Eliza chapter 181 – Eric’s righteousness

Today I took Eric to the makeshift hospital again, and I waited outside the door for him as I read Ratoka’s report on the prisoners.

Just like Vanita told me, the slave children seemed to be suspicious of each other. There were some children that were so afraid of being ratted on by a spy, causing their friends and family to be executed, that they even committed suicide in our dungeon, their mental states were quite fragile.

Given this situation, I suppose it’s highly likely there are child soldiers among them that are deceiving us. My memories of Kamil further increased my suspicions. It’s definitely possible that there are children just like him, that are capable of killing so many adults.


Eric came out of the makeshift hospital and called out to me, so I put the report down.

“Baron Dovadain. For being able to come visit and console the soldiers again today, I thank you on behalf of my adopted father.”

As I stood up and thanked him, Eric’s face distorted. Still, maybe he was thinking that it would be a bad idea if those inside the hospital heard my voice, he indicated with a chin movement that we should walk further down the hallway.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you ask me, I won’t use my status as a royal to authorize an attack on Rindarl. When I return to the royal capital, I’m going to inform His Majesty the king and my father that we should offer a ceasefire and make peace with Rindarl.”

“-Please consider it again. Without Baron Dovadain’s permission, the Arxian royal army won’t be able to efficiently deal with the enemy’s slave armies. If the enemy uses their slaves as meat shields to attack us, then our army will……”

“Stop repeating yourself, it’s annoying. My answer is the same, we should retreat. Our frontlines should be pulled back to Fort Jugfena, no matter who our enemies are, we shouldn’t invade their territory, don’t you think?”

In the past few days, Eric and I have been repeating the same conversation over and over again. -This, is the new “problem” with Eric I was referring to.

“It’s contrary to our church’s teachings, using violence to forcibly take land and resources. But, just look at what’s happening at our frontlines. Not only have you guys forced the opponent’s armies back, you’ve also occupied Densel and Planates’ land, and now they want to defend their territory and take it back. And think about the toll it’s taking on our soldiers!”

Eric was angrily motioning about as if he wanted to hit something. It’s somewhat different from when he was throwing tantrums at noble school, this was because of his self-righteousness.

His face was changing color with how furious he was for the sake of others, and the slight self-loathing and self-denial that I could sense in him before was completely absent.

……The impact from meeting those soldiers that were so psychologically damaged, was much stronger than I expected. I knew that he would be sensitive towards mental trauma, but I never would have thought that he’d make the leap from seeing injured soldiers straight to denying the fact that we were at war.

“Baron Dovadain, you should understand that it will be difficult to relinquish those captured bases as it would hinder peace negotiations.”

“Humph, what are you saying. You’re the one who should understand, right? Such a thing isn’t necessary for peace negotiations. Isn’t Rindarl’s request simply to treat the first prince better?”


That’s something that everyone in this war knows. I was speechless in response.

“Summon First Prince Albert back from the monastery to the royal palace, and allow him to attend noble school. Cancel Prince Alfred’s crown prince position, and the cause of this entire war will disappear. For such a meaningless reason, sacrificing our citizens in a ridiculous conflict…… Hey!?”

Before Eric was able to continue his rant any further in the hallway, I suddenly dragged him into an adjacent room. Even if he’s a high-ranking noble like the archduke’s son, there are words that can’t be said. What he just said was a clear insult to the Upper House of Lords – the highest decision-making body in Arxia. Although he’s from the archduke’s family, he’s still only the second-born son of a concubine, there are statements that can’t be taken back once they’re said out loud.

“What are you…… doing!”

“Calm down a little. Calling the decision of His Majesty the king ‘meaningless and ridiculous’ in such a public location, you know what will happen if this is heard, don’t you?”

I closed the door and covered his mouth, while coldly urging him in a whisper to remain calm, and reminded him that he was disrespecting the king. I forcibly made him focus on me, instead of the injured soldiers. Hopefully with this, his head will cool down somewhat and he’ll regain his senses.

Eric stared at me as I talked, then he slowly nodded. The moment I took my hand off him, he quickly scampered away from me, putting distance between us.

“My apologies for being rough with you.”

“No………… It’s fine. I think I was…… a bit carried away just now.”

Eric’s face was pale as he sat down on a nearby chair while breathing hard. He felt like a balloon that just lost its air, it’s like a hole just opened up in his emotions, and he lost his original shape.


