Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei – Chapter 089 re-Translations rehost

This is a rehost from re-Translations.

The following is identical to the reddit release (089) by rei_hunter (with some links altered):
An ex-neet has finally gotten a good job when a bully from his past stabs him to death from work. He wakes up to find himself next to a baby girl… with wolf ears?! He has been reborn into a world of magic, but he himself doesnt have much magic power. Watch as he creates guns, and builds an army in this fantasy world!


Chapter 089 [8th September 2016]

Translators/ Editors / Proofreaders :

  • Yuushin
  • rei_hunter
  • Cyn (Guest Editor)

As always we’re looking for people to work with us on this~ to bring maximum quality to novels! 😀

We’re looking for staff~ Translators would be appretiated!

Check us out on our IRC or email us at our Gmail~

Ahhhh finally release time!

Sorry for the late chapter, we were doing some internal fixings. Like whose gonna TL who and shit.

Anyways will try to churn out updates for you all.

In other news, we’re putting re:Monster in slow release mode. Its ncode has basically been stripped of any content, with only the epilogue left. Finished? No idea. So now we’re gonna take our time translating it.



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