Eliza chapter 83 – Chatting with Ratoka

It happened right after I finished my second round of interrogations. A messenger pigeon came to us from the House of Lords in the royal capital. The message stated that the bandit group that successfully invaded Arxia have been declared national enemies to be on guard against, and that they were to be taken into custody by the royal army under direct command of the king.


“It’s fortunate that there’s still more than ten days before I have to take them to the royal army.”

“You do realize that they’re going to be taken into custody by the country?”


Ratoka was reacting to the news in the letter. I had just commented on it, and he was asking me why I thought it was lucky. I nodded, and began my explanation. Although I have a ton of work, it’s summer, and the cloying heat is a distraction. I felt like a little change of pace by chatting with Ratoka.


“Although they were captured in the end, they still managed to penetrate through our border domains and even reach further inland. That’s something that hasn’t happened since the great war in which the Artolas Kingdom was destroyed. Our defenses aren’t that light. At the very least, a simple ‘bandit group’ shouldn’t be able to penetrate so far inland.”


“……But, they did get that far.”


I emphasized that they weren’t a simple bandit group, and Ratoka lowered his eyes to look at the floor. It seems that he’s trying to organize the information he knows already with the hint I just gave him, despite his young age, he’s got quite a good brain that works fast. I have the habit of looking down whenever I’m thinking. It seems that he’s copied my habit.


“Mrs. Marshan taught me that information about Arxian internal affairs isn’t very well known outside our country, especially to a hostile country we don’t have a friendly relationship with like Densel.”


“That’s correct.”


“Commoners would have even less access to information about Arxia. The only place in Densel where they would even see Arxians is in the palace at their capital, where Arxian diplomats stay…… For that bandit group to know our borders in such detail, they may have a connection with the Densel palace. Come to think of it, some of them knew how to speak Arxian. Is there a noble mixed in amongst them……”


I nodded at each of his analyses of the information so far, when I suddenly realized that my lips were beginning to shape themselves into the form of a smile. The way this child thinks, while he did receive the same education as I did, he’s really so similar to me. Sharing information with him is a good way to confirm my own theories, it seems quite effective so far as Ratoka’s inferences overlap with mine, this is good. Now that I’ve noticed how smart he is, I’m going to make even more use of him in the future.


“Of course the House of Lords doesn’t know that these bandits are highly educated yet, those nobles are probably of course more concerned with the path the bandits took as they invaded us, feeling suspicious about it. They want to be on guard against the neighboring country, and not let any future invaders get anywhere close to them.”


“Yes, sooner or later our country would learn about us capturing the bandits. That’s why I spent so much energy interrogating the bandits so much.”


Before they were taken away from me, to where I wouldn’t be able to reach them anymore, I wanted to squeeze as much information as possible out of them first. Ratoka nodded, saying “I see.”


I fell silent, and pointed to the bottle of water on the desk. I’d gotten thirsty after all this chatting. Maybe an attitude of serving has been ingrained into him, Ratoka poured a glass of water for me almost unconsciously. This apple mint water has a distinctive cool, refreshing feeling, it completely wiped away the feeling of summer for me. I felt recharged instantly, and continued chatting.


“I suspect that there may be conspirators within our country aiding them. They knew too many details about our internal geography.”


“Conspirators, eh. Indeed, our diplomats should have no reason to teach the enemy about our geography. But, why is it that Arxia is going to all the trouble of taking custody of the bandits and moving them?”


As expected, when it comes to the way that nobles think, Ratoka hasn’t learned enough yet and he still can’t come up with the reason. He stopped thinking about it, and asked me directly and politely.


“If they’re in a dungeon in the royal capital, the nobles can easily go see the prisoners. Since nobles are used to having people at their beck and call, of course they’d want the prisoners within their reach. What’s more, if the Nordsturms are involved like I’m worried about, it’ll be the most inconvenient for them more than anyone if the bandits remain here as our prisoners.”


“But, isn’t it dangerous to just obediently hand the prisoners over then?”


“Who said we’re just going to obediently hand them over?”