48 responses to “Eliza chapter 181 – Eric’s righteousness

    • It’s actually not pointless, though I can empathize with his position. The princes themselves don’t matter. It’s the political entities backing each prince that matter. Likely, they don’t want Rindarl having inroads into Arxian internal affairs.


      • Basically, they don’t want to open the possibility of falling under the sway of a foreign power. If Albert comes to power, the people backing him will be expecting him to act in their interests.


  1. Eliza
    I think for a second that kid saw his life flashes before him, and felt that the next moment he would’ve had his neck snapped by your seemingly frail arms.

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  2. An idiot who doesn’t know his place…. as a son of a concubine he has no right to raise a complain about the decision of the king


  3. That’s why we dislike self-righteous people… no brain at all and can’t see the truth even if it’s the size of a whale…

    And thanks for the chapter.

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  4. “First of all, they couldnt care **** about how the prince is been treated, thats just their excuse for war. Second, giving back their fortress will only make the death of our soldiers in vain. Third, do you really think that we letting them conquer all small countries and making their citizens into war slaves is an act that would go in agreement with the church’s teachings? Forth….Hundredth nine, Rashioka is finally getting a mate, what if due to prolonging this war something happen to her!?And..”
    “OK OK! STOP! I Give up! My bad! Attack already! Just leave me in peace!”
    “Good! If you had done that before we wouldnt have to waste time. Soldiers! You heard him! Head out right now! Time to drink some blood!”
    And so Eric was added to the Trauma list.

    Thanks for the translation!

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  5. To be fair… most war when it hit cause heavy casualties that rattled your conscience when you experience it first hand and whatever reason that start the conflict would seem meaningless and ridiculous. Eric is carried away by his feeling is understandable but as a noble he like Eliza should be able to see the bigger picture.

    If all decisions that trigger this war is called off, it’s the same as telling RIndarl that Arxia is so weak and can be bullied to get what they want. It seems superficial, but giving in to Rindarl’s demand won’t do them any good in the long run.
    Beside… if Rindarl is really want to solve this peacefully, there should be diplomatic negotiation instead of aggressive invasion. Most likely Prince Albert matter is just reason they make up to start the war in the first place to justify the invasion. It’s too naive to think they will just stop if Prince Albert is called back.

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      • After youjo senki I learn no matter how justified the ‘reason’ for war when it started it turns ridiculous and pointless once the body count start to rise… and the higher up can’t stop because it would waste ‘sacrifice of brave soldiers’ and it get higher until one side can’t take it anymore…
        I can see Rindarl might go for that aha ha ha, because Prince Albert is traumatized we go to war~


  6. Well Eric is right about one thing..

    ” invading another foreign territory to protect your own ” is really an unpopular idea outside of warhawk politicians
    You can try to spin that into something righteous and justified but it just won’t work out
    Bush tried. Look what happened. That’s just going to create a massive rallying cry and cultural backlash against your nation
    That’s why the US army tries to avoid having boots on the grounds nowadays. They use native locales like the Kurds or rebel fighters nowadays (or they just Drone things)

    I feel like Rindarl has already won in a way
    Arxia either crushes the slave army or they receive considerable casualties from it
    if the former happens, that’s a huge PR disaster for Arxia
    if the later happens is a cost effective way to damage Arxia

    The best case would be if Arxia could turn the slave army against Rindarly, but does not seem to be realistic because they have families held hostage by Rindarl

    This is a difficult problem,indeed


    • It isn’t invading another nation in self defense. It is a counteroffensive against a hostile army that has already made numerous excursions into their territory. They’re not asking to annex the region, they’re asking for authorization to fight back without being chained to a post.

      Eric is currently granting the soldiers of Rindarl a magic safe zone where the Arxians can’t touch them after they move out of range.

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    • lol, as the poster above said, they don’t want to invade the enemy land. They want to do the equivalent of bombing it (at least the military locations) so they can be done with it and go home. The fact that they can’t realistically return some of the lands now is somehow an unfortunate side consequence, but not somehow they set out to do.

      Speaking of lands, perhaps Eliza will be stuck with them? xD


  7. Have to say aside from the way Eric treats her in school, most of his actions and reactions are quite reasonable for a kid his age. I’m starting to think he and Eliza though not friends will develop a form of comraderie as their desire to protect their people is quite strong.


    • The problem is they’re reasonable for a normal kid his age. He is not a normal kid. He is the son of an archduke, and is expected to either display a certain amount of political education or have advisors who can fill in the gaps of his knowledge.

