Eliza chapter 85 – Dispute at the House of Lords

Just as I had heard from Earl Terejia, the announcement regarding the crown prince resulted in a huge commotion. It was the hottest topic of conversation on every street corner. Of course, this also became an agenda at the House of Lords.

“Has the royal palace given thought to the influence of Planates?”

“With the situation unstable in Rindarl, why are we provoking the friendlier Planates?”

“But if the Eastern countries unite into the Rindarl Union, they’ll become an even larger threat than the Densel Dukedom.”

“Rather, isn’t it dangerous to snub the Queen’s son, just because she’s from Planates?”

“In the first place, there isn’t even a need to decide on a crown prince in such a rush. Prince Albert doesn’t reach adulthood until another four years.”

It became really chaotic as soon as the discussions began. While the House of Lords can’t directly interfere with the royal family’s inheritance issue, it can still indirectly influence it through the Upper House of Lords. The nobles got heated up instantly and immediately directed their bickering towards one of the representatives in the Upper House of Lords, Royal Earl Edna. On just what basis was the second prince gaining the position of crown prince?

Royal Earl Edna answered everyone with a bit of confusion in his own voice.

“Regarding the decision for a crown prince, I myself only found out about it from the royal family two months ago. Prime Minister Rittergau and all of us noble representatives opposed the decision. However, the church and every member of the royal family, with the exception of the queen, approved of making Prince Alfred into the crown prince.”

“Unbelievable. The royal family should know better than anyone how excellent Prince Albert is. The Melloart family aside, for everyone in the Teal family to support Prince Alfred as well……”

The one who had just spoken on how unbelievable it was, was Margrave Genas. Since he’s the lord of one of the most geographically important domains in Arxia, his statement actually carries more weight than that of a lower-ranking representative in the Upper House of Lords such as Royal Earl Edna.

Faced with a rebuke that he himself agreed with, Royal Earl Edna seemed like a frog who was staring down a snake about to eat him. “Take it easy, relax,” Earl Einsbark aimed to defuse the situation. Not only is he the leader of one of the border domains consisting of our country’s line of defense as well as the commander of Fort Jugfena, he’s also from a branch of the royal family with slightly less influence. It seems like one of his roles is to mediate matters between the royal family and the nobles.

While glancing about at the dispute, Earl Terejia began quietly explaining the situation in Rindarl to me. Compared to the adult nobles, I have a glaring lack of overall knowledge, which is why Earl Terejia often gives me short lectures whenever we attend conferences at the House of Lords.

“It can be said that it’s currently a critical time in Rindarl right now. The four dukedoms are under pressure to unite into the Rindarl Union, doing away with the system of the four dukedoms that are remnants of the old Rindarl Kingdom. It means that the dukedoms will disappear and they may unite soon.”

“Well, the four dukedoms surround our entire eastern border. But, what’s been suppressing their unity into one country so far?”

“It’s been mostly just one matter. There is basically no difference in power amongst the four dukedoms. The matter of which among them would determine the central decisions, has been the biggest obstacle to them uniting.”

“They don’t have someone among them who is politically influential enough to become the leader of all four dukedoms?”

I think it’s quite interesting to learn about and deeply analyze political systems here. In my previous world, there was a different system where it was only considered natural that the king was all-powerful and could decide everything. In the case of Rindarl, where the four dukedoms are having difficulties truly coming to terms over who gets to be at the top, I’m sure that it’ll probably just result in having a figurehead leader.

“What will they do politically after they have created the Rindarl Union, I wonder.”

“Who knows…… Will they make use of the noble system and royal power, I wonder?”

“While that system can be quite flexible, it’ll probably also increase their own internal power struggles.”

“No matter the country’s political system, one of its biggest headaches has always been the matter of inheritance of power at the top. Just like Arxia currently,” the Earl suddenly chuckled. He still appeared to have a pale complexion. He’d recovered enough to get out of bed, but not fully. It seems that he was somewhat straining himself just by attending today’s scheduled meeting.

“If the Rindarl Union is close to being established, isn’t it definitely a bad idea to aggravate Planates right now?”