Eh, Ratoka froze for a moment. Then, he hit his hand with his fist after two deep breaths. He has a look of absolute disgust.


“I see. You’re going to ‘kill’ some people, just like you did to me.”


“You should be watching your vocabulary and acting more feminine, ‘Elise.’”


As I thought, he really thinks in a similar fashion to me. Yes, even if it’s an order from the House of Lords, I see no reason to give them all of the bandits. After all, I had the full authority to question them until this letter arrived. Meaning, even if I accidentally killed one or two bandits during the interrogation process, that was a possibility.


“I’ve already decided who I’m going to have ‘killed.’ The first bandit I interrogated, and one other, that blonde-haired man. ……I have to take the rest of the bandits to the royal capital like they want. I’ll leave the preparations to you, Elise.”


I ended my chat with Ratoka there. Although I returned to my domain because of the bandit invasion, I can’t just keep them confined here indefinitely and stay here.


Like I promised Teo, I still need to finish the dealings with other nobles about getting tradesmen from their territories to come help in our construction. I had just really wanted to draft up a more organized system of government while I was back here in my domain. There’s still several urgent problems I need to resolve about the construction though, so I have to take care of that as well.


It’s the first time I’ve ever had to deal with the paperwork and procedures necessary for accepting so many new citizens, I’ve been incredibly busy with very little time to rest. As for the management work and rebuilding of my domain, I’m beginning to do more and more of it instead of Earl Terejia.


Honestly, that earl…… He’s already so elderly, and thinking about how I was still only seven, I almost wanted to cry a little.


33 responses to “Eliza chapter 83 – Chatting with Ratoka

  1. [Honestly, that earl…… He’s already so elderly, and thinking about how I was still only seven, I almost wanted to cry a little.]

    Ah, right, Eliza is not even 10. For some reason i imagine her as androgynous 17yo girl with long black hair. Well, until that last part pointed out.

    Liked by 5 people

    • I keep thinking of her as the scary young woman with the bloody sword next to the dead man with the sliced throat who appears in the background image to this blog.

      But that’s clearly also wrong,since the woman in the image is much too old and doesn’t have read eyes.


  2. I wish the MC was at least 4-5 years older if not more. It feels like the story loses credibility when the MC is doing so much when she’s so young.

    And, yeah, those bandits deserve death after all the crimes they’ve been doing and how they treated those two women. Hope they get what they deserve.


    • And besides the fact that she is a reincarnator, she is a Lord, in our times it wouldn’t be credible of a child to do so much work, but in those times, i think, especially for noble children, who must get all the power as soon as possible, is totally normal. Except the fact that she might take too much work and the fact that she isn’t young mentally and has an already adult-like twisted mind.


      • Plus, her being young won’t prevent her guardian from croaking of old age or overwork at any moment, leaving her at the mercy of who-knows-who (and she’s already met quite a lot of nobles by this point, like at her birthday -most weren’t that friendly). She’s racing against time to master her responsibilities as much as she can.

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    • Please, age is such a small setback in this story that I wish everyone was under aged in these kinds of novels. If you’ve read the 2 new reincarnator villain novels, you’d cri too. 1 is raised in a peaceful environment but suddenly starts mass slaughtering without blinking because she remembered her Japanese school girl past life as if that’s an excuse. The other wants to be a “villain” and cries about it like she feels so guilty about killing everyone but seriously she’s just a hypocrite. ;-;) Eliza is hands down such an amazing character. Although I agree that I wish that events were more time spread so she aged accordingly but it just happened to be that all the historical events are occurring WHILE she is still young so she is forced to match the pace of the rest of the world.


    • And the school arc ! I can’t wait to see how all the people will make way for her and how scared of her they will be.


      • Well, I think in some of the earlier chapters someone said that in the later chapters there is or might be a school ark, not too sure about what exactly was said and by whom. Besides this is the world of an otome game. It might come after 50 chapters, but I think that there will be a school arc, this are my own thoughts, haven’t seen the raws.


