Eliza chapter 76 – Apple juice

“Hey, it’s been a long time, Viscountess Kaldia. Thank you for coming today.”

“Thank you very much for inviting me here as well, Lord Molton.”

I had great difficulty as I was currently struggling with wearing a formal dress for the first time, as I greeted tonight’s host, accompanied by Claudia who was dressed in maid attire. The beautiful margrave that I met last year was standing in the back of the dining hall, and after he saw me, he stumbled quite a bit over his words.

“It looks like you’re wearing a dress this time. It looks really good on you. While you looked quite cool and dignified in knightly attire before, you also really impress when you look feminine as well, and show off your strength.”

Margrave Molton gently gave his opinion of me in my dress. I’ve always worn knightly attire before when out in public, so this time I could definitely feel that I was the center of attention of all the nobles.

“And how should I interpret that?”

“I don’t mean anything bad by it. I’m not trying to insult you, I think it’s proof that you’re reliable.”

As typical of him, he was laughing happily, and his silver hair was shaking slightly. I feel a bit relieved that I can read his intentions so easily without any misunderstandings.

“How’s Earl Terejia been doing lately?”

“That’s…… He doesn’t seem to be feeling so well…… It’s just a little fatigue though.”

With his work as my regent combined with all these daily social events, and two full days of riding on a horse-drawn carriage definitely seems to be taking its toll on him. Even I think that he’s been overworking himself, but still there’s so much work that only he can do. We definitely need to hire more people, there’s no doubt about that.

Margrave Molton looked around at the table behind him, and took two wine glasses. Then, he poured a liquid that resembled white wine from a bottle.

When I took the glass he offered me, I saw that he was apparently offering me apple juice. I couldn’t help but look up at him, only to see the margrave smiling elegantly at me. Out of all the social events I’ve been invited to, attending so many that I’ve lost count, this is the first time that someone’s specially prepared a drink suitable for children – meaning me.

I definitely believe he’s praiseworthy. It’s not just that he has a son the same age as me, he treats me with kindness and without any prejudice, even though I’m the daughter of the Kaldia family.

My notorious father and family have left quite a dark stain on my name. They were considered apostates, the scourge of the nobility. Although it wasn’t a formal decision by the House of Lords or anything, the northern nobles and those in agreement with them definitely think so inside.

We toasted each other and gulped down the contents of our glasses. It was refreshingly sweet with just a tinge of sourness to it, it reminded me of the apple juice that I liked to drink as well in my previous life.

Margrave Molton pulled two chairs over for Claudia and I, and even served Claudia a glass of juice as well.

It’s still a bit early for dinner, but there are refreshments and snacks. People are also resting here from the dancing they’re doing in the hall.

Since the margrave pulled a chair over personally for me, it would be rude to decline to sit down. Claudia and I both sat down facing the margrave.

“……Come to think of it, I haven’t seen your personal attendant lately.”

He’s probably referring to all the times we’ve met before at other social events. The margrave looked at Claudia for a moment, then looked back at me.

He’s asking about Kamil. The moment I thought about him, I recalled the bloody figure of Kamil in the back of my mind.

The sound that was made as Claudia put her glass down next to me was tiny, but I heard it very clearly. Margrave Molton’s beautiful smile disappeared instantly at my next comment.

“He died at Jugfena.”

My voice was shivering as I said the words so directly. My lips were trembling ever so slightly.

“That’s, ……”

The margrave probably noticed my emotions. His voice sounded a bit strained as well.

“……My apologies. Sorry for bringing up something unpleasant.”

He said it in a simple tone of voice and his expression was full of compassion. He probably saw a child similar to his son in me.

I lifted my glass, and had another mouthful of juice. My throat had dried up without my realizing it, so I had a second helping, then a third.

Suddenly, I felt pity for the margrave as well. I wonder if he’s realized now that children as young as his son are dying in war. And if that’s the case, just how sorrowful that life can be.

“I shall pray that his kind soul obtains Misorua’s blessings.”

“……Thank you very much.”

The margrave quietly raised his glass. For a moment, without saying anything, he merely prayed for the well-being of my former personal attendant’s soul.


On my way back in the horse-drawn carriage, I merely looked out the window without saying anything. In my hands were some sweets wrapped up in decorative paper. Margrave Molton had given them to me as a present.

“……Are secret messages and codes typical for nobles, I wonder?”

“Are they?”

“No…… it’s nothing.”

I couldn’t help but ask Claudia a question, but only got a blank look in response, which made me realize that it was useless to ask her, so I fell silent.

The sweets were wrapped up in several layers of paper, and on the inside of the outermost layer, there was a message from Margrave Molton.