“It’s difficult to say. It’s indeed true that amongst the four dukedoms, Planates is the only one with a friendly trade agreement with us. However, Densel is clearly hostile, while we have almost zero contact with Giograd and Parmigran. So if our relationship with Planates worsens, it’ll almost be inevitable that relations with the Rindarl Union would become overwhelmingly bad.”

Nothing about this is difficult for me to understand. All the nobles that are currently opposing Second Prince Alfred from becoming the crown prince are probably worried for the same reason. Since Margrave Genas’ domain borders Planates, it’s only natural for him to be especially worried about this topic to the point of paranoia.

“But as some of the nobles were discussing earlier, the fact that her Royal Highness the Queen also retained her position as the daughter of the Duke of Planates has become a problem.”

However, the problems associated with First Prince Albert becoming our next king, I can’t infer them because my studies haven’t reached that point yet. While I tried to figure out the reason from what the Earl has told me so far, I couldn’t understand no matter how hard I thought about it. Well, it can’t be helped, I’ll ask the reason. As a fellow domain lord in charge of the eastern border’s defense, I’ll never be able to face Margrave Genas out of shame if I don’t learn why First Prince Albert wasn’t chosen.

“……So why, did they decide this?”

“Hmph. Well…… Succession rights for the Duke of Planates isn’t limited only to males in his direct family, any men that are his blood relatives can qualify. Although eldest sons do get priority.”

Rather than answering me directly, he gave me yet another response that would require me to consider the information and come up with the answer myself. That’s his usual manner of doing things. It seems that Earl Terejia strongly emphasizes training my logical reasoning ability.

Since the Queen never gave up her position as the daughter of the Duke of Planates, that means she never gave up inheritance rights there…… Right. That means, her son, Prince Albert can inherit in Planates as well……?

“Meaning, because her Royal Highness the Queen didn’t give up her position as the Planates Duke’s daughter, Prince Albert is also eligible to inherit, and can become the Duke of Planates. Is that it?”

“According to the law of Planates, that is correct.”

“I see. That could indeed be quite a problem.”

If Prince Albert becomes the crown prince, Arxia would almost certainly become controlled by Planates in the future. It would only be expected that even Planates would use Prince Albert to its own advantage.

There probably weren’t any issues when the Queen married into Arxia. However, there is now a looming presence known as the Rindarl Union that’s surfaced. It can definitely be quite dangerous for Arxia if the person who inherits the position and royal bloodline of King of Arxia also has close ties with enemies of Arxia.

I’ve finally figured it out. My head feels refreshed. Now that I have no more doubts and can see the political situation clearly, I suddenly felt really bored listening to the nobles bickering over the succession, without knowing the truth behind the matter.

As for what I think, what this all means, is that the royal family took the Rindarl situation into account when declaring a crown prince. After all, one of the first counter-arguments had been that neither prince was considered an adult yet, and there was no need to choose a crown prince so early.


Then, suddenly, just like a flashback, a memory appeared from my sea of thoughts. It was a memory fragment that seemed like it was telling a story to me rather than actually belonging to me.

(The heroine of the otome game is Emilia Rindarl, daughter of the Archduke of the Rindarl Union. She came to the neighboring kingdom of Arxia with the hopes of getting married, which is why she entered the noble school here……)

– That’s right. That was the prologue to the otome game.

But even so, I won’t consider that to be a future set in stone. I also held a vague feeling of conviction that no matter how much the House of Lords disputed the choice of Second Prince Alfred as the crown prince, that they would not be able to overturn the decision.


32 responses to “Eliza chapter 85 – Dispute at the House of Lords

  1. So heroine’s last name is Rindarl
    But it doesn’t mention which of the 4 family she’s from…

    Maybe she’s from the Planates, giving another attempt at marrying the king of Arxia to put Arxis under influence of Planates…
    (at least quite a few of novels I know where the heroine of the game turns out to have evil plot for the country, so her aiming for the prince is intentional)

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    • She might also be from Densel (Densel is also a part of Rindarl, no?) and is the true cause of the war (I still think that the war couldn’t have resulted just from Eliza’s family’s death)

      Liked by 1 person

      • If she’s from Densel, it brings up the question of ‘why’ go for this marriage route? Given that Densel has been openly hostile since before. Planates would at least have this previous queen-still-duke-daughter as precedence.

