Eliza chapter 179 – Traumatic

Well then, it happened just as I was mentally sighing about Eric..

“Eeeee!! Why, why is the vampire here!? Noooooo!! I don’t want to die, I don’t want to dieeee!!”

Suddenly, a crazed shouting arose from the corner of the nursing room. I clicked my tongue at being called a vampire, while the doctor headed over to see what was going on. Eric was frozen in shock for a moment with his shoulders trembling, then he looked around the room aimlessly.

“Please calm down, don’t get excited! Someone! Sedatives!”

“No! No!! There’s so many, I don’t want to be the vampire’s bait anymore!!”

“Why is the vampire back here!? I thought the vampire was currently at noble school!!”

“I can’t even fight anymore! Stop it, I don’t want to kill anymore or die!! I can’t even fight anymore, I’m even missing a leg now!!”

With the first scream getting everyone’s attention, subsequent screams arose all at once, and the room suddenly was awash in commotion. I detected many eyes on me, containing clearly negative emotions such as condemnation, contempt, and fear. The doctor hurriedly ushered me out of the nursing room, and like he was attached to me, Eric came following after.

When I closed the door to the adjacent room in an attempt to block out the sound, I finally let go of a heavy sigh.

Among the royal army’s soldiers, my infamous reputation is commonly known. They seem to be strongly emotionally opposed to me due to my methods of attacking enemy units and dealing with enemy prisoners, which runs directly contrary to their ideals of chivalry and benevolence.

I hadn’t taken into consideration that my appearance would cause them mental trauma…… even through the closed metal door, I could still hear the doctors and soldiers dealing with the panic that my appearance caused, and I unconsciously chewed my lower lip.

For them, I’m a symbol of death, violence, and the battlefield. As the hubbub continued in the distance, my emotions felt like they were condensing into something leaden.

“Baron Dovadain, my apologies. It seems that the place where you were to give your condolences has become chaotic. I shall let Earl Wiegraf Einsbark know that I’ll have some other person take you here again on another day, so you can return to your room now.”

Eric seemed unable to comprehend the situation at all, he just kept staring with a frozen expression on his face at the closed door leading to the nursing room as I talked to him. He finally looked at me when I finished speaking, with an expression of utter confusion.

“T, that just now…… what was that about? Why is it that, our own country’s soldiers fear you so much?”

“……The battlefield is a place that easily damages people’s hearts.”

While urging Eric to walk out of here with me, I decided to answer him. I had thought that it was necessary to educate him anyway, so I suppose this could be a good opportunity. When he visits here again to give his condolences, it’ll be better if he’s able to handle it better and come up with some words to say.

“For enemies on the battlefield, it means that you’re fighting each other and trying to kill each other, which can create a sense of denial and mental suffering in humans. And as Eric-dono already knows, I’ve already killed many enemies mercilessly, even prisoners. The injuries those soldiers from earlier received caused them to have weak hearts because they don’t ever want to return to the battlefield again. So, without being able to distinguish between allies and enemies, anything that reminds them of the battlefield causes them to be terrified.”

“Damaged hearts……”

“Injuries and death don’t only happen to your body, it can also happen to spirits. For example, it’s incredibly common for a person to have a phobia of fire if they were burned before, and all living creatures fear pain that they understand the cause behind. In order to keep living, in order to not die, they fear getting injured.”

While giving a basic explanation of psychological damage to Eric, I also thought about my own citizens. The hellish life that they had under my late father’s rule, scarred their hearts deeper than anyone. Although it was necessary, what followed after with my and Earl Terejia’s rule amounted to what was essentially shock therapy. I felt a sense of regret that I wasn’t able to take better care of their hearts.


From behind me, Eric said only one word, with nothing else to go on, not even a question.


I had no idea what he was trying to say, and I tilted my head as I asked him back. Eric himself seemed unsure what to ask me, he was furrowing his eyebrows deeply.

“……You, um, well, didn’t personally kill those enemy soldiers, did you?”

He finally ended up asking me a question in quite a roundabout manner. Even though the royal army also consists of commoners, their pride wouldn’t even let them consider a tactic like the one I used before. Since they’re not even in the same chain of command as me, they’ve never even participated directly in battle together with the infamously villainous me.

“…………Are you really fine? Acting like nothing happened, even with something like that,”

He trailed off with a whimper as I glared at him. While his words were cut off, I perfectly understood what he was trying to say.

“They simply weren’t my citizens.”

I shrugged as I answered him. I didn’t mention if I was fine or not.

I could sort of say that I was fine, but it’s also partially true that I wasn’t. Right now my feelings are sleeping deep within me, and unlike my citizens, maybe they’ll come up floating to the surface again at a time that I can’t control.


End of Act 3, Part 3


TL note: As you can imagine since this arc has ended, the next arc is basically straight up warfare. Also, if Eliza’s own allies view her like this ever since the impalement incident, can you just imagine the rumors that must be spreading in Rindarl?


