Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku (LN) – Volume 1 – Chapter 1 re-Translations rehost

This is a rehost from re-Translations.

The following is identical to the reddit release (001) by rei_hunter (with some links altered):

Surviving a Harsh Fantasy with Cheat Items (LN)

MC gets transported to another world thinking he has cheats and superpowers, but gets owned by wolves and becomes a farmer cleaning up cow dung until he creates multitude of items and began a company with maid slaves. This his story as he proceeds to become a hero on his own way!

Volume 1 Chapter 1 [17th July 2016]

Translators / Editors / Proofreaders:

  • Yuushin
  • Cookie
  • Larvyde
  • Cyn
  • Creed
  • Maria Cazares
  • rei_hunter

As always we’re looking for people to work with us on this~ to bring maximum quality to novels! 😀


Oh right, July/August is our 2nd anniversary as a translation group. We’ve released lots haven’t we?

Enjoy this, and the following weeks! Since i’m completely free now from this nightmare of a thing to proofread/edit/rawremoval and whatnot, I’ll try to release the other translations that’s been waiting to be released. Just not today. let me rest ;-;




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