      The problem here is that those advisors are asking him to clear them to attack while he instead chooses to act on his knee-jerk emotional response.

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  8. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The fact still remains that they were invaded first. They should keep the territories they captured in the counter offensive, even if only as a bargaining chip layer.

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  9. Thanks for the chapter~ :3
    Thankfully Eliza stopped him before anyone heard him. Or maybe someone already did. Anyway, Eric once again learned something from Eliza. Imo retreating the outposts that had been captured would do any good to Arxia. I won’t like it if what I hardfought get to suddenly be tossed away. Much worse if it’s given to someone who used it to harrass me. Will the soldiers that fought for it be okay with it?
    Well, what do I know about war. Haha.


  10. Eliza wants to resolve the issue regarding the fracturing of the Crown Prince’s entourage.
    Her plan results in the problematic element returning as a member of the First Prince’s faction.

    Yeah no, that wasn’t the plan. Eric, do you have any idea what you’re saying? Would you be ready to say it to Alfred’s face that you want him to step down? xD

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  11. Send waves of slaves to reduce the need for trained personnel. Don’t feed them anything to cut costs. Strengthen the southern countries to divert attention and resources.

    If you capture the slaves and treat them humanely, you’ll run out of food. If you simply defend, you will lose to attrition. At this point, treating the first prince better will only encourage Rindarl to keep the pressure on and send even more slaves.

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  12. “My memories of Kamil further increased my suspicions. It’s definitely possible that there are children just like him, that are capable of killing so many adults.”

    uhhhh what about kids like YOU eliza???
    I stg even in her internal monologue she doesn’t let herself be a child.

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    • Come to think of it, what’s with Earl Terejia and his ability to pick up murderous children? Kamil, Eliza, Claudia was rather young too…

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  13. And here I was thinking Arxia had a good thing going by not giving kids noble titles (bar special cases like Eliza and the Prince), then it turns out this twerp is a Baron? (It was probably mentioned before, I just didn’t catch on since it wasn’t important at that time.)

    I mean, it’s not like I don’t get what he’s saying (even if it is extremely short-sighted and naive), but you still shouldn’t be putting not yet fully educated and emotionally unstable kids in place as a proxy for the king.


  14. Eh war is never good, but Rindarl has been on the offensive for a while. Arxia can’t exactly back down as Rindarl is also invading the southern states and ending troops to Arxian border. That being said, I’m sure they mentioned that Arxia is on the defensive and should take a counterattack to prevent further Arxian casualties. It’s annoying how Eric sees things in only black and white, forgetting all the grays in between. Also, considering that he is a noble child with an actual title, one would expect that he would be knowledgable about politics and the way the government works…I mean, he’s supposed to be close to the prince as well. Shouldn’t he be able to at least perceive the the current conditions of the country? He doesn’t have to agree, but he should have acknowledged that what he’s suggesting and refusing to do is dangerous > – > )) Thanks for the chapter. I really do hope Eric grows up a bit and try to open up his narrow path of self-righteousness cuz sheesh am I bad with that type of mentality.


  15. Oh my, eric, what have you done?! (Insert evil laugh and a pair of eyes looking with a shade of schadenfraude)
    That’s blasphamy against the king!
    and there is only one punishment for that, eric my boy!
    and that’s the one and only Eliza style death penanlty
    So now eric will be empaled and burned alive, what a good time we’re living in guys!!!
    now lets get some popcorn and can of coca cola and enjoy the show

    Joking aside, thanks for the hard work and the new chapter


  16. The problem here isn’t Eric. His reaction is completely reasonable and even compassionate given his age, his education – or lack thereof -, the official pacifism of the church and what he has just seen in the hospital. Eric is just a symptom of the problem. The problem is Arxia, with its rigid ideology, its hardening isolationism, and an aristocratic hierarchy so detached from reality that an inexperienced and ill-informed child can go the frontlines and actually veto the wishes of the army’s commander-in-chief.

    I don’t know if the author really is setting Eliza up to either take the throne or found her own country in the future, but Arxia is certainly being portrayed as a country which is ripe for collapse.


  17. I misjudged Eric. He isn’t​ just immature, but miseducated and sheltered. I’m glad that Eliza isn’t hauling around pacifistic baggage to the warzone.


  18. To think Eric would turn soft after seeing wounded soldiers, he become a bit cuter to me.
    A silly cuter noble living in his lavender field.


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