        Also I don’t think she’s the cause of the war, since the game set the two in school which would makes them be similar in age, for a 7 years old to start a war is…’abnormal’…(Eliza is like this because she’s reincarnated, even if she has no memories anymore the mental maturity makes her able to rule at least)

        Liked by 1 person

      • We still do not know if Eliza is the only reincarnated.
        And marrying someone that you can control to an high-ranking (and stupid) noble of an ennemy nation is a good way to destroy things from the inside while you’re preparing for a war.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Nah, Eliza’s family’s death could have totally started the war through a cascading butterfly effect. The actions of the former Viscount affected a lot of people from beyond his borders, and some action he took may have caused the “war” to never start.

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    • Oh-hoho, then what does that make Eliza, original villainess of the game? Could it be that someone had Eliza summoned over precisely because she’s the one who opposes the ‘heroine’? With awareness of the game setting, ‘Eliza’ would do everything she can to avoid the ‘bad end’ where she gets executed along with her family for all the nasty deeds her family are guilty of, leaving her free to prevent the ‘heroine’ from taking control of Arxia’s politics.

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      • The original Eliza was simply a stepping stone. In the way of the heroine and was used to make her relation with the prince better.

        As for the current Eliza, it would depends on what the heroine’s final goal is. I can sorta imagine Eliza being anything between the heroine’s biggest thorn (since by then her Kaldia territory should be prospering AND also a strong military for being near border, giving Eliza strong economic and military influence) to one of her greatest ally (if the heroine’s plan include crushing Densel, Eliza’s domain is right next to them and she too have a grudge on them), heck even a completely neutral party (“It won’t negatively affect my domain, so I see no reason to interferes”)

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  2. Oh WOW, the political situation is Real tense. There was actually quite a lot of support for Prince Albert to become the crown prince, so I guess the succession dispute will remain a huge problem for quite a long time. Prince Albert is also eligible to succeed the Duke of Planates, I wonder if this will ever come into play, like if he will visit Planates (and maybe have Eliza and others come along with him).

    I am Really curious if this Emilia ever shows up. If she does, she’ll actually be in a rather tough situation, since Arxia really hates Rindarl at this point.

    Haha, our Eliza is so cute. “This matter of national importance is leaving me frustrated… because I haven’t properly figured out the entire situation.” [later] “Aaah, now that I’ve figured it out, I feel so refreshed. What a boring matter. What? Are you saying I should care more regarding the matters of governance within my own country? What’s that got to do with me? I just needed to know enough so I won’t lose face when facing the other border domain lords.”

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  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    So the game story background also have political implication. I can see a possibility of the heroine being sent to nab the crown prince or if she can’t, anyone that can influence the kingdom’s policy.

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  4. Earl Einsbark is that well connected? Interesting.

    Okay, that is one tense situation but we’re still missing so much information about Rindarl! Like who is this future Archduke?

    I’m tempted to say that the king is jumping the gun a bit here, especially as he risks antagonising his own nobles with this sudden decision. Why assume that Alfred inheriting both the duchy and the kingdom would automatically be problematic? If anything, he could serve to drive a wedge between the duchies by having Planates, draw closer to Arxia and weakening its ties to the other countries before the Union has a chance to be fully consolidated.

    Unless of course the queen’s family basically controls her and her son, and/or the Planates family is actually the more influential of the four families, in which case, yeah, giving it more power would be dangerous.

    This series somehow keeps getting better and better, it’s impressive. Thank you as ever for the translation.

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    • And Eliza is on great terms with the Einsbark family. It’s great how the connections she made here and there may snowball in importance. 😀

      On the pros and cons, I think this is something that must have been weighed internally, possibly with different people coming to different opinions. Would one accept as U.S. President the son of a Russian lady? What if said Russian lady is the daughter of Vladimir Putin? What if he’s in the situation where he could become the President of Russia? During the Cold War? Some will find the family matters irrelevant, some won’t.

      Also suppose he becomes the King of Arxia. Suppose that, as a political move, Rindarl makes him the Duke of Planates on purpose (or maybe just a minor lord of Planates). By accepting that though, he’s exposing himself to being vulnerable to influence by all the other members of the Rindarl Union, with Arxia dragged into the fray. OTOH, it could be that in actuality, he doesn’t have any practical chances to become Duke, so his inheritance right will only serve to drag him down in some other way.