  3. *squee* Another interesting chapter, thank you very much for translating! Remarks:
    – Whoa, I’m happy to see how things are going with Ratoka. He’s become considerably less useless, and is all the more promising because he’s just a kid who just started getting an education. Very good, very good. It’s eerie that he’s started mimicking Eliza’s mannerisms though. It’s eerie She doesn’t find that eerie.
    – Haha they’re just going to keep some bandits. …wtf?
    – Now that they’ve explained it, it really makes sense why their invasion was treated as a big deal. They seem to have ridiculously good border defense though. In our world, it’s not weird for a bunch of nobodies to pass through borders…
    – I’m surprised there are even Arxian diplomats in Densel at this point, after what they pulled off. Shouldn’t said diplomats have been keeping an eye on what Densel is doing? Wtf were they doing when Jugfena was attacked?
    – The amount of work is sad. Elderly abuse. Child abuse. Hurry up and grow up, Ratoka, and be a cheap labor source.

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    • Well, in now days, those bunch of nobodies are seen as an easy source of lots of money, so it is not strange for them to be able to pass through borders. After all, what can you not do, if there are lots of money and lots of greedy guys. Here and there there might be some exceptions.


      • Well, I’m thinking of the Mexican and North Korean borders. The Mexico-U.S. border only manages to partly prevent immigration. The North Korean border against South Korea works well enough… but that’s a whole field with landmines and heavy guarding. Its borders with China are much more porous though. Hell, having a whole sea in-between doesn’t prevent Middle-East immigrants from flooding Europe. So hats off to Arxia for guarding its borders so well, especially since it’s supposedly this place with superior culture and better human rights (no human trafficking, and no random slaughtering of its own soldiers’ families after they’ve failed a battle, like with Jugfena).

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      • I am not sure about the first 2 examples, but the Middle-East immigrants are the ones, which I meant in my previous comment.


    • You have to remember the time period here for why border crossings are such a big deal. In modern times, borders are easier to travel across because of conveniences like cars and boats which make travelling long distances a breeze even for poor people. Getting a better life in another country is always a possibility.

      Back in those times, those conveniences did not exist. Ships were exclusively used for war (inter-country merchants weren’t much of a thing in Medieval Europe which this emulates) and even the best carriages or horses would take months to get anywhere fast. That meant you would need to save up months of food… and subsistence farmers (peasants) could not afford that (and if they could, why move?)

      This meant that the only people traveling over borders were military invasions, diplomats, and very rarely bandits (who usually could never make up their costs by stealing). That meant that people crossing a border was always the equivalent to an “invasion” and were taken seriously (as even with bandits it usually meant backing by a foreign country).


      • Those poor North Koreans don’t have access to cars or boats either, and the North Korean government didn’t skimp out on border control either… if you look at the Jugfena arc, Jugfena Fort only had 400 soldiers, really not enough to patrol an entire border (and they’re not all out patrolling either).

        Besides, these aren’t terribly large distances. It takes two days to travel from Kaldia domain to the capital, one day if one changes horses mid-way. It takes one month to travel from the most Northwest region to Kaldia domain. So traveling from Rindarl to Kaldia doesn’t take That long.


  4. Oh crap, Rataoka, Eliza noticed you were smart and plans on using you more…. I’m concerned for your well-being (mental as well as physical and emotional). XD XD XD

    Thanks so much for all your hard work imperfectluck~~~~~~


  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I almost hope that the game’s heroine will be a reincarnator too, and will be confused by the changes. Then when facing Eliza will wet her self or fall for Eliza, depending if she’s likable or not.


    • By the lack of the romance tag, i bet the story will end with just her arriving at school and being so over people.

      Heroine: Fite mi!!
      Eliza: OVER IT. //whips Heroine.
      Also don’t want any kind of fatass, weak-female lover, Prince who isn’t worth shít besides his blood going after Eliza. He can have his dick for brains heroine all for himself :’)


  6. If they’re going to be “killed,” does that mean the first to be interrogated and the blonde (not)bandits will be forced to get girl names and wear dresses like Ratoka does?


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