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    • Well…they sent special scouts just to determine if the “demon” Earl Kaldia was on the frontlines or not, lol.


  1. The army of millions appear in the field.
    Commander: “Kill them all!”
    Soldiers: “””Waaaar”””
    Eliza appears on the other side of the field.
    Commander: “The vampire is here! Retreeeeat!”
    Soldiers: “Run for your life!””I dont want to die!””Mommy!”
    Earl Einsbark: “Haha! I knew bringing you with me to scout the enemy was a nice idea!”
    Eliza: “…” T_T


    Thanks for the translation!

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    • Wait a minute, I suddenly have a thought.

      If the otoge ever realy start, Eliza’s execution might can’t be evaded. There’s a possibilitu that heroine from Rindarl would likely will use her battlefields bloody achievement as a crime, demanding justice and whatnot. And while the capture target might won’t repulse her, they can’t stood or help her since it’s an undeniable truth. Eliza might still end up under a guillotine, what’s with her bad reputation and undeniably evil, injustice, umchivalry action.

      Of course, it all only happened in the battlefield, and is justified. Oh but what if the world is moving to the same direction like the game? Where it needs to maintain the events? Am I being too pessimistic because a certain other LN about otoge reincarnation……?

      The lacking information over how the otoge’s plot proceed, not to mention Eliza who rarely brought them up, will be what’s tormenting me since now on.


      • If it gets to the point that you said, I am pretty sure that her domain soldiers wouldn’t stand idly at the side and it most probably will turn into war. I guess, the adoptive family will be at her side and eventually the monk prince will come into the scene in some way. And Eliza will make her own kingdom, and everyone will keep calling her Charlie. xD

        I am kind of thinking that the reason the author put the unnamed tomb and the nickname is to be used as a foreshadow of the future King Eliza.

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      • Whoa, that would be depressing. Well, if that were to happen, it could be argued that they attacked first and refused to surrender, no? And that the prisoners were about to be executed anyway? That said, there really is a possibility of Eliza getting charged for war crimes, not because the nobility of Arxia really cares, but for some twisted political deal. If the heroine gets close to the royalty, she could also attempt to get Eliza executed for ‘crimes against her people.’

        I’m also expecting another scenario, and that’s Eliza’s ‘fanclub’ picking on the heroine without any involvement from Eliza, and the whole thing being blamed on Eliza anyway, and Eliza’s past deeds and history getting dragged out as a result.

        There is also the messy matter of succession. If Eliza is suspected of siding with the First Prince’s faction, the Crown Prince’s faction could consider her a threat. Eliza would sure be unlucky, considering she wants no part in all this. D:


      • Not only Eliza’s fanclub. The capture target’s fanclub as well. Pinning all the crime on Eliza would be unlikely, though, since people all know Eliza, if she wanted to harass someone, wouldn’t be as ‘soft’ as whatever the fanclub doing. I think it’ll be Eliza herself who told Heroine off from acting like a hungry whore toward the capture target mainly because she deemed the heroine as an enemy, considering her background. If she is pinned by those petty crimes, she will have a good retort and backing. Especially if we can count on Sieghart’s and the Rolentsor’s.

        Only if people still have their intelligence and not turn to a dumb birdbrain by the power of otoges heroine, anyway


      • First you must answer to one thing is future can be change or not? I think yes she already change future
        Second it medival world and I doubt they have any kind of treaty for war, so she cannot be punish for harsh treatment of prisoners or using not apropriate methods , she is not knight or not formal royal army member and not obligated with chivalry and if rindarl will request her punishment they need something more then her battle achievements, and I doubt Arxia will listen country which use slaves as war potential and support slavery


      • We readers in the first place didn’t know much about the future except that Eliza would be executed for her crime along with her whole family. This could still happen regardless if Kaldia’s family existed or not, since the main point is Eliza died. Who know if the world has a will on its own to put otoge plot point in motion…

        The second one is more likely to happen. Hope the heroone don’t have any charm-magic-like appeal so the love interest turned funny in the head.


    • She seems to have enough people clinging to her when she’d rather be left alone though. Eliza only cares about the people in her domain and close acquaintances like the Einsbarks. An overly friendly Sieghart and an overly clingy Eric seemed to give her a lot more headaches than enemies on the battlefield. xD

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  2. Pipsqueak, meet the one you were trying to bully: Demon King. And you wanted to take her mount away?

    I guess Eric never Really thought about the fact that Eliza was going around killing people. xD It’s interesting how cold Eliza’s explanation was. ‘They’re injured so they fear anything that reminds them of the battlefield.’ She doesn’t seem too happy about it, but she doesn’t seem to take it Too personally either.