      It’s complicated. It’s interesting. 😀


      • planates is still independent so if became king and then inherited the dukedom wouldn’t it then be absorbed by arxia.


      • Oh, I’m not denying that thought went into the decision or even that it isn’t perhaps the best decision in a difficult situation, although obviously that is difficult to judge at the moment. It’s just that this chapter has done a great job of dangling enough scraps of information about Arxia and Rindarl’s high-level politics to make me crave information about them even more than I did before so as to understand why and how this particular decision was reached. For example, how many people in the Upper House of Lords actually had a say in it?

        Still, completely closing off one choice of policy so early in the game seems a bit overly hasty, although completely in line with Arxia’s isolationism. And if we’re drawing real world parallels, there are cases of this type of arrangement. Look at all the kings of England who were simultaneously Duke of Normandy and thus nominally vassals to the King of France – not the country they were ever friendliest with. It didn’t seem to slow them down much.

        Although I’m assuming this will all be very relevant to the plot further down the line so we will have ample opportunity to find out how good or how bad a move this will turn out to be for Arxia (and part of me is still kind of waiting for Charlie to end up at the head of an empire, probably against her wishes.)


  5. But…. why can’t the other nobles figure out the same thing. Are they stupid? (they should at least have advisors that can tell them)

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!


    • I can think of a few reasons.
      – As comparison, how well do you think your average senator knows the policies of say… Canada or Mexico? Eliza’s world doesn’t have international news broadcasting.
      – Arxia practiced an isolationist policy until now. Most interior nobles thus likely know or care very little about the situation in other countries. Planates happens to be a friendly country, so they don’t need to know more either, beyond trade-related matters.
      – The previous chapter revealed that the House of Lords also have no say in diplomacy. So they don’t Need to know anything about it. In fact, when accepting the refugees, the inland nobles had no sense of crisis at all regarding wars and such.
      – The higher-ranking people probably Do know about the situation, but are mainly concerned with timing. The border domains in particular Really don’t want to agree with anything that can immediately lead their territory into war. They’d rather have the decision deferred as long as possible.
      – There’s also the fact that Prince Albert appears to have an excellent reputation, so he likely has people who support him personally.

      Earl Terejia likely knows all this well because he’s the brother of the Prime Minister. He’s much more knowledgeable about diplomatic matters than your average noble. Heck, he even seems to have come to Kaldia in the first place to prepare it for war.

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  6. I was confused for a moment when they started talking about the otome game because I completely forgot that this novel was based on an otome game.

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  7. Thank you for the chapter!

    I wonder, why can’t prince Albert be the crown prince. As he has some intelligence, as said before, he might be able to get Planates as an Arxia’s territory.


    • Or Arxia might get controlled by Planates. It depends on the inheritance laws they have. This kind of things can get messy with each side interpreting the law or choosing the laws that would be advantageous to them.


  8. If what is said in those spoilers is true and if that heroine Emilia is originally from Densel, she might hate Eliza and the others borders’ nobles and military families to the core >D
    And if they do attend the school together, rather than Eliza being a noble villainess, she would be the Arxia watchdog that is ready to deal with any trouble since contrary from majority of the nobles of her age she would be quite experient in national matters with quite the reputation, maybe she even gets to be the student council president or one onee-sama there.

    Thanks for the translation~!


    • ??: Eliza! You must prevent the foreigner from seducing the Prince(s) and interfering in Arxia politics. Go and seduce the Prince(s) first if you must!
      Eliza: … can I not just stab her?

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  9. I wonder if Eliza will have the heroine assassinated once she found out who that girl is going to be. I’m sure Eliza will be smart enough to avoid hiring people that would lead to her.


  10. Eliza is going to continue to prepare for war AND school to avoid the bad end…she is going to be a battlefield general before school begins after all


  11. I wonder whether the Rindarl heroine is also going to be someone who reincarnated? That feels like REALLY the wrong question to ask when it’s about this series, but I’ve been conditioned by some others and it keeps popping up in my head.


  12. Eliza you are going to have a very interesting situation in the future eh? Well the battlefield will come first so that will make the school arc really weird. I love this series 🙂


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