1 year anniversary

WordPress just informed me so, so it must be true. Can’t believe it’s already been one full year since I started working on Destruction Flag Otome! It’s been a long journey.

Also if readers have questions I might as well answer some of them while I’m here, don’t expect a chapter today though, been busy today 😦


24 responses to “1 year anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary! Thank you for translating so many wonderful, interesting stories. When I see a new chapter in my feed my day is complete! Many good wishes to you and good luck and a fresh mind on your future translations! 😀

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  2. Congratulations!! Hope you will be around for a long time!
    -Can you organize the site so we know what is completed, dropped, or on-going?
    -If you take on a new series, can it be a series that was being translated by another site, but has been dropped or the site has been inactive for at least 3/4 of a year or more?
    -If you ever pick up a new series what kind of series do you think you will translate?


    • I don’t know very much about editing the site or rearranging things, maybe if someone wants to volunteer to do that sort of work for me… Just keeping things looking nice and clean and whatnot, I guess.

      I’m not averse to translating dropped series, obviously it would have to be something I’m interested in though.

      Again, anything I’m interested in, really. Which can be quite a lot, since just looking at all the projects I’ve tackled before, there’s quite a wide variety of genres. Although I think my biggest pet peeve might be idiot main characters that aren’t comical.


      • I know an interesting series that seems like it has a lot of potential, because the protagonist is just too cute desptie being a reincarnated demon in a human body. Believe me when I say that you just can’t hate the series.

        The name of the series is called “Demon Noble Girl ~Tale of a Gentle Demon,” and there are a few translated chapters on Ensig’s Writing. The person said that he/she is just translating it for now as no one else has picked up the series yet, but he is hoping that someone can take over for the series as there are too many projects for him/her. I know everyone will like this series if they like Bakarina or adorable protagonists, and once they read 6 chapters, no one will be able to resist. Though it is my opinion, I honestly believe it to be true.



  3. I love your translations. Is there a way I can donate a little paypal as a thank you for such quality work? Buy you a pizza lol 🐙


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