It’s a custom to not tear up beautiful wrapping paper, so that it can be used again at a later date as a letter or message card. I would have noticed it sooner or later, but because I have a habit of sending a thank you message to people for inviting me, I found it immediately.

The message was about people passing through Margrave Molton’s domain to go visit the northern domains. Some traveling church sisters were being strangely active, and were involving themselves with the northern nobles. Why did Margrave Molton tell me this, I wonder. Exactly what are these church sisters up to.

Since I had very little information to go off of, it’s a bit frustrating. I sighed and looked outside the window at the scenery again. Claudia sitting across from me was in such an excellent mood from having gotten to eat all sorts of sweets at Margrave Molton’s party, that she started humming.


39 responses to “Eliza chapter 76 – Apple juice

  1. THanks for the chapter.

    Eliza is receiving a lot of secret messages lately. Some are written on (doll) panties, some on candies.
    I wonder if those sisters are the same as those that Ratoka knows.
    If they are involving themselves with the North, they might be trying to create a rebellion in other domains so that the North nobles can gain more power…

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    • I expect the sisters (whether the same ones or not) are angered at the complete wiping out of all religious objects/statues/buildings, in the province of Kaldia, especially since the money that came from those seizures were used in greed, against the common people who were in fact supposed to benefit from that money.


    • I think that the sisters probably belong to the same group that Kamil and his mum were in.

      Is there a hidden code within the hidden code?
      panties, candies… *an*ies… Well we get messages is dandies?
      Or maybe…
      combine the powers of panties and candies…
      powers combined = captain planet.
      panties + candies = scanties.
      The god of the Xia religion is Captain Planet dressed in Scanties!

      Of course Kamil isn’t really dead. Eliza used her overpowered healing powers to heal Kamil, and then he hid himself using his overpowered ninja skills. Elizsa then healed some of Kamil’s blood to produce a complete corpse of Kamil with which to complete the disguise. Of course, Kamil was secretly working for Eliza’s father and is currently deciding whether to obey his last wish to get revenge or to follow the one who killed the former master in a duel(poison counts as a duel between Lawful Evils, especially since he was slipping narcotics into Eliza’s food to make her an easily controlled addict, which is why she thinks that she is reincarnated, Japan was really a hallucination…).

      Oh, did I mention that the various lesser countries formed an alliance named “Various Lesser Countries” and because the maps look the same, none of the Arxia or Rindarl nobles have noticed?

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  2. Too bad that Margrave is already married and Eliza has the same age as his son…. but good thing they keep a good relationship.
    And those sisters….. there sure will be a revolt very soon….. I wonder how Ratoka will react when he knows about the sister brain washing people….
    Thanks for the translation!

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  3. ‘I couldn’t help but ask Claudia a question, but only got a blank look in response, which made me realize that it was useless to ask her’
    Lol, of course you cannot ask everyone’s favourite airhead such a question.

    Thank you for the chapter. Seems like Ratoka’s church sisters are trying to cause a mess.

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  4. This pedo again ! He’s suspiciously nice *squits eyes*
    Also ! These goddamn sisters ! It’s them !
    Thanks for the chapter !


  5. I totally understand Margrave, I would also get close to her to seize the opportunity to have her marry my son!!!! What better daughter in law could u have!!!? Thanx for chapter.

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  6. Thank you for the chapter. I facepalmed when I read about those sisters .-. The heck are they up to again?


  7. huhuhu with the North nobles and the sisters running around doing fishy stuffs, the time for our gloomy Eliza-sama to show the world her awesomeness will come very soon !!


  8. Am I the only one who thinks that after a couple misunderstandings the church and Eliza will be friends? I mean of course there will need to be a chapter about ratoka coding hours allegiance but afterwards. ..


    • after 75 chapter Eliza will enter school 🙂
      But the translator go missing, so probably we won’t see Eliza’s school life.
      I’m crying.


  9. this novel published in Japan today!!
    I started studying japanese for reading Elisa’s story… I already buy the book.


  10. I’ve got the book of Eliza just now.
    and I’m crying now.
    all illustrations are very very beautiful and cool.
    and… the original text is tooooooooo difficult and complicated.


  11. … she is interpreting the situation as, people are staring at her because they’re not used to seeing her in a dress. xD You know, since fruits are supposed to be a luxury back at Kaldia domain, it means fruit juice probably is too. :0

    …Kamil! T_T

    Hmm, for Margrave Molton to be providing her with information. I wonder if he’s actually some sort of secret spy working for the country and keeping an eye on everything that’s happening? That could be one reason he showed up at Eliza’s birthday back then, to take a look at what’s going on in a strategically important location? I mean, the most surprising part of his information isn’t that he knows about the sisters passing through his territory. It’s the fact that he knows this information is relevant to Eliza, i.e. he knows that these sisters are active in her domain as well. And how the heck does he know that?

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