    But yeah, her reputation in Rindarl must be atrocious right now. I’d be curious to hear more about them, beyond what we learned from the slave children. xD

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  3. Thanks for chapter.
    Eliza obtained title “vampire”, because of title skill “terror aura” is added. Lol inside my head there a sound like this when I read this chapter.
    Maybe if she join war again it will evolve to “demon king” and if not enough go further into “demon god”.

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    • You say “maybe if” she has to fight again, but think of all the flags that have been raised. A capture target/thundered with delicate sensibilities has gone with her to Fort Jugfena, of all places. Then some foreshadowing of war happens. There’s no “maybe” about it.


    • To put it another way, Flags Have Been Raised. So what if Eliza didn’t technically go to the front lines? The front lines will come to Eliza.


  4. At some point… their enemies forget the biggest shot in Arxian army is not named Eliza Kaldia Einzbark…
    The real Einzbark men would just shake their head with proud smile at how fast their little girl’s reputation outstrip theirs…

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  5. cmiiw, i do believe the term vampire is popularized by bram’s novel with an inspiration from vlad and some bat species. but how the term vampire also exist in this country? and how this vampire term relate to eliza?


    • Since this is an alternate universe of otome game with magical beast, perhaps vampire or the knock off magical beast version exist there…
      The vampire term relate to Eliza I think is because her image as blood stained child soldier in her real debut and violent image. Her black hair and red eyes are stereotype dark and evil traits, which fit the image… thus vampire.

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    • I am not sure what “cmiiw” means, but yeah, Bram’s novel popularized the vampires, but it is not as if they didn’t exist before his novel. In many cultures there are blood sucking monsters, and in the Eastern Europe there have been for a long time vampire legends, from where Bram got the term, and the inspiration of the vampire named Dracula came from Vlad the Impaler.
      How does this term relate to Eliza? It relates with the fact that she has killed unarmed prisoners, impaled them, burned them, killed the enemy soldiers, who were trying to save their friends and family, laughed at the sight + the fact that she has black hair and red eyes, isn’t that enough to think of her as some kind of demon?

      Mind that I skimmed through some articles before replying + I put the most basic info here, so if you want to know more about vampires, the legends, and the term, go to google, or wikipedia.

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    • The term appeared in writing at least a century and a half before Stoker’s book. There are records from an outbreak of mass vampire hysteria where government officials wrote about killing vampires in the early 1700s.


  6. Azile sounds like a lovely name. Hope she goes Tecumseh Sherman on the enemy slave state and local eaves some bow ties.
    More food for thought:
    Will Elise sub fir the inevitable death scene?


  7. Thanks for the chapter~ :3
    Lol! Eliza the vampire. Those ex-soldiers reactions are hillarious. Now, Eric, have you realized just who you’re messing with? Our queen’s hands are covered with blood. Literally. Because she personally killed some of her enemies. Now you imagine what you’d become if you’re turning into her enemy.

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    • Just from the subtle hints of Eliza’s internal monologue, you can see that she’s not that heartless and emotionless as she wants herself to be. I want to give her a hug so badly! No matter how strong and mature she is, when it comes to her citizens, she’s fragile in her own way. It affects her so much and she’s willing to do anything for them. It’s amazing how unconditional her love for them is.

      As for Eric, I think another lesson is added on his big book of ” Why You Should’t Mess with Eliza Kaldia Einsbark”.


  8. “Also, if Eliza’s own allies view her like this ever since the impalement incident, can you just imagine the rumors that must be spreading in Rindarl?”

    She’s probably been confirmed to be a vampire, the actual devil, the Demon Lord, the incarnation of war and humanity’s sins, Death itself, and the reason you shouldn’t touch yourself at night.

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  9. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    So, all this time Eric thought that Eliza commanded from the back and never personally killed someone? I guess someone will have to tell him that the people she personally killed are at least in the double digits.

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  10. Aha~ Ok, so this is a pretty serious chapter, but ahh some of the comments here are hilarious xD. Eric finally sees that there is more to Eliza than just the name. Our bloodied queen who bears much burden but tries to deny her own restlessness for a greater goal. Ah, I can totally see her as a heroic spirit in a holy grail war lolol. Thanks for the chapter!


    • She somewhat remind me of Saber who basically didn’t have a childhood and supressed her humanity for her duty and ideal and lead many wars and later got crushed by her ideals. By the way Vlad Tepes/Dracula appeared as a Lancer in Fate Apocrypha

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      • Really? That’s hella cool :00. The only info I’ve known so far of Fate was from the stay night and zero series, as well as tidbits of saber nero.


  11. Our Lady Saviour knows how to deal with heretics and babarians, impaled and inflamed!
    while her benovolence will reach out to her own region’s poppulence with kindness and love!
    ai, being blessed by the goddess like her, are rare even in the god forsaken countries like rindarl!

    Jokes aside, thank you for the hard work and the new chapter!
    i can’t wait for arc 3, part4!


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