators and Translation Checkers~) come find us on IRC!

Status Updates:
We are currently having discussions about MoM with RaisingTheDead, we'll post something once we're sure with what we've talked about.

re:Monster is also being proofreaded currently, so wait on that.

Souen is in definite hiatus if you haven't been looking through Project Pages, but it is being worked on (Earlier Chapters are)

Slime Tensei is almost done on CH02. Hopefully Indra gets around to check them

Tensaiz has said that he'll be working on 2 full volumes of TNS and Spirit Migration.

As for anything else, please head to our IRC Channel for more information.



2 responses to “Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei – Chapter 062 re-Translations rehost

  1. Before anyone asks, yes, this was released 11 days ago via the usual Re:Translation channels. I just found the release post today though, hence the delay in the re-host. If anyone does see the release by Re:Translations on their other channels and doesn’t see it re-hosted here, please do let me know with a comment on the most recent Gun-Ota chapter on OmegaHarem / Volume 4 page.


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